His mistake

He did not want you

As beautiful as you are

As amazing as I see you

With your perfect skin

Your toned body

The awesome potential

That I see you have within

Your kissable lips

Your deep unfocused eyes

That I could get lost in

For we ithin I see paradise

He saw only others and not just you

I see a shallow decsion

When he walked away from you

Now it’s me who caresses

And kisses your skin

Now its me who will return your smile

Now I will be the one

Stoking your passion

And igniting your fires

Now I will be the one

Driving you wild

Because you deserve that and more

And I see that you are beauty and more

Not just a great body and beauty but also a great mind

You are a rare treasure to find

He could not see your potential and worth

Do without care, you he hurt

But I am here to heal you

Help to put you back together again

And when you moan in satisfied delight and satisfaction

It will be you uttering my name

Ss he searches for more but will one day

Realise the treasure he had and threw away

But by then our love will be unbreakable

And he will have realised his mistake too late.

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