Break out and sow new seeds

Caged like a prisoner in your own mind

Wanting to badly to break out and let yourself go

But due to u our institutional conditioning

You hold back your feeling and suppress your freedom

To fit in and appear as good citizens

Living by the standards set in place by the system.

Taught how to act and how to behave

Taught how to think and just what you should say

Mimicking our parents and living like slaves

To money and to work

Of which neither mske you happy

But we have rent or mortgages and bills to pay

For it was drilled into us to livd this way

To debt ourselves up for things we crave

To strive to be wealthy and so become money slaves

Not understanding that money won’t bring happiness your way

Open yourselves up to the freedom play

Stop doing everything that is domesticatedly ingrained

Shake things up and break out and break away

And see there is more out there for us then we could ever know

Time to find new seeds to sow

And reap the rewards of going it alone

And taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

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