Messenger, that’s me

I have a message to share

So I write it clear

Not hidden behind fancy words of metaphors

As a result I’ve seen my blog go like a roller-coaster ride

Constantly going up and down all the time

A little while ago my blog appeared to smashing it

Then the next minute it’s doing the opposite

I could change my approach but I believe

In writing in a way that’s authentic to me

As a guy who was and in my mind still is a punk

Who is in loved with existential stuff

I want to rebel against the literary norm

I want to open up the door

For ordinary souls with something to say

So poetry and writing is more than a literary display

Of fancy words and abstract thought

People writing creatively as they’ve been taught

Rather than writing from passion and the heart

And show to everybody it is an accessible art

That anyone with passion and imagination can access

Just write authentically and give it your best

And even if only one person appreciates my work you see

That is enough to make me happy

Though I get disheartened when my stats are low

I remember that not why I write so

I write to show people my soul

So the stats are no relevant as long as I know

That I am spreading words of love

And spreading words of truth

And sending and expounding spiritual views

To all those who may be many or few.

15 thoughts on “Messenger, that’s me

      1. Thank you very much I am truly touched and humbled to have someone as amazing as yourself folly wing and supporting my work. It’s about quality rather than quantity and I am lucky enough to be connecting with spirits of quality and love.

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      2. of course quality always is more valuable than quantity. it is not about how many posts you can publish in a month. rather, the richness of your content is what must truly matter. i am blessed too, for crossing digital paths with individuals like yourself. keep up the good work. i always look forward to reading more from you.

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  1. I so appreciate that you spoke about writing from the heart and that it’s not about the stats. That’s what I love about your posts, Faux. You write with passion and your heart is in it. You’re not trying to show off to get compliments and swell your head. You write because you have a message to share and you want to touch people’s lives. I know what you mean about roller coaster stats. I experience that a lot and I have to remind myself that it’s all irrelevant. If I touched one life with one post today, then I’ve done my job. You’re doing an awesome job, I think, with your blog and I only hope for more eyes to read your gems. Now… I’m stepping down from my soap box now. Lol ☺️

    Much love to you, my friend.

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