Our mind takes us to heaven

Our mind takes us to hell

It’s up to us to decide where we choose to dwell

Our mind can strir up confusion

Our mind can make things clear

It’s up to us to decide which mindset we hold dear

Our mind can be a chaos of end less noisy chatter

Or it can be a place of mindful stillness no matter

Everything that maybe going on around

Our mind can be the calm or it can be the storm

Our mind can be shrouded in darkness

Or our mind can resonate light

It’s up to us in the end to ultimately decide

We can let our minds rule and ruin our lives

Or we can treat it like a dog and train to serve us

Our minds are the creation of all that we perceive

So would it not be best to hone it to work efficiently

In order to make good and right decisions in the end

And turn it from our cause of trouble into our friend

And as a result of mindful control and contemplation

We can learn the greatest gift and that’s to turn our light on

So that it can shine out and cast away all our hate that comes from fear

This will always happen when we learn to think masterfully and clear

So shine your light on

And decide on mind love

Instead of hate and fear

So keep the light and the love on.

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