Pretty little thing


She was a pretty little thing

A sweet little pill

To be ingested to sate your will

A vulnerable little specimen

A frail porcelain doll

Ready and waiting for you to control

A pretty little princess

Who you can supress

Tell her how to think

Tell her how to dress

A pretty little puppet

At your beckoning command

To kind and loving

To ever make a stand

And you are too sadistic

To ever understand

The potential and the preciousness

The class and the grace

Tjat this beautiful spirit

Is possessed with and blessed

But all you can see

Is a pretty little possession

For you too use and abuse

Because ignorant you

Does not have a single clue

Which is why you do what you do

But one day you may bite off more that you can chew

And you’ll find poison in a pretty little pill overwhelming you.

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