Back in the days of my youth

Back in the days of my youth

I had a friend back in the day

Who lived in London, Manor Park way

He Resided in a bed sit that was fairly small

At one end the bed reached from wall to wall

Both of us were anrcho-punks

Loved the music it gave us a rush and a buzz

Listening the Poison Girls, Conflict and Crass

Ah they were the days my friends

Pogoing all night in small dingy halls

Like Roxy and the pub the George Robey they called the little rainbow.

I saw punks with coloured spikey hair

Saw them in the bondage trousers and long coats that they would wear

Complete with body rats living in pockets

Others opted for black leather jackets

With emblems and motifs painted or sprayed on them

This to me was simply heaven

A place to be weird, individual, unique

A place to share views and also beliefs

Ah! How I fondly remember those days

Where music was everything and it really meant something.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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