Extreme weather

Weather fronts so extreme They may only get worse believe me, As our earth with its nature start to fight back And politicians and leaders are blind so much, That they refuse to see the truth and the facts That the environment is exploited By those who seek greed and feel money is all thatContinue reading “Extreme weather”

Illusion or reality

Tell me what you perceive your future to be Is it one of illusion or reality Will you see through the veil And open your minds eye The pineal gland views the truth through the lies Are you precognitive with a conscious mind Rather than the masses who prefer to be blind Do you questionContinue reading “Illusion or reality”

Step away from the bags

You carry bags Big heavy baggage Containing your fears Assembled from the past That have stuck in your memory But this baggage was not forced on you And you have the right and power to choose To put the bags down and walk away Just put them down and back up, back up And tellContinue reading “Step away from the bags”

Precognitive mindset

Wakey, wakey Find your conscious state Find within the precognitive place That can see you dive down the rabbit hole And see the the future and what’s foretold See the paths and light the way Premonitions are on display For those awake and aware to see Dive on in and follow me Down the holeContinue reading “Precognitive mindset”

Nothing to be proud of

Prophesising all the lying It’s no surprise people are dying Because of brutal aggressive policies By those who seek power and greed Through verying militarised degrees And undermining sovereign states Leaving chaos in their wake And causing destruction fear and hate Destabilising the world make no mistake Peace has no place in their mindset stateContinue reading “Nothing to be proud of”

Doctor, doctor!

Doctor, doctor! We seem to have a problem It’s caused global warming And those with the power Seem to be blind to this truth Doctor, doctor! What is it we can do? The health of our environment is in decline So many people ignorant and blind Dumping shit in their own neighbourhoods Can you prescribeContinue reading “Doctor, doctor!”

Beat of the drum

Consciousness beats Like a drum Like my pulse Like my heart In rhythm In time Beat after beat The drum sounds. The awareness Comes my way Rippling in waves Setting up a display Of a liquid mirror Causing a beautiful array For my eyes to view today. Now my mind creates And it writes AContinue reading “Beat of the drum”

Time control

There is an illusory clock ticking Within each of our minds It’s created by us and stalks us always ticking And as we age it strikes fear into us As we believe times running out But time is a man made concept that controls And over us all it has a firm hold.

The choices are yours

Choices are our to make Voices are ours to air Thoughts are ours to create, It’s our choice to care, Our choice to be fair, It’s not a society issue if its not that way It’s not a world problem if that’s not displayed, It’s all about you and the choices you make Stop blamingContinue reading “The choices are yours”

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