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Extreme weather


Weather fronts so extreme

They may only get worse believe me,

As our earth with its nature start to fight back

And politicians and leaders are blind so much,

That they refuse to see the truth and the facts

That the environment is exploited

By those who seek greed and feel money is all that they need

And they are ruining our planet

And that consuming me

Because there are so many other things that as humans we need

Like love, awareness and a whole world of peace

And the education to nurture nature and embrace renewable energy.

Illusion or reality


Tell me what you perceive your future to be

Is it one of illusion or reality

Will you see through the veil

And open your minds eye

The pineal gland views the truth through the lies

Are you precognitive with a conscious mind

Rather than the masses who prefer to be blind

Do you question your beliefs to see if they stand up

The reality of a world full of love

And where because of greedy people there is never enough

But we stay looking within and keep in touch

With our heart, mind and soul which are vital to us

To maintain our consciouness and our luminous spiritual love.

Step away from the bags


You carry bags

Big heavy baggage

Containing your fears

Assembled from the past

That have stuck in your memory

But this baggage was not forced on you

And you have the right and power to choose

To put the bags down and walk away

Just put them down and back up, back up

And tell them voices in your head to shut the fuck up

And set yourself free from the weight and strain

And past events that caused you guilt, sadness and pain

And start a new life over again

By simply resetting the parameters in your brain

To Start forgiving and living yourself

And taking more positive care of your physical and mental health.

Precognitive mindset


Wakey, wakey

Find your conscious state

Find within the precognitive place

That can see you dive down the rabbit hole

And see the the future and what’s foretold

See the paths and light the way

Premonitions are on display

For those awake and aware to see

Dive on in and follow me

Down the hole tumbling and falling

Into dimensions of new dawnings

Leave past thoughts and painful memories behind

Within the present we can define

The awakening conscious signs

That point the way to future times

And if we view our various routes

Then maybe we can pick and choose

Which path we take, which road we follow

And maybe hope can be renewed

Knowing what may come tomorrow

And be a cause for promise rather than sorrow

Premonition and precognition

This is my challenge and new mission.

Nothing to be proud of


Prophesising all the lying

It’s no surprise people are dying

Because of brutal aggressive policies

By those who seek power and greed

Through verying militarised degrees

And undermining sovereign states

Leaving chaos in their wake

And causing destruction fear and hate

Destabilising the world make no mistake

Peace has no place in their mindset state

So on it goes filling the pockets of the arms trade

And onwards and upwards goes the death rate

This should be humanities disgrace

And we as a race should hang our heads in shame.

Doctor, doctor!

Doctor, doctor!

Doctor, doctor!

We seem to have a problem

It’s caused global warming

And those with the power

Seem to be blind to this truth

Doctor, doctor!

What is it we can do?

The health of our environment is in decline

So many people ignorant and blind

Dumping shit in their own neighbourhoods

Can you prescribe any kind of cure?

Doctor, doctor!

Is this a terminal disease

Polluting, over populating

Mankind has become a disease

Eating away at our earth

And their arrogance is worse

They don’t care and seem to believe

That somehow, somewhere

There is a planet B

Doctor, doctor!

Is there any hope

Or will be feeling extinctions rope

Tightening around our necks

I fear we all know what’s coming next

If this is all left to go unchecked

Doctor, doctor!

I feel earth’s pain

As different species disappear each day

Doctor, doctor!

Is there a recovery plan

Or someway to make the ignorant

And those that are arrogant understand

The error of their ways

When denying and insisting

There is no such thing as climate change.

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Beat of the drum


Consciousness beats

Like a drum

Like my pulse

Like my heart

In rhythm

In time

Beat after beat

The drum sounds.

The awareness

Comes my way

Rippling in waves

Setting up a display

Of a liquid mirror

Causing a beautiful array

For my eyes to view today.

Now my mind creates

And it writes

A new story

No long illusory

No longer

Buying the lies

If this life

But flowering

With colourful truth

I am in control

Of all that I do

For I am the narrative

I am the author

And when I hear the drums

Hear them calling

I know the creative

Time has come

For new stories

To be written

To be lived

By a positive

Open mind.

Time control

Time control

There is an illusory clock ticking

Within each of our minds

It’s created by us and stalks us always ticking

And as we age it strikes fear into us

As we believe times running out

But time is a man made concept that controls

And over us all it has a firm hold.

The choices are yours


Choices are our to make

Voices are ours to air

Thoughts are ours to create,

It’s our choice to care,

Our choice to be fair,

It’s not a society issue if its not that way

It’s not a world problem if that’s not displayed,

It’s all about you and the choices you make

Stop blaming and pointing at everyone else,

You have the choice how you act,

Focus on you and how you behave,

You can’t force others to change

You are no powerful enough to change the world

But by shining our as decent human being

Others may choose to emulate you

If we look for a world change this is what to do.