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Our spiritual residence

Our spiritual residence

Brilliance is your being

Which is your spirit in a conscious state

Shining a light so very bright

Throughout the cosmic night

We two souls with hearts burning incarnate

In a maelstrom of stars shimmering like a silver lake

This is where our spirits wait

In a blissful and loving state.

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The price of justice


It matters not what crime you commit

When money is problem

For you get the justice you can afford

Which is why our prisons are full of poor folk

And the rich get off and are in the golf course

Some even see a rise in fame

Playing their corruption and immoral games

And live it up in stardom and fame

Making themselves a bigger name

To add too their wealth

These people know no shame

Refusing always to take the blame

Paying for justice paves the way

To a society that massively fails

While locking the poorest members of life in jail.

So much is broken

So much is broken

Broken lives

Are difficult to fix

Broken love

Leaves a heart shattered

Broken minds

Can leave us desperate

Broken people

Are surround us

And are we not broken too

So it’s best to seek out

And feast on soul food

To heal our minds and body too

By sharing love in all we do

And speaking words

That resonte the truth

So that broken people

Become greatly reduced.

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Hopes and dreams

Hopes and dreams

I shore up my spirits with hopes and dreams

I look at the sunsets as such beautiful things

I gauge the full moonlight as inspiring

And when dawn rises I find myself benightening

This world and life is so amazing

When we look past our drama at the dazzling things

That nature and the universe offers in abundance

From night until the morning

From sunset to sunup

I let my heart my soul and my love be free

When focusing on hopes

And living out my dreams.

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My calling

My calling

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

I thought to my self as I stood and saw

Mountain peaks and low lying clouds

As I sat on the precipice staring out from my shroud

In silent meditation way upon high

Feeling as one with the wide open sky

And down below the white snowy mountain

Dotted with green fir trees and ominous black rocks

In silence I feel that this is my spiritual lot

Drinking in peace and absorbing love

I show gratitude and I don’t question if this is enough

Because I am fully aware this is a blissful moment

One I hope never ends as I am detchated from all things

But even at this height I hear various birds sing

I feel on top of this world like a mountain top king

As one with nature and its amazing blessing

This is a wonderful world I sit assessing

The beauty and wonderment of it all

This is my destiny

The is my heart and souls call.

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Is the ideology you live by

Your own or was it transplanted

By your parents and your teachers

Or was it som religious preacher

Have you questioned it to test it fits

Among the realms of love, kindness and peace

Does it make you strong when you most need it

Or does it make you become weak

Becuase in your uniqueness and authenticity

There is a way to breakdown

As there is a way to break free

So ask yourself which road you’ll choose

And whether you’ll surrender to their life dictated by their rules

Or make a new life for yourself being existential

Living only the way you wish to do

Outside of society but embracing truth.



Greatful I am for all there is

Greatful I am for being able to exist

Grateful I am that I feel love

Grateful I am for the kindness that does not stop

Everything that I experience

Is a lesson that I see as a blessing

Everything good and bad that comes my way

Is a learning, growing experience in everyway

Happiness and sadness is all duality

Created by my own spiritual reality

Hard though my life has always been

It’s made me strong

So I’ve learnt to never give in

Knock me down I get back up

It’s all about synchronicity not luck

And whole lot of not giving a fuck

To others perceptions the have about me

For despite what anyone says or thinks

I am so very grateful for everything.



A declaration of love

For all humanity

A declaration of peace

That I hope one day we’ll see

A declaration of kindness

No longer submitting to hating

A declaration of compassion

Is something we all need to be happy

A declaration of spirit of heart as well as soul

Step up and declare yourself the change within the world.

No more gigs

No more gigs

In the end

The lights fade

And the music fades away

And an empty hall

With alcohol stairs

And disgared fag butts

Are that remain

But we know this time

Will come again

But in thus moment

It’s such a shame

The gig is over

As nd the crowds have gone away

And where there were, loud crowds

And music playing out

Now all there is

Is the empty echoes

If a vacant venue

To me, there’s nothing sadder than this

It’s as if what happened never existed

The passions and voices were not lifted

In a celebration of musical love

Which is something I can’t get enough of

But in this dark and vacant hall

And in this saddest of all moments

It’s painful to admit there are no more gigs

And despairingly I can’t take this.

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Rock star

Rock star

I always wanted to be in music

Rocking it out on stage

To all kinds of different genres

To sample that taste of fame

I’ve always wanted to play in front of a pulsating crowd

Signing my songs along with me out loud

I’ve always wanted to feel that buzz

And go from gig to gig in a tour bus

Mixing with the fans as I am a down to earth man

I’ve always admired those who live this life

Under the stage lights so bright

Bringing their talents too life

D oing what they know feels right

I wish I had their talented to live this life

And I wish them well and all the best

I love yo play in small venues

Where even just being their makes you sweat

Where the crowds so packed they’re pressed against the stage

And they’re shouting out my name

A simple fantasy of musical fame

And the fact its never happened is a shame

But musical talent just did not come my way

But my love and passion for it did

And that will never fade or go away.

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