Creepy tale and nightmare


A shudder in the dark

In a nightmare scene

Trepidation caused

By a howl and a scream

Many understand

This is a frightening theme

Not a nice cosy little dream

But a paranormal horror

That beggars beyond belief

A twisted face and gnashing teeth

Testing your spiritual belief

Fearing all will end in grief

Something wicked lays underneath

Waiting to devour

And feast in your soul

Something hideous

And out of control

Floorboards creak

And old doors groan

Chilling you too

The very maarow of your bones

Wondering what lays in wait next

Just then a garrote

Slips around your neck

Your airway constricts

And your rich deep hot blood flows

And death will follow next

This is a nightmare that will test you yet

You wake up and see the scar round your neck

Proving that you participated and that maybe you are blessed

But don’t get complacent yet

Because you’ve moved from this world into the next.

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