The darkest places within me


I discovered light

In the darkest places

Sparks that left traces

For me to follow

So I’d find hope

Even within

My deepest despair

And I found love

And rediscovered

My spiritual faith

And I learnt to smile again

In defiance of such pain

I saw the dawning

If a new age

Like the light of a new day

Slowly rising up to shine on

Me oncd again

And bathed

In the warmth of it rays

The love took my breath away

It gave me back my life

That I thought I’d never had again

And now I laugh

Instead of cry

I survived and I did not die

Though it was close

But the I saw the spark of light

Out of the corner of my eye

And I saved and lifted up

To a new life that is brave

For I learnt to master my fears

And though knocked down

I got up because I knew

I didn’t belong on the ground

And now life abounds

With universal blessings

That in the light

It healed all the pain deep in me

And gave me meaning

To live

To love

To dream

And to hope once again

Because I found the light

In thd darkest of places

We ithin me.

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