A message to our leaders

Try and change the world

And do something positive

Then watch the backlash

From the media and governments

It’s like they don’t want to hear us

It’s almost like they fear ua

As if we may realise

We are our own best authority

As if we know just what we need

A balanced earth both peacefully

And environmentally

It’s like we may get in the way of their things

Like allowing corporate business to keep exploiting

Our earth regardless of the future

Regardless of the harm they cause

Yes and our aim is to change this

Yes our aim is to protect our planet

So iif you don’t like us protesting

You better start investing in a sustainable future

Based around renewable energy

And start working towards peace

And a greater equality

For the whole of society

Not just for your rich friends

But for everyone and this is the message we send.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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