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A declaration of love

For all humanity

A declaration of peace

That I hope one day we’ll see

A declaration of kindness

No longer submitting to hating

A declaration of compassion

Is something we all need to be happy

A declaration of spirit of heart as well as soul

Step up and declare yourself the change within the world.

No more gigs

No more gigs

In the end

The lights fade

And the music fades away

And an empty hall

With alcohol stairs

And disgared fag butts

Are that remain

But we know this time

Will come again

But in thus moment

It’s such a shame

The gig is over

As nd the crowds have gone away

And where there were, loud crowds

And music playing out

Now all there is

Is the empty echoes

If a vacant venue

To me, there’s nothing sadder than this

It’s as if what happened never existed

The passions and voices were not lifted

In a celebration of musical love

Which is something I can’t get enough of

But in this dark and vacant hall

And in this saddest of all moments

It’s painful to admit there are no more gigs

And despairingly I can’t take this.

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Rock star

Rock star

I always wanted to be in music

Rocking it out on stage

To all kinds of different genres

To sample that taste of fame

I’ve always wanted to play in front of a pulsating crowd

Signing my songs along with me out loud

I’ve always wanted to feel that buzz

And go from gig to gig in a tour bus

Mixing with the fans as I am a down to earth man

I’ve always admired those who live this life

Under the stage lights so bright

Bringing their talents too life

D oing what they know feels right

I wish I had their talented to live this life

And I wish them well and all the best

I love yo play in small venues

Where even just being their makes you sweat

Where the crowds so packed they’re pressed against the stage

And they’re shouting out my name

A simple fantasy of musical fame

And the fact its never happened is a shame

But musical talent just did not come my way

But my love and passion for it did

And that will never fade or go away.

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It’s not as complex as you think


Insights into to love and life

Reveal themselves to be

Not so complicated as we believe,

We overthink and twist things round

We get to deep and so profound

We see things that often are not there

We build in fear so we hardly dare

Consider living life courageously

We dare not think of death

Becasuse its a such a scary thing

What if there is nothing more than this?

And what if there is?

And did we do enough and live lifr tight?

We tie ourselves in knots all the time

And let our thoughts Play games within our minds

But life and love is easily defined

Live a life with good intentions

Love beyond all pretentions

Care and a how compassion

And be happy and appreciate you’re alive

Live in the present moment

And not in the past

The future is unknown so let those thoughts pass

And show gratitude for all your given

And let kindness be your religion

And love be your daily display

And you’ll find contentment glowing your way

Don’t live in anger or hate as your days fade

For that is a life truly gone to waste.

Love is the key

Love is the key

Love is the key to a happy life

Love is about also living right

Destroying beauty

And killing animals for pleasure

Is no show of love

Nature is the greatest pleasure

I want to sit with you

Gazing outward to the forests

Watching animals in the wild

This is an experience that is moorish

Easy to get addicted too

Easy to fall in love

With nature and its animals

The truth us they’re a treasure

I want to a it and hold your hand

Both filly immersed in love

Both embracing the experience

Under the stars above

Among green rolling hills

As deer and other species cavort

Among the glades and woods

Close to my neighbourhood

I want to add it with you in wonder

And to sit with you in awe

I want to share my love with you

As nd sample all of yours.

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Trust the right people

Trust the right people

Are we going to trust slippery buisnessmen

Over scientists because the corporate types have become politicians,

People with lower iq’s and just don’t know

The danger that the world is in and how its all going to ruin

And meanwhile all they care about is just fucking greed

Over the earth’s nature and earth’s ecology,

Trust these men over scientists, at your peril

They’ll lead us down the road of extinction and to hell.

My ultimate quest


Are we oversensitive

Do we react to much

It seems we get so mad

Over the trivial stuff

And ignore the things

That should matter so much

It appears when faced with reality

We are out of touch

But of senseless mindless trash

We give consideration to way to much

We focus too much on Z list celebrities

And don’t know those people who achieve important things

Things that matter we seem to ignore

Acting as if we are simply bored

Yet the the things we are fed to ensure the status quo

We eat it up and are dragged along in tow

By the system that wishes us to comply

So they feed us full of this bullshit and lies

And we strive each time to fall in line

We forgotten how to use our minds

And think for ourselves and act in humanities interest

Rising above this life of insignificance

Now that is my ultimate quest.