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When life’s not working for you


When life’s not working make then a change

When nothing other than the blame

Resides within your mind

We gen though you’ve d one nothing wrong

Just shake it up and try something new

Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone

Take a chance or two and don’t let opportunity pass by you

Just shake it up and try something new

When life is not working for you

Breakout from your self inflicted chains

Breakout of if your self created cage

You are the author of your life

So turn over and start a new page

When life’s not working for uou then make a change.

Self extinction

Self extinction

Chop and burn trees

Pollute the seven seas

Contaminate the air we breathe

One day you will finally see

That we are natures and earth’s disease

And in the end its us who bleeds

And will lead to us going extinct.

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Love with all your might


Love with all your might

I will live you day and night

Feel our combined warm

In unison we are all born

Spiritually let’s all delight

In love and blessed, divine light

We all crave the connection the touch

Let’s all for a union of love

That cannot be broken

That can be left neglected and unspoken

What would life be without love

It’s a love we cannot get enough of

Euphoric and glorious we will shine

Resonating through the mind

What perfect by design

Is unconditional love so sublime

To turn away from love

Now that would be the greatest crime

Love in ways that are nut blind

But is fully awakened and refined.

Watch “Plastic Ocean” on YouTube


I have always been drawn to the sea, with all its beauty and and all its power, and yet the strange thing is I cannot swim, yet I still have an affinity with the sea, beautiful and colourful blues and greens, there for everyone to takd time and see. Yet across the seven seas there is a menacing disease, plastic pollution as far as the eye can see, a seething scar, a heaving mass, the sea is choked with plastic crap. How proud we must be, to be the cause of this disease, dumping crap in the ocean, where es our morality, its like causing a wound and infecting it on purpose, without any thought to how it may hurtt us, as s result ee hsrm and kill marine lifr, degrade the coral reefs that give so much delight, I cannot understand why we caused such a blight, we need to help in the oceans plight, to once again be cleansed though it will need us all to fight and will need us yo work at cleaning up our mess day as nc night. The shame that we should feel about what we have done means we should pull together, that means everyone, to clean up our act and to demand a change in a hope that the oceans, marine life and the corals can be saved.

No escape, so why worry?


Life or death its all the same

It’s all about how you live the game

You can choose to win or fail

Be happy or sad we write our own tale

It all ends up the same old way

Why would you worry you can’t escape

It can be a atate of grace or you can be angry every day

It’s up to you to choose which way

To either shine brightly or fade to grey

To love everybody or to choose hate

Whatever you choose do let your life just go to waste.

Pass it on


Just pass it on

Pass on the kindness

Pass on the love

Pass on the vibe

Find your vision

Make your decision

Make love your mission

Like nuclear fission

Go supernova

Like an explosive

Universal force of passion

Like an atomic chain reaction

Let’s join up as unified fraction

Fully focused

With no distraction

Let’s instill love

In our every word and action.

Blessed with you

Blessed with you

Believe me when I say to you you are heavenly

A gift sent down from the universe

And I know you shine as if you the best

And brightest star that ever been seen in the sky so cosmic.

I travelled so far to see you radiate

I connected with you in a higher frequency of space

And our love transcended anything we’d ever known

We shared a seed that has been carefully sown

That why you’re special to me

That’s why you fill my heart with glee

Because as I watch you dance, you leave traces everywhere

Across this universs of consciousness

Upon this wild love of connectedness

And as I spend my time with you I am blessed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest