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Om ah hum mani guru padme siddhi hom

Om ah hum mani guru padme siddhi hom

My mantra heals my soul

As I meditate on thoughts and words of peace

As well as upon thoughts and words of love

Reciting words and taking mindful breaths

Focused on my journey step by step

Always love more and never less

Always be kind and compassionate

The journey continues step by step

Mindfully taking every breath

Breathe in, breathe out in my quest

To find my inner peace and inner self

Heal my body as well as my mind

My mantra fullfils my grand design

To live a life of light and love so sublime

Om ah hum mani vajra guru padme siddhi hum.

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Music fills my mind

Music fills my mind

Music trickles through my mind on a constant loop

From Linkin Park, to Stormzy, from Blink 182, to Halsey

My taste is quite eclectic and wide

From rock, to rap, grime and punk

To pop, electro, reggae and ska

I love music so much, especially serenades of love

Music rules my life way to much

But imagine a life without it

I love the rhythm and also the beats

I love songs that raise mg passion and inspire me

And stir me and leave me euphoric

I love music that is meteoric.

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Weight of these days


When I was young people said I was too skinny

Now iam older and more sedentary

People make remarks about the fact I’ve put on weight

Bit of a tummy now and bigger all over now what you’d call fat

But the six pack days are well and truly over

But at my age I think I am doing ok

Why are people so concerned about my weight anyway

When I was young I swore I’d live forever

Older now I know each day and year is a blessing

I’d love to get fit once again

But I don’t think that is likely to be happening

Anytime soon so why bother worrying

I won’t get stressed, to the grave I am not hurrying

And that’s what stress ultimately does

Leaves six foot under mud

In a box wondering if stressing was worth it

And of people’s judgement, I don’t deserve it

But I won’t let it get under my skin or ever me.

She and nature were one

She and nature were one

The wind kisses her cheek

The water caressed her skin

The sun warmed her soul

The moons glow made her feel whole

She felt nature in every way

In its playground she loved to play

As the sand on the beach clung to her

The water tantalised as it washed it off

And the grass in the meadow tickled her so

And the scent from the wild flowers filled her nose

And her mind and consciousness as one flowed into nature

In that moment she felt a repture

The beauty her eye would capture

In bliss nature was her favourite place

Which always put a smile on her face.

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Lustful moments


Lust is a feeling different from love

Different type of intensity

The steamy nights and the lusty scent

The climatic moment so heaven sent

Can you feel the stirrings within you yet

When you dream of what is to come next

The chest rising and falling with heavy breaths

The immense perspiration sweat

As you go wild as you let yourself go

Feeling all of your passion and essences flow

Into the person who’s giving the same to you

Encouraging you to do things you would usually do

Lust is the most filling of all foods

When you feast on it well though it may get crude and lewd

It can sate real desires and drive your moods

To a high so great and make you feel so good

There’s nothing wrong with lust when needed

But don’t get attached and always heed this

Love is different and can nit be substituted

Combine the two and you’ll never be left needing

Feel the breath if another, feel the intense kiss of a lover

Feel your body ache as you peak and demand another

Between sheets or somewhere other

Risky locations, or half undressed

Sometimes your thoughts can get obsessed

With desires of lust that would suit you best

Is it fantasy or have you tried it yet?

He grabs your hair from behind and he bites your neck

She gets on top and grinds and uses her nails on your chest

The emotion and the signs and the moans increase you’re now a mess

But you font care because this is the best yet

So have fun enjoy yourself

Your only here for a short time so make this moment so hot you explode and then melt.

Garden of wonder

Garden of wonder

Lilac scented flowers, are growing within the lupin spires

Hollyhocks and delphinium sway in the breeze on a bright summers day

Canterbury Bells with their delicacy compete with pink aubrietas

Rose scents combine with stocks to fill the air with fragrence

Sweet peas climb up cains, while clamatis sprawl across fences

With passion flowers with their green shiny leaves show the beauty of their fruits

And Magnolias in their resplendant glory

Tell this beautiful garden story

That reflects natures amazing diversity

And the rainbow colours which feel my heart with glee

Along with the fragrented air that in the beautiful garden I breathe.

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Those who need guns, need help

Those who need guns, need help

How many people have to die

By the gun used by people with no respect for life

How are these brutal ignorant extreme killers

Allowed and encouraged to arm themselves

A simple check on their IQ and persona

A mental health check would show they would mskd the worst gun owners

Anybody who wants and craves to own a gun

Are the worst people whk can be given the right own them

Prone to anger issue and moments of rage

Their mind is often confused and plagued

By a lack of understanding of diversity

They feel threatened by others they see

As different from them and the develop an inferiority complex

Fear then starts to control the ir minds

Then the mindless media and xenophobic leaders

Trigger their justification for shooting

A a place where others may reside, play, work or pray

In an insane act and brutal display

Of pure evil, brutality and violence

Their ignorant leave many innocent people dead and silent

Yet some believe guns offer protection

Only in a deluded, twisted, demented mind does this make sense

No guns means no gun crime

No people being shot in a tragic waste of life

But the arms trade profits as does the governments

Who choose to promote all sorts of guns, it’s money over lives

How many amazing souls and spirits must be wasted

For absolutely no reason except for extremists filled with hatred

Sating their lust for killing, blood, violence and death

I will oppose guns until my final breath

Yes guns dont kill people, people do

So it’s important to take away the right go choose

To brutally and savagely expend good people’s lives

Just because they have a desire to feel the power

That they feel the get for owning a gun

If that’s what it takes for them yo feel a complete man

Then they truly are mentally and physically dysfunction humans.

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She told me all


We made out in the car

Wasn’t easy it was kind of hard

But it was fun and we had a laugh

Who knew it would be so good

Half undressed, we felt blessed

As the passion rose

And we steamed up the windows

Body heat and the smell of lust

We went for it we went for bust

It was so sensual peaking at every thrust

This moment was such a must

This is the story my wife told me

About her night of love

With a friend from work

Which we both agreed was fun

And satisfied her need which had to be done

She really had her number rung

From a friend who knew who to turn her on

And gave her something she yearned for so long

A sensation and memory that would go on and on.

Seek knowledge and grow


Wise men keep the own council

Fools believe they know it all

I know in the scheme of things

That I know very little

And that’s why I look for answers all the time

And seek knowledge to fill my mind

But learning is not something

That ever comes to an end

We should use all understanding

To evolve and to grow

And to become maestro’s

Of a life full of experiences and love

And to gain such understanding

That we never think we know too much

And let our egos take over and control.