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Memories distilled through the passing of time, like the characteristics of serpentine, alternating curvature, weaving through time, memories can be haunting or simply sublime. Memories can be like wisps lost on the wind, or they can remain as a permanent meaning, memories can be golden, or as cold as a stone, memories are stories that are there to be told. Memories are like a kaleidoscope of colours, reminding us of the mixture of haters and lovers, that passed through our lives in various ways, memories are a series of counter plays, some good, some bad, they all hold sway, in the theatre of life, where we are all on display, acting out roles, cresting each scene, memories can be nightmares or the sweetest dream, memories are all we will take out of this life in the end, so make the best memories with your family and friends.

Love without touching


I want excite

Vitilise you

Tease you

Drive you wild

Without using touch

But by stimulateing your mind

I want you to want me

Because you feel my love

Resonating through you

With a mindful touch

Not the physical kind

But real conscious lust.

The daily duality of our ups and downs


One moment we are in the flow

Then we hit a bump in the road

And suddenly hope and confidence goes

One minute we are in the bright lights

The next moment we in darkness and out of sight

When we think we can achieve anything

Something undermines us and leaves us doubting

How suddenly from a place of tranquility and calmness

We find ourselves frustrated and shouting

And through these up and downs of life

We must expect the duality of our daily plight

Not get despondent or lose hope

But instead use the hard times to teach us how to develop and grow.

What we need


We need to love

For if we don’t what else is there

We need to believe

For if we don’t what is left

We have to be strong

Or else we will be weak and fail

We have to show courage

Or else we will simply be fearful

We have to let go and be happy

Or what is the point of living.

No control just be free


Why would I want to control another person’s life

I’ve got my hands full controlling mine

Why would I want to live jealously

When I spend my time trying to be free

Why would I put anyone in a gilded cage

As if the own them so they can be displayed

I will give you all my time and a ll my love

And if that us not sufficing enough

Your welcome and free to top it up

And its not like I will stop you

I will offer you good luck and never judge

But all I’d say is remember this us an act of supreme unselfish love

So respect that and return that love by returning home

With your heart intact because no one could love you more than me and that’s a fact

And no one would let you day free like me

To live out hour dreams and fantasies.

Live life a breakneck speed


Brighter moods breed brighter days

Never let anything stand in your way

Be a rapscallion in every way

Live your life to the fullest each day

Don’t wait or wonder what’s beyond the grave

Who wants to waste the or life that way

Never be to concerned with the hereafter

Because missing out on opportunities now would be a disaster

The past is gone, the futures unknown

Seize the present and make it your own

Paint it in your best rainbow colours

Like a firework display full of lovers

Sharing passion in bust of exaltation

D ont be a victim of hour own privation

Live life in fun, smiles and laughter

And never ever forget to party harder

As you get older, why slow down, let’s live it faster

As we arrive at our graves gasping our final breaths

‘Well this life’s been amazing now lets get on with next. ‘

I perceive all that’s within you


Deep in your eyes I see longing

Deep within you I see temptation

I can sense your tantalising nature

There is something trying to escape

I can feel you need to breakout

I perceive that without any doubt

I can help and assist you

I can bring the excitement out in truth

Tease you, please you, release you

Do anything uou want to do

The things you want I will let you choose

This is your moment so it’s all on you

Let this be your finest hour

You ar lit when you let your love shower

Upon everyone who takes your fancy

You can be the creator of your own fantasy

I will just stay close to navigate you safely

Out of the routine mundanity

Into a world of love and happiness

You can join me so we are spiritually blessed

We can become consciously awakened yet

Realise we have to live life to the best

It’s not like we are going to get out of alive

So whats the point in denying yourself a good time.

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid?

Do you live by rules

Are you a slave to what you were taught

Are you afraid to take risks

Have some fun

And just say ‘fuck it’

Are you too afraid to let yourself go

Simply try something new

And go with the flow

See you Conservative in thought and deed

Tied in self emasculated chains

To afraid to seek emancipation

To afraid to be seen as different

Maybe if you give something new a try

It may shock, rock and open your mind

Or are you too afraid you’ll have a good time

And then regret sll the list and wasted moments in your life

Maybe you are afraid to discover a new you

Maybe you are afraid to find out

These words I say are true

Open up your heart, open up your mind

Let’s spend a whole lot of time

Discovering and trying something fun and new.

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Fun life

Fun life

She likes her free life

Sleeping with men she likes

Experiencing new things

She finds it exciting

She’s always careful though

But she likes to dance

She dresses sexually

And flirts so sensually

She is a strong woman

Who knows just what she wants and needs

And her husband is very happy

So she feels lucky

And loves him more you see

Because he is not full of jealousy

But understands so let’s her have her fun

She always comes home

Because he is her number one.

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Wrong job


Do you ever feel so low

Because you can’t do

The work you wish too

Instead you’re holding down a job

That doesn’t stimulate or satisfy you

I am greatful yes but I need more

But that seems an unlikely dream

But I keep on trying to work for it

And hope one day it’s something I may yet achieve.