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If I write you a love story


If I write another love story
With you playing the lead
If I write and make it passionate
And write how you can be free
Not to love me as your only one
But others that you wish to meet
If I write you a love story
Would it make you feel replete
If I write you a love story
And put you center stage
Allow you to bask in the love
Of this act of palimory
A different, unique love story
A love closed minds can’t understand
That requires aln open heart
If I write you a love story
Where your a beautiful bird in flight
Spreading wings and creating images
Of a spiritual, sensual love life.



You were always judgemental

And as a result you were found guilty

And sentenced to a life of purgatory

Self imposed by your thoughts on others,

That you came to based on what you see

But not on knowledge and what’s within them

You’re guilty of superficiality.

I care less


I care less that I never get lucky

At least that’s what I tell myself

I care less that my life is hard

At least this is what I try to convince myself

I care less what others think

Actually this is something that’s true

My life’s an enigma through and through.

Imagine us

Imagine us

Skin touch

We love

We fuck

Too much

Heart yearn

Bodies burn

You ache

My turn

You peak

You scream

Both comming

Both sweating

Chest heaving

Breast bouncing

Body quivering

Legs wrapping

Lips kissing

Words whispering

Keep going

Don’t stop

Passion flowing

Never stops

So wet

You are

Taking you

To stars

And wonderment

Always more

Never less

Whether dressed

Or undressed

Wanting you

I obsess

Every thrust

Deeper, harder

Rough tenderness

Duality driven

Best sex

Between legs

That’s me

You’re imaging

The scene

Me, you

Love making

Our bodies

Ard pulsating

Feel me

Inside you

Want me

Need me

Come now

My seed

Stakes claim

Within you

Imagine me

Pounding you

You’re shaking

It’s true

Many times

We peak

Legs weak

Can’t speak

Heavily breaths

Plunged depths

Saturated bed

Who’s next

I watch

You perform

I see

You climax

So joyfully

For others

For me

Strange love

Fulfills me.

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Unity is warmth

Unity is warmth

Flags fluttering in the breeze

Dancing on a line of string

Multitudenous in colours

Set against a white crisp snowy mountain

At this height and thus location

Words don’t echoe and aren’t wasted

Practicing mantras is everything

The hum of them along with a bell ringing

Is the only sound you hear

There is only peace there’s no fear

And the cold never gets in

For there is warmth in believing

For there is unconditional love here

There’s no hatred, there’s no greed

For we all have each other

And that unity is all we need.

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Paths of life

Paths of life

There is strength in self belief

And in being your own authority

There is weakness within self doubt

And being ruled and followng like sheep

The is power in unconditional love

And only self destruction in hate

You have to look to yourself

And decide the path that you will choose to take.

New dawn

New dawn

Storm warning

Days dawning

A new sun rises

Feel warmth

Feel inspired

Know love

As unrequited

Speak words

Of meaning

Wake up from dreaming

See the world

And what it offers

Verdent beauty

Healing it

Is our duty

See the miracle

And the wonder

Feel the power

Sense its strength

We are the last line of defence

So let’s rise to it

Let’s prove it

We can be the change

We are not the same

As those who exploit it

We are those who oppose this

Time for a new dawn

Time for a new day

Time for us to display

We can create

A far better way.

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Lick your lips

Lick your lips

Lick your lips

Drop to your knees

Look up at me

And let me know your ready

Breathe for me passionately

As reach and caress you gently

And look deep into your eyes

As you then tell me

What it is you want from

And I will give it everything

To please you and make your body sing

The most erotic song it’s ever sung

For at my hands you are going to be undone

For I will make you moan and writhe until the morning comes

I will lavish upon you so much love

And make you crave desires

And send you wild with lust

Of your body I will never get enough

Now lick your lips as you kneel down in front of me

So I know that you’re ready for me.

I need to be with you


I took a plane flight

A boat ride

A long hike

Just to reach you tonight

Like a parched man

I needed sustenance

From your sweet lips

I scaled mountains

Descended into caves

Alnd swam the deepest seas

And all this was to view

Your wonderous beauty

I am like a lost man

Wandering aimless in the night

Seeking your love

Searching for your light

All this I do to be with you

Without you I feel numb its true

Yet with you I feel brand new.

Leave out the stress


Are we suckers for the drama

Are we addicted to the stress

Do we put ourselves through this

Just to feel our life is vital

Just to feel as though we matter

Because without this

Are we anything at all

Are we afraid life maybe boring after all

Yet when in distress caused by the drama

How much would we give for peace

We invite upon us these dramas

We welcome in therefore stress

With open arms like it’s an old companion

The truth is without the drama

We get more time to think and work on us

More time to find our self love and appreciation

So leave out the drama

Set aside the stress

And spend more time knowing you.