Monthly Archives: May 2019

Lick your lips

Lick your lips

Lick your lips

Drop to your knees

Look up at me

And let me know your ready

Breathe for me passionately

As reach and caress you gently

And look deep into your eyes

As you then tell me

What it is you want from

And I will give it everything

To please you and make your body sing

The most erotic song it’s ever sung

For at my hands you are going to be undone

For I will make you moan and writhe until the morning comes

I will lavish upon you so much love

And make you crave desires

And send you wild with lust

Of your body I will never get enough

Now lick your lips as you kneel down in front of me

So I know that you’re ready for me.

I need to be with you


I took a plane flight

A boat ride

A long hike

Just to reach you tonight

Like a parched man

I needed sustenance

From your sweet lips

I scaled mountains

Descended into caves

Alnd swam the deepest seas

And all this was to view

Your wonderous beauty

I am like a lost man

Wandering aimless in the night

Seeking your love

Searching for your light

All this I do to be with you

Without you I feel numb its true

Yet with you I feel brand new.

Leave out the stress


Are we suckers for the drama

Are we addicted to the stress

Do we put ourselves through this

Just to feel our life is vital

Just to feel as though we matter

Because without this

Are we anything at all

Are we afraid life maybe boring after all

Yet when in distress caused by the drama

How much would we give for peace

We invite upon us these dramas

We welcome in therefore stress

With open arms like it’s an old companion

The truth is without the drama

We get more time to think and work on us

More time to find our self love and appreciation

So leave out the drama

Set aside the stress

And spend more time knowing you.



I wish for spiritual transference

Where I can teleport my love

Into hateful people who think violence is the way

I’d like to transfer my thoughts of kindness, tolerance and compassion,

Into their very being and see them become light.

Rappers battle


Rappers battle each other

Like one another is the enemy

Meanwhile the real enemy

Is keeping them down

Keeping them rooted on the ground

And while they are making sounds

Their enemies making money from them

But the rappers are to blind to see

To busy trying to be the top G

Stabbing each other as if they believe

They can be the top dog on the scene

But the top dogs are revelling in the greed

Money made from their artistry

In the background they simply reap

The profit from your blood sweat and tears

But you don’t get that from the music you hear

They are anonymous profiteers

While rappers take out each other year after year

The blood that is spilt reflects the tears

Of their loved ones who’s misery is clear

Music is meant to be enjoyed not feared.



Fear is often learnt of self induced

By environment by others and by our own thoughts

Certain fears are healthy and are good for you

It stops danger, hazards and harm happining to you in truth

But there are irrational fears that can rule your life

And leave you living in misery

These are the fears that are unhealthy

And they were ones we learnt when young

Or ones you recreated in your own imaginative mind

Leaving you to live a life somehow unconditionally blind

To the fact they are unfounded time after time

But that is the meaning of irrational I think that you will find

So conquer your abject fears

Through being strong with your thoughts

And meditation and practice to tame and redesign

Every thought and all you were taught

You must learn to live fearing only fear itself

And the damage to your life its wrought.

Solutions and problems

Solutions and problems

Solution based people are full of creativity and imagination

Problem based people lack these abilities

And see no further than their closed minds

They wait to be fed answers without questioning

We solution based people find answers in living consciously

Aware, awake and always questioning

Critcally thinking, not just blindly following

Are you a solution or a problem being

Is your mind open or closed to creative thinking?