Dream me a dream

Dream me a dream Of pleasant things, Dream me a dream That is serene, Dream about love And tranquility, Dream me a dream Like a soliloquy, A sweet tender musing In realms of fantasy, Dream of the stars And the radiant moon, Dream me a dream As beautiful as you, Dream me a dream AsContinue reading “Dream me a dream”

A prophecy to lift us up

A prophecy of a spiritual shift A paradigm hard to resist A rise in people’s consciousness Creating calm minds of stillness Allowing us to see synchronicities In every act we choose and every breath we breathe Those who realise this prophecy Are awakening from their dreams And manifesting conscious reality They are ready to helpContinue reading “A prophecy to lift us up”

Bad blood

People harbour bad blood Way too much Seek revenge make someone pay For something they did Or were perceived to have done To much harbouring of bad blood Way too little love Festering and wallowing in hate It’s not the best of states It leaves them in an ugly place And it resonates in toxicContinue reading “Bad blood”

Rat race

Running round in this rat race from place to place Made to do what we are told and just what we should say Running round in this rat race from place to place It a harsh world we Ard living in today Where the rich are getting richer off of our sweat And the poor,Continue reading “Rat race”

Self imposed suffering and anxiety

We as creators of our own stories Bring so much suffering, heartbreak and anxiety Upon ourselves without much thinking We don’t cater for what we need but what we want And worse thing of all is that crave what everbody else wants. We want exactly just what we ate told Live the perfect life mortage,Continue reading “Self imposed suffering and anxiety”


Alcohol the delirium of the masses Messes up your mind And tears your life to bits Alcohol a crutch for those of weakness Who are normally left speechless But with a period of Dutch courage Tend to get loud and obnoxious Sometimes aggressive and toxic And the only ones who cannot see it Are theContinue reading “Alcohol”

Violence is not acceptable in any form

Violence is not acceptable in any form Some tend to treat it as the norm I’ve never felt the need to feel or use it Never coerced it on being used against me Maybe as a kid when I was young A few occasional spats and tantrums That ended in a few slaps and punchesContinue reading “Violence is not acceptable in any form”

2000 miles away

I am lost so very far away In distance and time, I am lost in a void I am lost in space, 2000 miles from home Out of my comfort zone, I am feeling so homesick What am I to do? I am an astronaut That has been cut loose, And I feel like IContinue reading “2000 miles away”

Brain control

Riding on a serotonin high Is better than drowning in a sea of cortisol lows Feeling our other neurotransmitters kick in Glutamate, dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA and Endorphins Taking us to happy euphoric states Is better and sliding into depressive states But this is how the brain works It can heal but it can also hurtContinue reading “Brain control”

A spiritualized punk song

We took a journey Went for a ride We sailed our ship Ocean wide We sought the answers We craved to know Who knew we were Deluding ourselves For the answers are within For all those that can see For the answers are within For those that do believe For the answers are within It’sContinue reading “A spiritualized punk song”


Words matter.

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