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Dream me a dream


Dream me a dream

Of pleasant things,

Dream me a dream

That is serene,

Dream about love

And tranquility,

Dream me a dream

Like a soliloquy,

A sweet tender musing

In realms of fantasy,

Dream of the stars

And the radiant moon,

Dream me a dream

As beautiful as you,

Dream me a dream

As the heavens

And the universe

Watches over all you do,

Let’s both share a dream

Where our spirits are renewed.

A prophecy to lift us up


A prophecy of a spiritual shift

A paradigm hard to resist

A rise in people’s consciousness

Creating calm minds of stillness

Allowing us to see synchronicities

In every act we choose and every breath we breathe

Those who realise this prophecy

Are awakening from their dreams

And manifesting conscious reality

They are ready to help change society

And bring about better equality.

Bad blood


People harbour bad blood

Way too much

Seek revenge make someone pay

For something they did

Or were perceived to have done

To much harbouring of bad blood

Way too little love

Festering and wallowing in hate

It’s not the best of states

It leaves them in an ugly place

And it resonates in toxic ways

Comes out in a snarling display

Vicious and nasty day after day

Do you suffer from bad blood?

Are you trouble by hate?

If you do I suggest you best change

And find the love and live a better way

And shed the negative decay

Of bad blood.

Rat race


Running round in this rat race from place to place

Made to do what we are told and just what we should say

Running round in this rat race from place to place

It a harsh world we Ard living in today

Where the rich are getting richer off of our sweat

And the poor, starving and homeless have no hope at all

Running round in this rat race from place to place

Same old suited buisnessmen just a different face

Dame old fucking policies and greedy fucking ways

They should hang their heads low for they’re a disgrace

Zero hour workers and minimum wage

Forced into servitude for a pittence of pay

Running round in this rat race from place to place

Society has lost its love and its grace

It’s all about money and materialism today

It seems the equality for all is now passe

But I’ll never stop fighting to change these ways

Running round in this rat race from place to place

I will not fear others might not like what I say

I say it as I see and its all there on display.

Self imposed suffering and anxiety


We as creators of our own stories

Bring so much suffering, heartbreak and anxiety

Upon ourselves without much thinking

We don’t cater for what we need but what we want

And worse thing of all is that crave what everbody else wants.

We want exactly just what we ate told

Live the perfect life mortage, car children

With the perfect husband or wife

We forget though that nothing is ever perfect

Everything is flawed and that is ok

But we want so much, that it’s hard to believe

How anybody could want so many things

We want a range of genders and to decide which way to sex their kids

Insisting on a boy or girl depending on which one fits

The perfect dream that makes them seem the perfect family unit

It makes me mad it makes me sick

As long as that child is alive when born then nothing else exists.

They want to build on other species habitats

They want to count the trees so there’s not to much of that

Nature they think is ok but only on their terms

Wow! the irritation makes me really burn

They say they want to save the earth

But Are still polluting

Being very good about their recycling

Then they drive their gas guzzling four by four to school and back

Poulling the air with their toxic petrol crap

It’s not about what we need it’s about what they want you to have

These governments, big buisnesses and the media and advertising men

Offer you the chance or potential to make bad choices

And you lap it all up because you only hear their voices

So suffering is enevitable in the end

Because you lost sight of what you needed

And chased what you wanted and found it doesn’t make you happy

But now you’re just a slave to illusory dreams

Take only what you need and count your blessings and you’ll be happy

For you will suffer from reduced anxiety

Because you will no longer be trapped in a world of wanting everything you see.



Alcohol the delirium of the masses

Messes up your mind

And tears your life to bits

Alcohol a crutch for those of weakness

Who are normally left speechless

But with a period of Dutch courage

Tend to get loud and obnoxious

Sometimes aggressive and toxic

And the only ones who cannot see it

Are the ones who are drinking

I know this because I used to do this myself

And it was not at all good for my health

And so I made a choice and so I stopped it.

Violence is not acceptable in any form


Violence is not acceptable in any form

Some tend to treat it as the norm

I’ve never felt the need to feel or use it

Never coerced it on being used against me

Maybe as a kid when I was young

A few occasional spats and tantrums

That ended in a few slaps and punches

But since being an adult I’ve not had to use it

And violence is the answer of the weak

From those who lack intellectuality

Borne from frustration, hate and self loathing

These are not emotions I allow to be flowing

Through my mind, body, spirit or soul

I always keep calm and in control

I may speak words of anger once in a while

But I try to restrain it for it leaves me disquiet

And I prefer feeling positive and good

Not feeling negative and toxic

But don’t let me be misunderstood

I am not perfect in fact I am flawed

But violent confrontation is death by your own sword

A feeling and emotion best left ignored

Because violence is not acceptable in any form.