Ultraviolet, ultraviolence


Silicone dreams

In ultraviolet

There’s chaos here

But in my mind it’s quiet

Spawning on a precipce

Of a major riot

Then I will wander through the bodies

That will remain silent

Victims of a wave

Of ultraviolence

It’s an obvious result

It’s not fucking science

Chaos and disorder

Both lead to this violence

Leaving behind a world

That is forever silent

A world controlled by despots and tyrannts

Hating on anyone described as a migrant

A future example of what maybe

A world full of death

Through xenophobic hating

Not something I am keen on positing

Just being realistic

Of how this world is going

The s is not a computer game thing

But kids are raised in the illusory

Where for them the norm is doom and mortal kombat

Fatality, brutality

We have given them a licence

To release their inner demon and lust for death

After this what will be left

A world that will surely be bereft

Of love, peace and tolerance

As they seek s blood fest

Not realising this is real

But some kind of game quest

A twisted belief that it’s an epic test

In a world where everybody strives to be the best

Through the survival of the fittest process

This is something we should all say we detest

And crank up humanity by rebooting so we can reset

The moral, the ethical, the spiritual codex

And make those who love and show compassion

To be the best role models yet

For if we don’t do this we live a life of regret

And wd still got time because we aren’t there yet

Give a world to future generations that is truly blessed

Not a broken home for the wretched

That simply gets off on violent blood letting

If we don’t make a change then we are aiding and abetting

In a celluloid, silicone world let’s no start forgetting

What mskes us human and what is real

And it’s not synthetic thrills and spills

But the power of the soul and the heart that feels

More power simply because it’s real.

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