Wrong again


My opinion still means shit

At least this is what you seem to think

I am always in the wrong

It seems I know nothing at all

I wonder why I even speak

These days I don’t and when I do I instantly regret it

For I am always then slapped down

For having an opinion because its wrong all the time

I am ignorant it would seem

And though I don’t believe this

I know that’s what you see

And so you’re endlessly critisizing me

I find it hard to breathe and my confidence it bleeds

Away on down the drain of self doubt and misery

Why do we keep holding on

If all I do and say is so wrong

Maybe you should be telling me

To walk away and leave

Because I am obviously of no use

At least to me that seems the truth

Well at least that’s how I feel

I know its not illusory

I know this is how you feel

I know all this is real .

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