A life of suffering


Over dramatical


In this balance

Is constantly lacking,

It seems that problems

Are always stacking,

Up against those

Who feel they’re cracking,

Under the pressure

Of their troublesome lives,

Only seeing darkness

Never the light,

Manifesting suffering

Which brings along pain,

They feel like their life is stained

By the problems of everyday life,

This is what causes their strife

Which is why the have flawed sight,

They cannot see beyond it all

They in fact actually believe,

That their is a life of endless suffering.

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  1. Its an individuals take on how to take the situations. Positive or negative is your choice. But yes I have come across such people and I prefer to stay away from them. They are hell depressed. Even if you offer them everything to be happy they will remain the same.
    Thanks for sharing.

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