Consciousness theory


Consciousness is not a religious thing

Religion relies on sheep like thinking

Following texts and commandments passed down

Without questioning or asking why

Is it this way

We have free will to make our own decisions each day.

Consciousness is about living your own way

In an existential state

No authority but your own

Learning without being shown

Discovering things we’ve never known

Using this to develop and grown

To nurture the seeds we have sown

To focus within and find our authentic truth and self

Realising we have a sea of wealth revolving around wisdom

And conscious creative reality

Doing the right thing and being kind

While all the time living a good and peaceful life

Isn’t anything to do with religion

That man made concept constantly driven

By people in pulpits dealing out guilt and sin

This is not something I believe in

I believe in ethic and morals

Traits sadly lost that cannot be borrowed

But are learnt from intellectuality

And understanding equality

And realising we are all the same

Not divided by different God’s playing different games.

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