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There’s no limits


Who decides and sets our limits

Mash up life and believe in it

You can be lit and bigging it up

You can break barriers though it’s tough

Show your uncondional love

Break the glass ceiling that’s up above

Beat down barricades light the night

Reach for the stars, reach new heights

The only limitations are those you create

Smash the systematic domestication state

Be yourserself, be individual

Be unique, shows your potential is considerable

Achieve an existential grace

Beat down anything, that gets in your way

Limitations in life are all fake

You can design and you can create

All you hopes and dreams today.

Mind blown!


Mind blown!

By unknown

Seeds we have sowed

Deep roots

We grow

Taller than ever known

Throw shapes

Cast spells

Falling down a well

Is it heaven

Or the labyrinth of hell

Sometimes its hard to tell

Real myths dispelled

Unconscious thoughts quell

Memories long past

Sailing flags at half mast

For condolences that last

Long in our dreams

Is this all a theme

On manifested scenes

Of awakening realities

And persistent fantasies

Which help us to believe

That we are free

To create everything

That it is that we choose to be.

Crossing new divides


Across a million planets and stars

Through millenia we travelled far

A roos the darkest deepest space

Beyond Trans-dimensional states

We crossed so many new divides

Jumping in and out of altered lives

In different states of cosmic love and light

We crossed so many new divides

We didn’t stop to question why

We just went with the flow to see where we may go

And all things that opened our eyes

Also manged to prize open our minds

That let us travel beyond so many altered states

Transcending into another time and place

It’s all we could believe

Discovering things we’d never seen

Manifesting beyond our human beings

And we evolved beyond the stars

To find out who we are

We sought to travel long and a far

Beyond a million dazzling stars

We crossed the new divides

To go beyond the spirtual side

And it’s all we ever dreamed

And it saved humanity

Spreading love, light and peace

We finally achieved

The transcendending of all belief

And then becoming one

Among the stars.

Hello here I am


Hello here I am

Can you hear me?

Can you see me?

Flying universally

Sailing through stars

And orbiting moons

Here I dream of everything

Here I am can you see me?

I am here can you hear me?

Hello here I am

Here in space

Living in a dreamscape

Hello here I am

Can you see me?

Can you here me?

Come join me.



Jelly fish was up on the beach to other day

Forty for blighters there they lay

Spineless and quivering

With their tentacles coloured grey

I thought that looks like a political party on display

Washed and useless their time has expired

Unlike this true story I tell because

I do no admire these bunch of grey suited liars.



It’s two o’clock in the morning

I am not looking forward to a new day dawning

I am sitting in the darkness unable to sleep at all

Thoughts a racing around my head

And I cannot seem to still them

I focused on my breathing

But nothing seems to be working

And I am in so much need of sleep

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I could weep

This time of night is so lonely

I’ve done all the things that people have told me

I just cannot seem to sleep

Insomnia is really plaguing me

Not matter what I do even if its counting sheep

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep

I think it’s life that is unsetteling me

My life is not how I wish it to be

It’s all work and not much fun

I ache badly when the day is done

And what I am paid doesn’t cover everything

Maybe that’s why I am wake at two in the morning

Maybe this is a sign maybe a warning

Change your life and feel less stress

Not easily done but easily said

But maybe it’s still true in the end

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I can’t read t my head

It’s two o’ clock in the morning and I am wide awake in bed

I cannot silence any of the voices in my head

And may its all down to stress

This could be the reason why

It’s two o’clock in the morning

And my eyes are open wide.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

A step back in history

A step back in history

Took a step back in history today

Went on a journey to the stone and the iron age

To see how Vikings and Anglo-Saxons existed

Brutal though it was it was also interesting

To see hiw thru built their homes

And how they crafted so many thing s

Intruiging how with basic tools they were fashioning

All sorts of jewelry, clothes and houses

It was a fascinating insight into a largely unknown past

Although we have the relics uncovered and excavated

There is still so much we do not know which leaves everyone frustrated

But it keeps people studying and trying to find out more

About the ancient ages for ages of yore.

Evolution or creation


Evolution through the species

Aspects of this are flawed to me

Creation through Adam and Eve

Has similar flaws also to me

I think and honestly believe

Science has no clue about the creation of you and me

It’s just trying to find the most credible theory

So many questions go unanswered

So many aspects just don’t fit

Which is why we should not attach to their posturings

Which is why it’s important to question everything

Two sides divided by religion and science

Two sides positing flawed ideas

Don’t get caught falling for either

Discover the truth for yourself.

The path leading to the promise land


I walk the straight and narrow

I follow the light

I walk the path of truth

The path of right

I walk a path of kindness

The path of love and compassion

I walk the path with my eyes wide open

I walk the path that’s mindful

I walk the path of peace

All of the paths we walk

They are unique

This path we walk

Is ours to see

That leads us to the land of

Our hopes and dreams.

Bye, bye


Bye, bye girl

Bye, bye dreams

Bye, bye love

I can’t believe

That it’s bye, bye now

To everything we had

You took everything

But I don’t mind that

Bye, bye heart

Bye, bye happiness

Say hello to sadness

And to loneliness

Hello tears how are you

Hello heartbreak

I don’t know if I can

Push on through this

Bye, bye lover

Bye, bye friend

When you walked out the door

The love story came to an end

When you left

The love song it stopped playing

Now its just sad songs playing

From now on.