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A kingdom of mighty halls


I traverse the mighty halls of kingdoms unknown to man

I realms of dreams and dimensions that beautifully astound

I mighty corridors I walk and hear sweet echoes

Of lullabies and songs that are long forgotten that speak of hero’s

I walk in footsteps of legends and men of wisdom

I pay homage unto these giants of yesteryear and days of yore

I look for answers to why they disappeared

At a time when we are in most need of them to aide us

Against these desperate days that no assail us now

In halls of legendary men and Go.ds I now find myself dwelling

In a home of kingdoms mystical and magical redemption.

Amazon burning


Trees burn
So does my heart
Tears flow
We need to play our part
Corruption and greed
Because of this forests burn
So our focus must turn
In extinguishing not just the flames
But this in power
Who must be held to blame.
Indigenous people forced to flee
Because of the burning of trees
The cattle men come, threatening
Killing activists who try to stop them
The Amazon ancient and eldritch
Of natures creations, this is the greatest
It represents earth’s heart and lungs
Use your voice regardless of foreign
For this is a global catastrophe
So let’s make a stand you and me
In environmental unity.

They could not shut us down


Some call it vexation

Others call it redemption

I don’t know if there is an exception

They try to shut it down

So we bust it down

I keep it on the low

I never claimed to be perfection

I never stated anything

But my life is lit

It’s this way because that’s how I want it

They tried to shut me down

So I just bust them down

Now ask is that right

And they could never justify this

So now a new force started

And so I had some reason to hope

Maybe they could better cope

But they were just like others

And they tried to shut us down

But we refused to be shutdown

Which caused them major vexations

but we ignored all their protestations

and we strived.

They mostly come at night, mostly


Monsters, they mostly come at nights, mostly

and when they do. they wear suits and smoke cigars

they crave not blood but money and power

and they seek control and exploitation,

they hide in the corridors and the shadows

where none but them can go, to hatch their schemes

to work out their sordid plans

that will reek havoc and mayhem across our lands.

Twilight is not a time for regret


Twilight time and the day it nears an end

What did you do today to make a difference

When the night time rolls in and the stars roll out

You will wish that you had done more, without a doubt

At the end of everything and when we judge ourselves

You won’t be able to kid or decieve yourself

Because nobody knows us more than ourselves

And the opportunities we missed to aide ourselves or our planet

And everything else that lives, crawls, walks and swims uponit

So search you heart and search your soul and make the biggest conscious effort

To make a change and do a whole lot more

So that each time you see twilight comming you can rest and relax

Knowing the you made a difference knowing that you made a change

Knowing you took the opportunities to act

And discovered the contentment yo always lacked

And you now feel good.

Blessing life


Blessing your life

And the fact we exist

Blessing this earth

And everything we share it with

Blessing all with love

Everyone we meet

Blessing a life of sharing

Not one of greed

Blessing a life of non violence

And living in peace

This is the greatest gift

We can give ourselves believe me.

I am so green


Green grass and it verdancy
Green leaves in trees surrounding me
As I feel the sensuality
Of colliding together erotically
In a forest on the ground where no one sees
We rise and fall in pure ecstasy
As we moan and writhe and plead
I pleasure you, you pleasure me
Half undressed it seems hard to believe
That we can be sharing each other so openly
The perspiration and the effort made to please
Disguises the dishonesty about the truth is known by me
That your married to someone else
But in this moment I could not care
Until she told me next time he wants to be there
Watching me seduce you any where and everywhere.

The path of peace

The path of peace

Shutdown negative beliefs

Bustdown on hateful speech

Show no vexation to those you meet

Embrace the multicultural differences

For we are all one and need unity

And this will set us on a path of peace.