Selective science


The double slit experiment

Was interesting and more relevent

In many of today theories

Showing that light as an energy

Shows the capacity for free will

Which amazes science still

To the point it struggles to comprehend

And clings on tight to traditional theories to the end

How can we evolve and transcend

If science rejects what it cannot comprehend

Right now we do not know everything

In fact we hardly know anything

When they cranked up the Cern Hadron Collider

They thought they knew the answers

Only to find out that neutrino’s are like light but only faster

So they go over it again and again

As they think the results were insane

But it’s hardly a suprise they learnt something new

Is not this the purpose to discover things they never knew

Meanwhile they search for dark matter

Though many times their research ends up in tatters

Their is no real proof it exists

But in their minds they believe it to be realistic

They select what they want to fit

And what they don’t they reject and leave it

In the same way they went with Edison, when they should have chosen Tesla

This is the history of science and it could have and still can achieve more

If was only to open new doors to new theories and thoughts.

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