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Spiritual is beautiful

When acted out so dutiful

When love and compassion are embraced

When we share equally each day

When we manifest ourselves within the energy

Of our conscious frequency waves

Rooting ourselves in stillness of mind

And let inner peace carry us away

For spiritual is being kind and aiding those who find it hard

It’s about judmentalising over anybody

And understanding we’re all on a par

Nobody is superior and nobody is less

Spiritual brings out in us, our very best

Spiritual is connecting to the universal unconditional love

Spreading peace and happiness

In these times which are so tough

Spiritual is you and me, one race, one family

Spiritual is one love that fosters unity.

My ocean of love


You glisten like a still lake

You have a depth to match,

You flow in aquamarine beauty

And yet have many subtle ripples to your act

I see yoh still when at peace

You’re like a maelstrom when enraged

I swim in your sea of love

Immerse myself in the soul of you

I could easily happily drown in your essence

You are an ocean of pure wonderment

And I want to be soaked and drenched by the heart of you.

Pretty as a colourful bloom


Delicate petals

So colourful

Shimmering in the sun

In the afternoon

What a beautiful

Glowing bloom

It reminds of you

In the way you look and move

Perfectly formed by nature

I wish to nurture you to greater

Yet I am not trying to over state you

And your amazing to me

When you fly free

Then I know just then

Your beauty is best when let go

So that it can breathe and grow

So your beautiful blooms can grow

Then you will dazzle the world

And everyone will know

Just how much I love you so

Then in all your nature I will see your essence flow.

Breathing love


I breathe in fearing to breathe out

I stifle a scream and a shout

I want love over hate

I want it to dominte

I want love to fill my days

I want love in everyway

So badly that it hurts

I have so much love I could burst

I take this love to church

That’s what it means to me

Come share this love with me

And we will be free to dream

I shout and I scream

Come and enjoy this love

It’s so frustrating I just want to breathe

Love in very single thing

That I do.

Maybe one day


I want to get on with you

I do all I can do

But it seems to make no difference it’s true

Every time I talk it seems

You just bite back and just be mean

Everytime I off you peace

You tear another piece off of me

And I’ve no clue why?

Your words are so cold and dry

I offer friendship in truth

But you rebuff me and it makes me wince

Am I missing some kind of link

What did I do, what did I say, to make you act this way?

Maybe one day, you will change

Maybe one day the sun will shine again

Maybe one day we’ll see friendship and love displayed

I will hold on, I’ll be brave

And just hold on and hang on in there

I’ll hang on, and hope happiness we will one day share.

We can be unique yet share unity


My hopes

My dreams

They are unique

To me not you

Use your own mind

To dream and think

Yet we can bond

And share unity

For we’re all equal

For we’re all love

We need to seek

What is enough

And that is the ultimate truth.

I am strong


I am strong

And I am mighty

I am love

So I burn brightly

I have self belief

I back peace over war

I sponsor love over hate

I choosing sharing over greed

I promote kindness

Living compassionately

I am strong

I am mighty

I am love

TV hats why I burn brightly

I am a spirit and I am light

I follow the path

Of goodness and right.