Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme humPeace of mindConscious stillingOm mani vajra guru padme sidi hom Good health be your blessingMay all be free of sufferingMeditate on a mountain topMeditate on a crowded streetFocus on your every breathLet your thoughts fade and passStay aware and alertTo all things going on around youOm mani padme humPeace of mindConscious stillingOm maniContinue reading “Om mani padme hum”

Lights and action

Lights shine bright Lights go dim You chose how bright Your light is shining Will it blaze iridescent Will fail in even being luminescent Will it light up life in awe and wonder Or will it fail to irradicte the shadows in darkened corners Light energy is what we truely are So shine as brightContinue reading “Lights and action”

Mysogynistic society

We think foolishly That women’s rights have improved massively But Trump, Epstien, and so many more Prove money and privilege puts you above the law In so many places abuses continue on Upskirting, groping and harassment the list is long Still the establishments mysogynistic ways are prolonged By a society that never punishes these wrongsContinue reading “Mysogynistic society”

Sussed or bust

What’s the answers, where’s the truth These are thoughts that can obsess me and you What does it mean when we talk about love? What does it mean when we talk about peace? What are the real true meanings of these? What do you understand them to mean? Is love something that you percieve asContinue reading “Sussed or bust”

Self service

There’s nothing more important than the self Outside of it nothing exists Except the cognitive mind that was built on illusions Domesticated thinking and delusions We search for answers we already know We get distracted by the sociatal show Slaves the the matriarchal flow What is it you really want to know? The meaning ofContinue reading “Self service”

Be the one who does

We seem to live in a world of obligation Taught to do the things the way others want us too Education takes away critical free thinking It Instills a mindset of following every rule Even those of the establishment the same is not true But you have your own conscious mind So do what youContinue reading “Be the one who does”

Nature is true power but is not our enemy

Mankind thinks it has so much power Go witness the sea when in storm rage And ask yourself that question again Can we really think we have power over nature in any way When it can take us down a nd take us out no matter what you may say Nature is the most powerfulContinue reading “Nature is true power but is not our enemy”

Unbreakable love

My love for you cannot be bismerched Or defiled and defamed by those who spread jealous gossip Our love we share is much to strong for their lies We fell in love in the momentary meeting of eyes Instinct told us and the universe showed us That we are twin flames The like of whichContinue reading “Unbreakable love”

Social denigration

Within certain sections of society I see a real denigration of everything An arbitrary mutilation of all that’s good Defaming and defiling as if they never understood The meaning of conscience and all its precepts Immutable it care a whole lot less It’s discernable to me that in this society The antagonistic nature causes othersContinue reading “Social denigration”

Enlightened beings

We try so hard to be enlightened beings We seek it everywhere external in the world around us But we don’t see that we are born this way But somehow we get distracted from this truth along the way And we learn and become less than we are When we adopt negative thoughts and actionsContinue reading “Enlightened beings”


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