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Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum
Peace of mind
Conscious stilling
Om mani vajra guru padme sidi homĀ 
Good health be your blessing
May all be free of suffering
Meditate on a mountain top
Meditate on a crowded street
Focus on your every breath
Let your thoughts fade and pass
Stay aware and alert
To all things going on around you
Om mani padme hum
Peace of mind
Conscious stilling
Om mani vajra guru padme sidi homĀ 
Good health be your blessing
May all be free of suffering.

Lights and action


Lights shine bright

Lights go dim

You chose how bright

Your light is shining

Will it blaze iridescent

Will fail in even being luminescent

Will it light up life in awe and wonder

Or will it fail to irradicte the shadows in darkened corners

Light energy is what we truely are

So shine as bright as the North star

Don’t hide your light, don’t let it fade away

Step into the sun don’t dwell in the shade.

Mysogynistic society


We think foolishly

That women’s rights have improved massively

But Trump, Epstien, and so many more

Prove money and privilege puts you above the law

In so many places abuses continue on

Upskirting, groping and harassment the list is long

Still the establishments mysogynistic ways are prolonged

By a society that never punishes these wrongs

Until there is a hue and a cry but the victims are already great

Because individual women’s voices are silenced by the state

And it is only when the voices are many

Action is taken begrudgingly in a hope it may appease

But not because any men in power care about changing anything

Which is why it continues unceasingly

We need to put an end finally to mysogyny

Because women are more than just a sex toy thing.

Sussed or bust


What’s the answers, where’s the truth

These are thoughts that can obsess me and you

What does it mean when we talk about love?

What does it mean when we talk about peace?

What are the real true meanings of these?

What do you understand them to mean?

Is love something that you percieve as a deep rooted essence within you and me

Or something that represents a romantic sugary fantasy.

What is peace is it the stillness of mind the moment between two thoughts not easily defined

Or is it just the quiet we achieve within all the chaos of life all around us

That we may find in a moment while riding the bus

Ignoring all life problems wondering what’s all the fuss

Believing in what’s going on in the world is nothing to do with us

As we lose ourselves in muscis, you tube and our mobile phone lust

Tell me what you believe in do you think you’ve got life sussed

Or are you simply just waiting on the moment it goes bust.

Self service


There’s nothing more important than the self

Outside of it nothing exists

Except the cognitive mind that was built on illusions

Domesticated thinking and delusions

We search for answers we already know

We get distracted by the sociatal show

Slaves the the matriarchal flow

What is it you really want to know?

The meaning of life, well look to being kind

Help and serve others all of the time

Because you find more happiness than you do in material things

Sharing compassion, love and kindness to other human beings

And to all other of life’s species

Fills you with an innate wonder difficult to be seen

And when we realise that we are nothing but light energy

Formed in a vortex creating and dreaming different realities

That are onky real in your own conscious being

This can be ultimately far more freeing

Because then you start to understand your real self

And being your own authority requires accepting nothing else

Truly actually matters because all that is, is simply is

Nothing more than this because nothing else exists

Because this nothingness is existentialist

And these thoughts come from a mind that’s intuitive

And it’s that intuitive mind in which we need to connect to

Lose yourself in cognition and you’ll be a victim

Who becomes essentially a slave to the rules

That defines you and everything you do, around what they instilled in you

Breakout of this domesticated thinking and see the real truth

That love, kindness and compassion will always lead to

Happiness within a consciouness that contains the true reality

That dwells deep within the root and core of what you are

Energy that comes from a place so far

We cannot remember and that’s bizarre.

Be the one who does


We seem to live in a world of obligation

Taught to do the things the way others want us too

Education takes away critical free thinking

It Instills a mindset of following every rule

Even those of the establishment the same is not true

But you have your own conscious mind

So do what you want to do

Use your own mind and make your own moves

Impinge on nobody else’s rights of freedoms and be authentic to you

And create yourself a life that represents your truth

Don’t be just fodder for workhouse or a target for a gun

Show us all that light and love and be the one who does

In a world where people say I cant

Because others say that’s not the way that things are done.

Nature is true power but is not our enemy

Nature is true power but is not our enemy

Mankind thinks it has so much power

Go witness the sea when in storm rage

And ask yourself that question again

Can we really think we have power over nature in any way

When it can take us down a nd take us out no matter what you may say

Nature is the most powerful force on this sphere

And we are so inconsequential that is clear

Go out in the storm and feel the force of the wind

See the driving rain and and then think again

When the land on which you live is flooding

We are impotent to control or hold back nature

Yet we continue our quest to be rapers

Of all of earth’s resources out of monetary greed

And we will not stop or think of questioning this belief

So we are unbalancing our eco systems and nature destructively

And of the consequences we pay no heed

So as the ice caps melt and we witness the rising of the seas

You may want to start believing what it is we see

An increase in climate change that will effect humanity

And we will not be saved by mankinds fancy technologies

Nature took out the Fukushima nuclear power plant with ease

Nature is something we can’t defeat and it’s not the enemy

It our life support system and we should treat it with more care

Or this future will evolve and grow but mankind will not be there.