Love is within


We live with stress and troubles on our mind

We walk around with mind chatting constantly driving us wild

We lose the reality of what living is about

And of our own existence we have serious doubts

We lost the love see

And we’ve lost the belief

We are so busy manifesting externally

We lose track of our inner love and spiritual being

Cherishing ourselves is something we no longer believe in

We think only those who we meet

Can reaffirm the love in you and me

But they can only see what you resonate

And most of the home that’s a n empty space

We lost the love see

And we’ve lost the belief

We’ve lost our way in the stormy life seas

We embrace the need

That for us to believe

That we are loving beings and if we don’t we feel grief

We’ve lost our way

We are created and born from love

And that should be enough for anyone

So start believing and manifesting love within

And resonate it outwards and hear the universal choir sing

As you become a pure and radient light being.

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