You can still be free with me


Free to do and free to be

I see you flow in full beauty

I see how you attract a crowd

You resonate love as if shouting out loud

Your essence and aura shines

Your spiritus l being us so divine

Would I want to cage, control you possess you make you mine?

No, I want to watch and see you fly

I want you to be uncaged and free

I want others to bd in awe at your beauty

I want others to know how pure is your love

Witness you as an angel who descended from heaven above

I only want to see you happy

Smiling in a sun that’s dappling

Down upon you in all your glory and grace

Trusting that you’ll come back each day

To where your heart is and that’s with me

This is the reward for watching you be free

Not many others you know would fo this I believe

Which is kind of unique and why you’ll always come back to me.

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