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Unbreakable love


My love for you cannot be bismerched

Or defiled and defamed by those who spread jealous gossip

Our love we share is much to strong for their lies

We fell in love in the momentary meeting of eyes

Instinct told us and the universe showed us

That we are twin flames

The like of which may never come again

And they think we’re vulnerable because I won’t lock you in a cage

Gilded and golden and hidden away

I am not a believer in in controlling how you act or what you say

You’re a bird of freedom who can handle birds of prey

Who try to destroy the love that we have found

You fly among the clouds and mountains

Not stranded on the ground

And that’s because your spirit is divine and totally sound

We forged something unbreakable and that’s something I cherish

We will still be going strong long after all the gossips have perished.

Social denigration


Within certain sections of society

I see a real denigration of everything

An arbitrary mutilation of all that’s good

Defaming and defiling as if they never understood

The meaning of conscience and all its precepts

Immutable it care a whole lot less

It’s discernable to me that in this society

The antagonistic nature causes others to bleed

Those who foster hate inculcate constantly this notion

They persistently agitate to cause division an enemy

Which creates two sides locked in animosity

This section of society does not want or believe on love or peace

It just want reoccurring animosity

It makes for a sense of power in their minds

Causes varying degrees of destruction of mankind

Then they raise their heads and offer salvation

Say they can be the saviour of all nations

The impertubability that they often comes out of greed

And goes against conscious solemnity

If we are going to defeat this and grow positively

We have to learn to be our own supreme authority

Existential, consequential and arbitary

Learn to question everything

And focus on rooting out social negativity

By countering the narrative from the establishment belief

That people are best and most easily ruled when divided

Send these men and women who treat us as social periahs

Back into thd shadows and back into hiding

For standing up for goodness, kindness and what is right

Should see us become leading lights

No people to be mocked by the twisted few

Who want everyone to buy into their anachronistic views

That saw them in past times enslaving me and you

And that’s what they hunger for and what they are trying to do

Gaining mastery and superiority over us and we won’t be able to choose

Any form of future that will be decided by the corruptible few.

Enlightened beings


We try so hard to be enlightened beings

We seek it everywhere external in the world around us

But we don’t see that we are born this way

But somehow we get distracted from this truth along the way

And we learn and become less than we are

When we adopt negative thoughts and actions along our path

We need to stay true to our authentic truth

Those feelings of instinct that you get at right

Deja vu moments show that we’ve been here before

And so if we focus on them, then we can be sure

To learn the lessons that our past lives are passing on

Synchronicity is trying to guide you along

Why you are trying to be something you’re not, youre blocking this

So trust in yourself and seek within

You will see you come from a place and are already enlightened

Spread your love, compassion and kindness

For if we pass out of this life into darkness

We at least would have left our mark on this life

By living it in a way that is both good and right.

Deep into you


I touch your hand

I kiss your lips

In this moment

You are everything

I look in your eyes

So deep I dive on in

In this moment

I have found the perfect

State of loving

As we connect on spiritual wings

As we fall deep into the blessings

Of two souls become one twin flame

Come take my hand and we will fly away

Where sunsets and your beauty never fades.

No surrender


I surrender to nobody and nothing at all

And it wears me out but yet I stand tall

By my own beliefs,thoughts and principles

That I created and are mine alone

I stand and fall on being me

I am not controlled or domesticated mentally

Everything I believe you see is unique

And I don’t need anyone and won’t force them to agree with me

That’s the difference in the lives that we lead

And though it can get cold and weary

And though it can be a path long and lonely

I tread it with all my honesty

Because that is me authentically

Be case use br my own existential self is what truly defines me

A believer in being my own authority

I need no God’s or Masters to lead me you see

For I live in my own conscious reality

And that works just fine as I breathe

The finest air of self mastery

Fir I live the life of balance that is rooted in love inside of me.

Since our conception


Since the time of our conception

We been the problem but that’s not our perception

So we continue searching for answers within this self deception

And think someone will lead us to the promised land

Through the means of various elections

But until we wake and use our conscious reflection

To put us on the road of a truer correction

We will only continue in the same direction

Of living life with little or no protection

Thanks to the rules and laws laid down by those with connections

Who’s only loyalty is to societies wealthier sections

As they divide and cut us apart as if performing vivisection

While we follow like sheep into global cultural and economic selection

Where the poor will die and the wealthy will claim

A new world of suprior natural selection perfection.


Truly you are the world to me

You are the ache and yearning that burns

Deep within my root and being

I can’t get enough of you, so believe

You make head spin and I go dizzy.

You are what always turns me on

My desire for you is so strong

Your deep eyes fill my heart with joy

And you have a swagger to match that body, oh boy!

You look so damn fine

So good I want to make you mine

But I can’t own you and I know why

An angel like you is so divine

That you loving just one person would be a crime

And I am one of the few that understand

So if you need to share love, you can.

You have a nature so kind and sweet

You make my heart skip a beat

The sexy way you walk and sultry way you talk

You the perfect love that I’ve always sought

Graceful in life, but wild and passionate in bed

Prim and proper and always at your best

When walking down the street or when you need

But behind close doors that’s a different story

You know what you want

And you know what you need

And you demand it all, take it all, you get so greedy

And that blows minds with a body like yours believe me

And with your spiritual mind

You take it to heaven so divine

Is it any wonder that I want you all the time

Put your trust in me, you’ll always be wanted but free

Put your faith in me and I will always be here for you

But without suffocation, for I will always give you room to breathe.