Of miracles and love

It was the season that was best It was the season of the worst It was duality in action It as a consciousness reaction It’s a life lived within the light It was a life lived in the dak It was everything manifesting It was despair transcending Yet it was the season of miracles ItContinue reading “Of miracles and love”

She has needs

She needed a tender kiss It had been to long since the last time She needed to feel special, to be wooed It had been to long, she need this soon Or she would lose it all, or she would fade away She wanted to be touched in a certain way She wanted to playContinue reading “She has needs”

You’re the epitomy

You lift me up with a simple kiss Your the meaning in life I’ve come to miss When you’re not around, or with me Your beautiful looks they make my day It seems like eternal summer days When you are right here, beside me And everything that you are And everything that you do LightsContinue reading “You’re the epitomy”

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament Tried to kill the members of the government He was caught and hung, drawn and quartered But now being far more thoughtful I think his deeds were understandable All government fails us in everyway Let’s fight for love, peace and anarchy today.

Coffee shop dreaming

Eyes meet in a coffee shop An awkward smile with a hint of warmth And a connection is forged in a moments glance Story conjured within the mind How we talked and laughed and shared some fun Before we went home together and sensual deeds were done Oh! How we made love all night longContinue reading “Coffee shop dreaming”

Dark love

I walked under the dark sky Underneath a pumpkin coloured super moon I walked the dark crooked path Up towards the dark crooked castle I climbed the dark shadowy stone stairs And entered the darkened doorway To find you laying there in a dark ebony dress Your lips so red your complexion so fair AndContinue reading “Dark love”


Labrynthian corridors They are mazes of our minds Shadowy figures leave us feeling blind Monsters and men are lurking As the subconscious is hurting Darkness harbours silhouettes As we manifest and elect To bare our spirits as we expose our soul Through these archaic corridors we wind In a search of times yet to beContinue reading “Labyrinthian”

Colliding with stars

We collided with the stars But it did not do us harm Instead we caught some of their light And as a result we shone so bright We flow with frequencies We resonate by vibrating We are surfers of the cosmos realms Journeying on a meteoric helm Guiding our way in a way that overwhelmsContinue reading “Colliding with stars”


Words matter.

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