Sacraficial chant


Chant of the tribe

Sacraficial rite

Under a blood moon

Beyond ordinary sight

Coalescing of the stars

Multiverses folding in

A melding between all our kith and kin

Rain is pouring down on us

Judging if we’re right and just

Chant the sacraficial mantra

Seeking spiritual lust

The night is as dark as ebony

But we can cast a light

To discover our salvation

Beyond the sight we trust.

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  1. Giggle and twirl, my skirt billows out. Holding my hands, we collapse in the sand. Breathless from laughing at our own reckless playing our dreams that we meant anything. An abandon of souls, abandoned on sol. We want to give joy so they never need know the cruelty of those who gave unto us and made us what we weren’t.
    I just myself, adjust my worth. Adjunct my self, adjudge my sylph. Adage of son, adapt of dottir. Abrupt interloper, sunder and sever attention seeker.
    Whoa dude. Thank you. That’s quite curious and intriguing what this has brought out of me. Cool.

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