Monthly Archives: Oct 2019

Sparkling as one


Perfection is not required

In a flawed world in which we live

Love though is a vital feeling

In a world that is lacking in anything

And has become so immune and uncaring

Yet we we sparkle together as if one.



Labrynthian corridors

They are mazes of our minds

Shadowy figures leave us feeling blind

Monsters and men are lurking

As the subconscious is hurting

Darkness harbours silhouettes

As we manifest and elect

To bare our spirits as we expose our soul

Through these archaic corridors we wind

In a search of times yet to be defind

I study the synchronicity signs

Within the labyrinthian designs.

Colliding with stars


We collided with the stars

But it did not do us harm

Instead we caught some of their light

And as a result we shone so bright

We flow with frequencies

We resonate by vibrating

We are surfers of the cosmos realms

Journeying on a meteoric helm

Guiding our way in a way that overwhelms

Yet our love was strong right to the end

And to all, with all my heart I send

It in waves to everyone to feel

In a way they know is real

And it feels so good me.

I reached out


I reached out my hand

It was a hand of help

But maybe you were to blind

Or just too stubborn to see

And you did your own way

But that was flawed philosophy

Damaged by life and all that had been happening

And I can surely relate to that

But you either get strong or get weak and then crack

You chose the latter way and now your life’s all over now

Your cards have been folded please leave the table

Leave and just walk away, find your strength

And find away to get back up again find

And faway to your self belief and headspace

in order to be powerful once again.

You are wise yet


Don’t doubt your wisdom

Don’t doubt yourself

Don’t doubt your faith

Believe in everything you are

Believe in your instinct

And live from your heart

And keep the light burning

Within your soul

And resonate love

Throughout your being.

Journey of discovery


We come so far you and me

Walking an arduous journey

Over mountains and through streams

Crossing plains, deserts and seas

But we kept it together and held on

We stomached the weather and stood strong

Because this is what real love is about

Dedication without any doubt

A belief we won’t let each other fall

Always ready to catch each other

And pick one another up off the floor

Through all of our traverses and all the pain

Through all the angst and tribulations

We helped each other to heal again

Because is not that what defines love

Always doing more rather than j it st enough

Keeping the faith in one another

As free spirit being but also as twin flame lovers

Giving each other space, trying not to smother

This is a defenition of two star crossed lovers

Out on a journey to discover

All that they can learn about each other.

Big rock


I sat staring the big rock

Listening to the clock

Going tick tock

And it just would not stop

Unlike the rock

A once rolling stone

It gathered no moss

But now it stands like a monolith alone

A sentinal to life over looking all

I sit here and study it in the autumn fall

As the clock keeps marking time

With its tick to king beating out

It’s incessant melodic rhyme

And it just keeps penertrating my mind

While I feel the moss growing thick on me

My conscious travels freely

As I remain seated here.