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Love, the meaning


Love is an unlimited void of bliss and happiness
It stirs the heart and pumps the blood at intense speeds
Love is unconditionally there forever even through the deepest heartbreaks
It never leaves, for its part of you, it is in large part what you’re made of
It illuminates the soul so bright, embraces our being so very tight
It’s not just that sugary sweet thing, that makes your heart sing
It’s a joyous deep felt empathetic intense being
That when unlocked you feel for all you meet
Love is the greatest and most powerful thing existing
Within your life so embrace it and use it and stop resisting
This is love, for love is everything.

Do you agree?


Let’s get down and let’s get dirty

I won’t hurt you so please don’t hurt me

Let’s get dangerous and let’s get frisky

Let’s play games that some see as risky

I’ll please you, if you’ll please me

Let’s be open, let’s be free, agreed?

Let’s bring change, let’s all party


Set it up and put it down

Welcome here to wicked town

In fast cars we’re racing round

Or reciting poetry so profound

Open mic’s and open love

Singing songs of rebellion and doves

We go out to party and hit the town

We base our protests on the solid ground

Save the planet, save our souls

That’s our mission that’s our goals

We stand strong and we are bold

All as one, within one fold

Spiritual people have hearts of gold

Rooted in the past ancient and old

Full of wisdom and full of love

We love to sing, patty and dance

This is what makes our lives enhanced

Join our good times and take your stance

Don’ ever believe or be told you can’t

Be free to do and free to be

Don’t let anyone ruin our party

The party where we celebrate love, peace and change

Using empathy to win the day

So as a humanity we can rise up again

And bring about a paradigm shift and a brave new age.

Reject the hating


There are people hating out there

These kind of people they do not care

they enjoy violence, guns and warfare

These type of people do what we wouldn’t dare

Ideologies that we’d never share

That’s why it’s vital we connect to love

Give it an overabundance it can never be enough

Stand up for peace in the face of their violence

Refuse to push us into fear and silence

Wicked are their ways and hateful intent

We choose to turn our backs on this out of common sense

We choose unity and a connection so intense

That we share the power of higher frequencies

Leaving behind the war like belief.

So fill your days with love and light

Refuse violence and the urge to fight

All come as one and be as one

Share the spiritual life and keep moving on

And keep the love flowing in the sun

Make love your power and your number one.

The power of love


The power of love is strong

And it’s vital so hold on

To the energy that it brings

To the happiness feeling

And when you feel your heart singing

And your soul is shining bright

Know within you is the truth

Love is always there you

And can never fade away

Just focus on it and embrace

Unconditionally loving each day.

Bathroom ghost

Bathroom ghost

She was the victim

The victim of a psycho

A victim slayed

Within a motel bathroom

By a man obsessed about his mother

The two people never knew each other

Now she’s just a lonely bathroom ghost

Haunting the minds of those that know her story

And Norman Bates is now known as the psycho

But both of them are more than this

They represent a movie hit

The imaginings of Hitchcock’s mind

Both created by design

Janet Leigh the bathroom ghost

Norman Bates the psycho

And as the blood is washed down the plug hole

They haunt our very brains

And creates the fame

That was created in that bathroom scene

Norman Bates and Janet Leigh

Hitchcock’s thriller nightmare scene

Rendering them as bathroom ghosts

That memory is the one

That always will be remembered by most like me.

Picture and prompt courtesy of steffthecat



I lost my mother

I lost my father

I lost my daughter

Do you not think I know loss

So you say I may lose you

I am the master of loss

So I will cope if you threaten to leave

Though I’d prefer you not to go

But there is something you should know

I will whatever you decide, cope.

Staying strong for me


I found myself alone

I found that you had gone

Did you expect me to crumble

Did you think it would break me

That I’d end up on my knees

Did you expect me to stumble

I have to be strong for me

I have to stand upon my own feet

And weather this storm you sent me

Upon that day that you decided to leave

I must keep hold of my self love

And believe I am good enough

To find another love again

For I can’t be weak enough to left you break me

I have to be so strong for me

It was not me that made you leave

I have to know I am perfectly

Alright with being me

Because it was your choice to walk away for reasons I can’t see

So I must keep hold on to my love and self belief.

Whatever you need

Whatever you need

If you’re hungry I will give you succour

If you’re tired I will be your pillow so you can lay your head

If you’re in need I will be there for you offering what I can

If you’re lonely then I will be there for you

And give you love and hold you by the hand.



What’s more important, is it substance or style

What’s more important happiness once in a while

Do you let someone suffer for your own needs

Delay any action until it becomes a painful end and bleed

Do you blind someone else if they tell you it will increase what you see

Do you blind yourself rather than witness the obscene

Do you keep quiet rather than be thought of making a scene

And suffer genocide, oppression or slavery

Do you give up creativity in the name of academia

Is all that’s important to you, is how others see you

Is it more important that everyone believes in all you say and do

Or are you happy going your own way and staying strong to what is true

are you more concerned with what’s happening outside

Rather than the amazing being that is within you