Love, the meaning

Love is an unlimited void of bliss and happinessIt stirs the heart and pumps the blood at intense speedsLove is unconditionally there forever even through the deepest heartbreaksIt never leaves, for its part of you, it is in large part what you’re made ofIt illuminates the soul so bright, embraces our being so very tightIt’sContinue reading “Love, the meaning”

Let’s bring change, let’s all party

Set it up and put it down Welcome here to wicked town In fast cars we’re racing round Or reciting poetry so profound Open mic’s and open love Singing songs of rebellion and doves We go out to party and hit the town We base our protests on the solid ground Save the planet, saveContinue reading “Let’s bring change, let’s all party”

Reject the hating

There are people hating out there These kind of people they do not care they enjoy violence, guns and warfare These type of people do what we wouldn’t dare Ideologies that we’d never share That’s why it’s vital we connect to love Give it an overabundance it can never be enough Stand up for peaceContinue reading “Reject the hating”

The power of love

The power of love is strong And it’s vital so hold on To the energy that it brings To the happiness feeling And when you feel your heart singing And your soul is shining bright Know within you is the truth Love is always there you And can never fade away Just focus on itContinue reading “The power of love”

Bathroom ghost

She was the victim The victim of a psycho A victim slayed Within a motel bathroom By a man obsessed about his mother The two people never knew each other Now she’s just a lonely bathroom ghost Haunting the minds of those that know her story And Norman Bates is now known as the psychoContinue reading “Bathroom ghost”

Staying strong for me

I found myself alone I found that you had gone Did you expect me to crumble Did you think it would break me That I’d end up on my knees Did you expect me to stumble I have to be strong for me I have to stand upon my own feet And weather this stormContinue reading “Staying strong for me”

Whatever you need

If you’re hungry I will give you succour If you’re tired I will be your pillow so you can lay your head If you’re in need I will be there for you offering what I can If you’re lonely then I will be there for you And give you love and hold you by theContinue reading “Whatever you need”


What’s more important, is it substance or style What’s more important happiness once in a while Do you let someone suffer for your own needs Delay any action until it becomes a painful end and bleed Do you blind someone else if they tell you it will increase what you see Do you blind yourselfContinue reading “Priorities”

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