Gasoline Jane

Gasoline Jane

Gasoline poured onto the fire

Raising the temperature higher and higher

Incandescent it burns white hot

Don’t venture to close at any cost

See the ignition, see who lit the flame

She was the one, Gasoline Jane

She was the one that knew no shame

Had spent too long locked up in chains

Used and abused but now free again

Beware of the ravaged beauty called Gasoline Jane

She is so fiery, she’s so hot,

Mess with her at your peril and your own cost

She’s a real temptress but also a shrew

Made that way by the way she was abused

Gasoline Jane, full of fire and flames

She is likely to burn you time and again

But some may say that it is worth it

but lets see if they still believe that when they are burning.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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