Monthly Archives: Dec 2019

This years end


Twenty nineteen

Thanks but you’re done

Now it’s all about what’s to come

In twenty twenty

It can be about pushing on

Sharing love and being strong

Happy new year to all my friends

At the precipice of this year’s end

Wishing you peace, good luck and cheer

I am so grateful that we shared art here.

A love being


I live quintessentially

In existential love

My heart beats in time

With the wings of the peace dove

Bringing inner calam

To my everyday mood

Yet beating to a rhythm

Of the universal groove

I feel the love flow through my blood

I see the stars shine brightly above

I understand the connection they share

That make my mind consciously aware

As it triggers a synchronised flair

The universe and I share an intense affair

That’s the reason I am kind and I care

Which is why for those close to me I am always there

My being is love and it resonates peace

My mind is aware and my eyes always

How to act and behave in a way that is kind, so believe

This now what preoccupies my mind presently.

I write….


I write from my heart

I try using my head,

I write about love

Because it flows through my blood,

People say it’s outdated

And I will never get on,

So how is then

Everyone craves a love song,

To many promote war, hate, division and fear

And greed is the new vibe that’s clear

But I don’t subscribe to any of this

So why would I choose to write it

To earn some kind of lucrative bucks

I’ve never had money anyway

So why would I give a fuck

The odds are stacked against me

But I’ll stay true to me

And firm to my beliefs

So I will continue to write about love, kindness, peace and equality

Because all these things, well they mean much more to me

Like cleansing our world environmentally

For future generations, so that they can live healthy

In a world that nurtures nature

And that turned its back on greed

So let’s get planting these seeds

Writing these messages are really pleasing and most important to me.

New Year message


Another year comming to an end

A new year dawning sadly tainted,

By the way society is becoming

But I still live my life without umbridge,

Choosing to be kind, rather than being right

But being kind within this life,

Will always turn out to be inspired

While those who do wrong never see any light,

Yet from the shadows and the dark

They still believe that they are in the right

And they’ll hurt just prove their point

But I’ve learnt if you try to educate them they won’t,

Listen to anything that you have to say,

So why waste your time and energy on them anyway

Your just wasting words and waisting your breath

But I still wish them all the best,

Because in this new year we have to learn to forgive and forget

With our enemy we must learn to break bread.

So make this new year, one of new cheer

Not one rooted in divisions and fear,

Hold kindness to your heart so dear

Make love the way it should appear,

A manifestation of everything that’s good

Happy new year to all and everyone, regardless of your neighbourhood.

The dream


The dream, some people say, of love and peace

Is only, some people say, something that is utopian,

Only seen through rose tinted glasses

So that means, it gives some the right to be haters and to be mean

Too wrapped up in negativity, that they fail to see

Anyone can share in this dream

And though you may think it’s utopian

You and me can make it turn into reality

We just have to want it enough and focus on the positivity

That anything can happen

When you set your mindset on this belief.

Only seen through rose tinted glasses



The foundation of kindness

Is love and a good heart

With compassion and tolerance

Not too far behind

This foundation when rooted well

Lasts through out the times and helps us heal

It manifests light and transcends our lives

Opens out minds and keeps us wise

Leaves us living a happy fulfilled life

Expands our knowledge and our foresight

Good strong foundations are key to longevity

Helps us weather the storms and furtilze the seeds

Of spiritual attainment and transcendancy

And keeps us from harm in our hour of need.



Go in hard and positive

But then embrace what is a gift

Feel the flesh and enjoy this

Taste the nuance of a first kiss

Gentle now and subtle flows

Easy now as it goes

More tender now hear the moans

This is better than you’ve known

Let the feeling grow and grow

To a point your ready to expolde

Put on an awesome show

Then never ever let that euphoric feeling go.