This years end

Twenty nineteen Thanks but you’re done Now it’s all about what’s to come In twenty twenty It can be about pushing on Sharing love and being strong Happy new year to all my friends At the precipice of this year’s end Wishing you peace, good luck and cheer I am so grateful that we sharedContinue reading “This years end”

A love being

I live quintessentially In existential love My heart beats in time With the wings of the peace dove Bringing inner calam To my everyday mood Yet beating to a rhythm Of the universal groove I feel the love flow through my blood I see the stars shine brightly above I understand the connection they shareContinue reading “A love being”

I write….

I write from my heart I try using my head, I write about love Because it flows through my blood, People say it’s outdated And I will never get on, So how is then Everyone craves a love song, To many promote war, hate, division and fear And greed is the new vibe that’s clearContinue reading “I write….”

New Year message

Another year comming to an end A new year dawning sadly tainted, By the way society is becoming But I still live my life without umbridge, Choosing to be kind, rather than being right But being kind within this life, Will always turn out to be inspired While those who do wrong never see anyContinue reading “New Year message”

The dream

The dream, some people say, of love and peace Is only, some people say, something that is utopian, Only seen through rose tinted glasses So that means, it gives some the right to be haters and to be mean Too wrapped up in negativity, that they fail to see Anyone can share in this dreamContinue reading “The dream”


The foundation of kindness Is love and a good heart With compassion and tolerance Not too far behind This foundation when rooted well Lasts through out the times and helps us heal It manifests light and transcends our lives Opens out minds and keeps us wise Leaves us living a happy fulfilled life Expands ourContinue reading “Foundation”


Go in hard and positive But then embrace what is a gift Feel the flesh and enjoy this Taste the nuance of a first kiss Gentle now and subtle flows Easy now as it goes More tender now hear the moans This is better than you’ve known Let the feeling grow and grow To aContinue reading “Euphoria”

Mentally insane

Bethlehem hospital Known as Bedlam Sited in London Hiding the insane At least that’s how the story went People who suffered Disorders of the brain Beaten many times Right up until death But changed their policies To something else Frontal lobotomies Became all the rage This is a tale of a very dark age WhenContinue reading “Mentally insane”

You to me are home

I need to rest my head Can I rest it on your chest So that I can feel the warmth Of your smooth satin flesh I can feel and savour Your caressing breath And I lay here aching For what may follow next I feel your heartbeat racing Hoping for the best You are homeContinue reading “You to me are home”


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