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Ploughing a furrow of self destruction

Ploughing a furrow of self destruction

we are ploughing a furrow of our own destruction

Sowing the seeds of human extinction

Overpopulation and exploiting resources

We are running out of time and there’s to many discourses

It’s time to stop talking and a time for action

Time to make a change and to bring about renewable energies

Time to go green and for humanity to come clean

We need to save and replenish our environment

And the biggest way to do this is controlling how we breed

Along with stopping pollution and cutting down trees

But humanities growth and it’s inexhaustible greed

Should make this our number one priority.

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We wander Samsara

In the tradition of Dhama

And enter the realms of Naraka

Travelling to the realms of Avici

There like in Dante’s vision of hell

We find subtle layers and some can’t help but dwell

There are many distractions and temptations to be found

Deep in the levels found below ground

As we wander the passages and the caverns and caves

These temptations will try and trick and sway

Us from the path on our journey through

To reach the Shambala our home and our truth.

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These memories will remain


Colourfields of flowers over meadows of our dreams

Landscapes stretching out beautifying nature’s themes

And within the midst of all of this I see a heavenly choir sing

And it reflects and resonates all my fondest memories

Of days with you in the summer time heat where we frolicked and played

And I wonder now what happened to these halcyon days

Maybe just like Icarus I flew to close to the sun

Or maybe I was like Sisyphus pushing the weight of uphill but came undone

But I do not hold anything against you because I have these memories

And I thank you for stimulatingy imaginings

That are rooted in love, light and happiness

These days spent I’ll never lose and I will always love you.



Sailing through stars

Universal sojourning

Tripping light beams

Waves of frequencies rolling

Prisms of light bouncing

From galaxies across the void

Transdimensional travelling

Astrally navigating plains

Of cosmic dreams so insane

Reverberating in my brain

It carries me do far away

Deep into time and space

Leaving only memories in my wake

That’s all there really is.

Creative mind


Light up the universe like a fire work

With your imagination and creative work

Show them your ink or your paint art

Show them your acting or singing craft

Show them that creativity lights up the dark

And meditate on this and dwell in solitude

And let the spiritual inspiration flow through you

Raise your ffrequency and feel the vibration hum

Keep on working it so masterpieces then get done

Light up the universe like a firework

And demonstrate your value and true worth

Within your imaginatio├▒ creative work.

Dockside sunset

Dockside sunset

Sunset in the peaceful twighlight hour

Sky of purple, pinks, set the sky on fire

Final birdsongs ring out as if to say goodnight

I bask on the dockside in the dwindling beautiful light

Soft ripples roll in and round as boats bob up and down

I sit here meditating on dreams do profound

If only this peace and appreciation for nature can be found

In everyone across this globe I think happiness and joy will abound

Full of gratitude and love enough to heal as well as soothe.

The lone writer (reprised)


She was lonely
Even though married
Companion he was not,
Somewhere the passion
Had been somehow lost,
She needed some tenderness
A soft touch and some caring,
She wanted something risque
Something a little daring,
She needed her pulse beating
She needed those loving hands feeling
She yearned and was appealing,
For spontaneity to light her up
To come along the way
The mundane day to day
And being taken for granted,
Just was not enough no more
And she could not stay silent
But utterance may cause hurt or pain
She knew not what to do,
Suffer and restrain her own needs and desires
That may set her being on fire,
Or tell him just how she feels
In hope that telling him may appeal
To his sensitive side so that he may understand,
Or fly into a rage of hurt ego and refuses to understand,
Should she just do what she desires on the quiet
And hope he never knows,
She was so unhappy with this loveless life
And was caught upon a crux,
Unsure what it is that she should do,
She sat and pondered this predicament,
Lonely and confused.