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Scared cold and shivering

Heading off to a new land

Not knowing what to expect in the end

Hot tired and scared

Locked within a metal box

Split up from your family

It takes an awful lot

To be driven to such extremes

But others don’t seem to care

They’ve no idea just how much you are scared

Heading to lands where you know not the language

Treated as illegal aliens by those who did the damage

To your country and your way of life

They all think they know but in fact they don’t

They should be welcoming and warm as well as helpful but they won’t

But I just wanted you to know, when you’re scared you’re no alone

My thoughts like many others are with you always

See there are people out there who care

And from you on your journey we all pray.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Time to own it


It’s the to own it

Take responsibility for it

Be your own authority

Live life existentially

Seize every moment

See the synchronicities

Take the opportunities

Act out your life inspiringly

Never be afraid to share your love

Don’t hold back from saying what you think

Always stand up and fight war not wars

Create an environmental planet that our children can be proud of

Clean air, clean sea and clean earth for furtilizing seeds

And speak out for peace and equality

Own all these things and you can be happy

Know that you made a difference

And that you inspired change

You may only be s tiny light

But you burn like a white hot flame

So never be afraid to own your authenticity

Own that shit it’s yours as manifests uniquely

Be the one to blaze a trail of consciousness awakening

Among your friends and family for we are all just one

One race, one humanity, created from love

Own this moment

Own this life

Own everything that you will do
And everything you’ve done.

No way back


No way back

And no way home,

I keep your picture

In my mind zone,

It inspires and motivates me

Raises me high

To be more than I can be,

You’re my love

And you’re my muse,

When I am lost

I always think of you,

It drives me on and that’s the truth

That picture of you it gives me proof,

That I’ve something to strive for

Something to fight for,

Something at home

That I would die for.

Witching Hour


It’s the night of the witch

The night of the lost soul

The night of the succubus

Who seeks to get hold

Of all that it is you possess

This enchanted night

Seeks not to bless

But to take what is not theirs

But to steal or corrupt

It’s the night of the witching

Of the sorcerers lust.

One person


I am just one person

I am one soul,

I live through my heart

Not through mind control,

I use my conscious awakening thoughts

I am a person who’s always sought,

The answers to questions

That are difficult to find,

I seek to be compassionate and to always be kind,

I fight for issues important to me

Stopping all wars and environmental beliefs,

I am not worried, about what critics say

I live my life, in my own way,

I don’t follow the mainstream

I walk my own path,

I embrace the light and keep clear of the dark,

I am a person who focuses on peace and on love,

I think that goodness and doing right is more than enough

Despite having a hard life

And never having too much

I show gratitude even when down on my luck,

I am a person flawed and never perfect,

I am just one soul with a spiritual connect.

Closed minds


Closing minds

Eyes wide shut

Brainwashed by times

Closing minds

Never seeking answers

Feeding upon what your fed

Closing minds

Drinking all the poison

Never seeking reason

A life of self treason

Closing minds

Following without asking questions

Mindlessly being controlled

Living just from habit

Never from hear, mind or soul

Closing minds

Eyes wide shut

We live always in the past

Or in tomorrow

The present is simply missed

I am filled with so much sorrow

For you and your closed mind

Controlled and manipulated

To live a life of greed and hating

Within the negativity of a closed mind.

Journey to peace and bliss


The pure and still moments in life

Are those that we should cherish

Where we feel inner peace

And the elemental bliss of being

Those are the moments we are free

Free from stress and everything

Where only breathing now exists

These are wonderful and amazing times

That fill and flood our conscious mind

Where we become all that is defined

As love and light that’s so divine

This is living by the spiritual design

Of being compassionate and being kind

So focus your energies on this

And find the door your eternal peace and bliss.

We call this love


Under a cloudless sky

Under a warming sun

I spend my time with you

And we enjoyed such fun

Our hearts they were combined

Our love was unrefined

We share special moments

That are beyond design

We lay on green loamy grass

We hold hands as time passed

We share a tender kiss

This is a present bliss

That we call love.

Killing for pleasure


How far is killing an animal for pleasure

From killing another human being

Is this a trait to be worried about

Is it a warning sign of a person’s bent

Is the killing of an innocent defenceless animal

A release for their true desires that lay within

I trust nobody who kills for pleasure

There is something seriously wrong with them

You ask me they are dangerously twisted.