Worst day

This day, the one you chose To walk away and go, Was the hardest and most painful Day that I have ever known, The storm came over And you were no longer, The love we had that was once more bolder No longer burning bright, I simply smoldered now Before it took its final bow,Continue reading “Worst day”

No chains, no control

Whatever it is you think Whatever it is you know It’s all been instilled within By those not always rooted in truth That’s why we have to question Everything we have learnt History is written by the victors And victors write history how they wish it to be seen That’s not always reflective of realityContinue reading “No chains, no control”

Out of present mind thinking

My mind it wanders Through forests of intrigue, I disappear down wormholes At ever accelerating speeds, And I ask hard questions Like what is the authentic me, And do I strive hard enough To be living the extentialism dream, Yet through all this, I never lose focus I am always so conscious, Because it’s importantContinue reading “Out of present mind thinking”

Big glossy city lights

The lights of the city shine brightly In a neon blazing shimmering haze Everything appears so glossy The streets seem to be paved with gold But behind the grand visage hides depravity and evil In shadows and anonymous buildings Illeagal acts take place All forms of crime and corruption Where the vulnerable and the innocentContinue reading “Big glossy city lights”

When all hope is gone

When all hope is gone When it has disappeared into the eternal abyss of despair And the chill wind goes to the marrow of your bones And fear is all that dwells within your soul And the truth is your heart is cold as ice Your mind is numb and dark lacking a creative nuanceContinue reading “When all hope is gone”

Inside your head

What’s that in your head Those thoughts so self destructive Those thoughts so sad and morose They cause you do much hurt and pain I wish I could ease your insecurities Teach you how to feel the self love I want to show you how life could be By looking through someone else’s eyes SoContinue reading “Inside your head”

Head over heels, spiritually

A kiss of your spiritual lips had me Sharing all your inner peace lured me A moment of your conscious awakening Sent me head over heels Your beauty and grace has real appeal Your creative mind to me is so sexy I am in awe of your compassionate aura You are all and everything WhichContinue reading “Head over heels, spiritually”

Love is greater

My love is greater than me It’s in every particle I breathe In every molecule of my energy Love is so much greater than me It’s on my conscious state of being It’s in everything that I am seeing It’s the luminesce deep within that I feel Love is so much greater than me It’sContinue reading “Love is greater”


Warfare, warfare Why do we dare To waste good life Sending so many to their deaths Warfare, warfare Waged without a care By those who govern But who’d never dare Lead from the front line Lead the glory charge Warfare, warfare No empathy or heart No compassion for the innocent who die Very few tearsContinue reading “Warfare,”

Feeling creation within

We live infinity in a moment Marvelling at every aspect of life’s wonders We see the beauty in all that exists Feel the blessings of the spiritual touch And an appreciation of nature of which we lust Thirsting for its amazing breathless wonders Painted by creative artistic minds which can see The touch of theContinue reading “Feeling creation within”


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