Monthly Archives: Jan 2020

Worst day


This day, the one you chose

To walk away and go,

Was the hardest and most painful

Day that I have ever known,

The storm came over

And you were no longer,

The love we had that was once more bolder

No longer burning bright,

I simply smoldered now

Before it took its final bow,

And I watched as you walked away

And felt my heart start to break,

This is by far my worst day.

No chains, no control


Whatever it is you think

Whatever it is you know

It’s all been instilled within

By those not always rooted in truth

That’s why we have to question

Everything we have learnt

History is written by the victors

And victors write history how they wish it to be seen

That’s not always reflective of reality

So think outside of the box and critically think

Push your imagination beyond the brink

Don’t be swayed if others mock and call you mad

They question nothing which is truly sad

Be bright and light be compassion and love

Be open to all things and feel the consciousness touch

And manifest and awakening

Within your mind, heart and soul

Break free of the societal chains and all forms of its controls.

Out of present mind thinking


My mind it wanders

Through forests of intrigue,

I disappear down wormholes

At ever accelerating speeds,

And I ask hard questions

Like what is the authentic me,

And do I strive hard enough

To be living the extentialism dream,

Yet through all this, I never lose focus

I am always so conscious,

Because it’s important to me

To know why I am here,

And the purpose that I serve

And if I really belong here,

And if I am worthy and being the true me

So as I spinning and as I am tumbling

I see the lights of creation so dazzling

I hear the sounds of the universal chorus singing

I feel the frequencies of cosmic energy tantalising

And I realise my life is about conscious awakening

Which is the journey I should continue to follow

Not just for today but for tomorrow

Take that trip out of your present mindset

And take a trip into conscious reality.

Big glossy city lights


The lights of the city shine brightly

In a neon blazing shimmering haze

Everything appears so glossy

The streets seem to be paved with gold

But behind the grand visage hides depravity and evil

In shadows and anonymous buildings

Illeagal acts take place

All forms of crime and corruption

Where the vulnerable and the innocent are the prey

Where desperate and lost people do what they need to each day

Stealing, stripping and prostitution, anything that pays

Behind the bright city neon lights of the city

Nothing ever is quite as it seems.

When all hope is gone


When all hope is gone

When it has disappeared into the eternal abyss of despair

And the chill wind goes to the marrow of your bones

And fear is all that dwells within your soul

And the truth is your heart is cold as ice

Your mind is numb and dark lacking a creative nuance

Leaving only bitterness, spite, envy and pain

I will stick around to help you discover light again

To realise that hope still exists within the very fabric

Of those who truly cherish it.

Inside your head


What’s that in your head

Those thoughts so self destructive

Those thoughts so sad and morose

They cause you do much hurt and pain

I wish I could ease your insecurities

Teach you how to feel the self love

I want to show you how life could be

By looking through someone else’s eyes

So that looking from the outside in

You would see the light and feel the warmth

If you could see the beauty of the real you, it may change you

May reveal that the destructive nature is not true

Just a reflection of what society instills within

In a subliminal way unconsciously

Covering up the authenticity of your true self

Damaging your mental health and deluding you

Into believing a false truth that you are somehow not worthy

Not the beautiful miracle crafted from stars and energy

I wish I could replace what’s inside your head.

Head over heels, spiritually


A kiss of your spiritual lips had me

Sharing all your inner peace lured me

A moment of your conscious awakening

Sent me head over heels

Your beauty and grace has real appeal

Your creative mind to me is so sexy

I am in awe of your compassionate aura

You are all and everything

Which is why I want you to love me equally

In the same way I love you and your spirituality.

Love is greater


My love is greater than me

It’s in every particle I breathe

In every molecule of my energy

Love is so much greater than me

It’s on my conscious state of being

It’s in everything that I am seeing

It’s the luminesce deep within that I feel

Love is so much greater than me

It’s always a part of my dreams

It’s resonates through nature’s beauty

It’s a universe manifesting cosmically

Love is so much greater than me

Come share it and you will soon see

Love is greater than all of our needs

Love is truly all and everything

So much greater than you and me

And multiplies through our unity

So let’s all come together and let the love be our belief

Let’s all love unconditionally.



Warfare, warfare

Why do we dare

To waste good life

Sending so many to their deaths

Warfare, warfare

Waged without a care

By those who govern

But who’d never dare

Lead from the front line

Lead the glory charge

Warfare, warfare

No empathy or heart

No compassion for the innocent who die

Very few tears shed by a despots dry eyes

Warfare, warfare

Brutal and callous

Do out of madness and out of malice

They care nothing about faith

They care nothing about colour

These warmongers just crave the murder and death of others

Warfare, warfare

It’s not sanctified by Christ

Warfare, warfare

The disposer of lives.

Feeling creation within


We live infinity in a moment

Marvelling at every aspect of life’s wonders

We see the beauty in all that exists

Feel the blessings of the spiritual touch

And an appreciation of nature of which we lust

Thirsting for its amazing breathless wonders

Painted by creative artistic minds which can see

The touch of the creator and all of the angels

That formed the colour and light of our dreams

I hope to savour it always and feel it deep within the soul of me.