Definition of foolishness

So many people So opinionated So sure their right Beyond any doubt But then fool believe That they know it all Have all the answers They’re so right Everybody else is wrong Crosses boundaries Of old and young Yet the first step Towards wisdom Is accepting that You actually know Absolutely nothing And all youContinue reading “Definition of foolishness”

Purged (science fiction)

Did we delve to deep, were we blind to everything,this this why we are, where we are today, on the brink of destruction, the precipice of extinction, is this why they made plans for us to leave, and look to colonise a new planet B. We were warned but we did not heed it, madeContinue reading “Purged (science fiction)”

The plague that is knife crime

He rides his bike, through the tough streets of London, late at night, armed with a knife, this young black man, with hoodie up and quiet, looking to get home, with a constant threat of violence hanging over him, from being in a gang. He was closed to home when assailed by four others, dressedContinue reading “The plague that is knife crime”

Don’t cause hurt

She wanted more, and she worked hard, but her boss didn’t seem to think she was smart, but he liked her looks, he liked her curves, he said she could get what she deserved, if she treated him nice, which just wasn’t right, and all the other women, they just got mad, because she hadContinue reading “Don’t cause hurt”

No matter what, you will pay

He had money and he had power, he had everything at his finger tips, he could have any woman he wanted, he was generous with his tips, he was the life and the soul of the party, popular in so many quarters, he had the life that most people dream of, yet there was somethingContinue reading “No matter what, you will pay”

Demonic visitation

It was a dark time, and in her dark mind, she lived in house that was dark by design. In this place she felt the chill of the paranormal, heard whispering voices, and muffled screams. This was how when she moved in, she hoped it would be. She loved everything that was weird and freakyContinue reading “Demonic visitation”

Nature, so colourful and gay

A sunny winter’s day New blooms on display Daffodils bright and gay Snowdrops and bluebells Cover in a carpeting array And it really makes my heart lift And blows all negative thoughts away I love to stroll through nature On a sunny winter’s day.

It’s all gone

You give me nothing but silence Leave me so cold it feels like violence, You treat me as no more than a guest Leave me feeling less than second best, Cut me down each time I speak Any connection now is beyond reach, I don’t think you even see me Which is why I thinkContinue reading “It’s all gone”

Higher powers

I bow down to higher powers Out there beyond my ken, In the vast universe, in which I send All of my conscious thoughts While rooted in meditation, I stay focused and alert while dwelling in nothing But stillness and breathing, That helps me find inner peace I am the spiritual and I feel itContinue reading “Higher powers”


Words matter.

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