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Fight for a future


As they try to destroy our future

Our fate is in our own hands,

As they pollute our beautiful Earth

With their fucking plastic brands

Is it really hard for you to truly understand,

They don’t want to depart from dirty fuels

And dirty energies,

Because there are to many fingers in those pies

And they belong to powerful and greedy,

So they promote climate denial

While at the same time playing along,

But don’t be fooled by corporations

That say they have your well-being at heart,

They’re all about the money

If they say different then they’re having a laugh

Cutting down the trees and5 creating higher co2 emissions

They know what they’re doing

But good luck with finding their admission

Beef farms are expanding

But that’s not good for all of us

In your future don’t place within their hands

Any of your fucking trust

They do not care about anything other

Than their profit margins

And what looks good on the profit sheets

Meanwhile half the world is starving

And a large part of the rest is currently flooded or burning

Yet they still insist that climate change is wrong and they continue denying
All the science

And all they really want from you is your ignorant compliance.

No sanctuary, where eugenics flow


No sanctuary,

No place to hide,

In a world

Of negative eugenics,

Judgement gone wild,

Where those of lower classes

And certain ethnic creeds

Are singled out for deselection,

And only the superior can breed

For sterilisation

Of women with wich some believe,

Are carrying inferior genes

And those of low IQ

Also are deselected,

Not wanted in a world

By the fascist regimes we elected,

And all the time they say

It’s humanity being corrected,

It’s nazi Germany again

But this time we are not protected,

They are comming after those

They’ve decided to be flawed,

They’re trying to create a master race

But it’s all a fucking fraud,

For it would be made within the image

A white supremacist sham,

And the imaginings of a racist, misogynistic clan,

And there will be no sanctuary,

There will be no place to hide,

When it’s us this time loaded on to trains

Saying our last goodbyes,

And if you believe you may fit in, to their plan

And that you fit their master race

Then you’re delusional my friend,

And your faith and belief is truly misplaced

All that I can say is this non science is a disgrace,

No sanctuary,

No place to hide,

Where eugenics is rampant and wild,

No sanctuary,

No place to hide,

Those who are planning this are primed

And ready to go.

Who are the winners


Who are the winners

Those focused on the prize,

Driven to win at all cost

While others who felt the same,

Couldn’t stand and see others

Falling along the wayside,

So stopped and offered a caring hand,

Foregoing the prize,

And that’s alright,

For the reward from helping others is everlasting,

Yet the prize they started chasing after in the beginning

Lasts only until the next race has been run.

Hoodlum of love


Some people crave diamonds, some crave guns

Some crave greed like an addiction

These people at their core suffer the defilement of corruption

But that’s no me for all I crave is love and saving our environment

I am a hoodlum

A hoodlum of love

I am a hoodlum

A hoodlum of peace

I know what it takes and how strong you got to be

So here is a word of advice to those who want to fuck with me

For I reject violence, for love,

And I reject your wars for peace

But I can overpower you with my intellectual superiority

But trust me when we meet within the heat of battle

My strength will be all encompassing.

Centrifugal balance


The centrifugal core of all of our beings

Revolves like one big vortex continually spinning,

It’s there to keep us even, there to keep us balanced,

So why do we work so hard at knocking ourselves right off our axis,

Why do we open up ourselves to all kind of mental harm

When what we should be doing is embracing love and calm

Stop involving ourselves external and beyond our control

And when we learn to do this we will then grow and then evolve.

Negative words destroy lives. (Homage to Caroline Flack..RIP)

Negative words destroy lives. (Homage to Caroline Flack..RIP)

Harsh words

Toxic message,

Wounds like bullets

Hiding behind words,

Does not absolve you

It won’t take the guilt away,

Negativity has its victims

And their blood is on your hands,

And you laugh

And then you mock me,

Because you do not understand

That sharing love,

And promoting kindness,

Means never knowing that regret

Of the guilt and the shame,

You own now by the words you dealt

Think long, study your conscience,

And I hope you sleep well

For the hurt and pain,

That your words caused

Their blood there on your hands,

And it never be washed away,

This is the price you have to pay.

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The neighborhood of hard knocks


I walk these dimly lit

Rubbish bag lined streets,

Walls covered in graffiti

Rats running here and there

A neighbourhood of such despair,

Where very little people from outside care

Where life is cheaper than the drugs being sold there,

And we wonder why there’s so much crime

Wonder why violence is intertwined,

But equality is not part of capitalisms design

Do people keep there nose to the grind,

While having to live in dirt and grim

This is a tragic way to have to live life,

A terrible way to spend their time

As they slip ever more, always behind,

Down in to greater poverty

Down deeper into greater despair.