Monthly Archives: Mar 2020

Anglo Saxon dream


Big man with the swagger and ignorance defined

Women are the object of his mind,

Black men and Asians commit all the crimes

He truly is a fool by design,

Bangs on about superior white pride

His arrogance and discrimination he can hide,

Homophobic in thought and deed

He thinks he the big man from Anglo Saxon seed,

Truth is it’s a delusional day dream

He is full of hate and a real need,

To reinforce his own ego and his self doubt

Which in times of exposure he screams and shouts,

To drown out the fact he is just a thuggish lout.



No hubris resides here, maybe intact the opposite

Of this I am sure and often this I posit,

In my faith and universal truth I do deposit,

The love and the light of a life divine

I sit here contemplating my conscious mind,

Aware and awakened by all that is

Reality is the place I shall live,

Not in the lost mind of ego and pride

I all my spiritual being be my guide.

Sunset beauty


She had the beauty comparable to the the most stunning sunset,

I could gaze at her all day and as I sit dreaming,

Of walks along the sand and sitting under starlit skies,

I get lost falling into her amazing eyes and I can’t lie,

She occupies the whole of my time

She is the substance that dwells deep within my heart and mind,

Her class and grace shows her to be refined

She has a strength that I am inclined,

To be drawn to, as if synchronicity has implied

That she is the only one for me,

And I can only hope that she agrees.

Speak your own words, from you own thoughts


You can quote from Bakunin, Mao and Marks

If you think like it defines you as some bright spark,

You can spill words from right wing fascist doctrines

If you think that somehow it makes you a superior being,

But the truth is you are just repeating others words

Which is self defeating,

Speak with your own words and be unique

Discover your own ideas that you then speak,

Left wing, right wing is all pretty much the same game

Try to step out of the box and think in a different way,

Many of these ideals led to murderous horror stories

The killing of the innocent for ideological glory,

Killing over politics,

Killing over colour,

Killing over philosophy,

And religious dogma,

Words can kill and lead to hate

Use your own words in impeccable ways,

Don’t go repeating the same mistakes.

Racist, anti-Semites just repeating a megalomaniac mantras,

Choose a higher level of philosophical stanzas,

Choose love, peace and harmony as your own words and thoughts,

Don’t be indoctrinated by those from who you were taught,

Don’t listen to the crazy governments who seek to control

And send you off to war because they’ve got no soul,

Use your own power and your own conscious mind

And manifest a belief structure that is uniquely self defined,

Created from your newly cleansed and unpolluted mind.

A lesson taught?


Has this period of time taught us a lesson?

About globalisation and overpopulation,

Has it not taught that the future is in healthy eating,

No more seeking to extinct exotic species

No GMO’s but organic food policies,

Take out the chlorinated chicken

And keep it natural and fresh,

And instill some form of birth control

To reduce how much further mankind grows,

Invading habitats where animals roam

We are reaping what we sow,

Nature harnesses food which is grown

Out of the soil full of nutrients,

And can offer us endless nourishment,

It didn’t put animals here for us to eat

So many of them like birds and bats carry so much disease

And it goes into our food chain in which we eat,

Leading to us dying of a viral contagion epithete,

Learn these lessons and mankind may come out of this clean,

Cleaner than before, through managed birth control,

And nurturing nature, and eating healthily

Eating fresh and organically,

Not eating Frankenstein food grown genetically,

Modify our lifestyle and population

Will see us reducing down the epidemics and disease,

And we can discover new dawns and new horizons.

Tic toc, march to the clock


Tic toc around the clock

We have to work it never stops,

Putting money in the rich man’s pocket

Grateful and for the wage at the end of it,

Tic toc life passes us by

The slaves working on the production line,

Zombified and like machines

We churn out products seen on TV,

Never see the blood, sweat and toil

Of the exploited who are seen no more as

Cogs in the chain running the line,

Often working in shit and grime

Waiting for the siren signalling it’s home time,

Dark when you came in, dark when you go home

That is all we’ve ever known,

Tic toc this is out life

No other choice but to sacrafice,

Our souls to the corporate production line

And it cuts so deep just like a knife,

Work all day, sleep all night

Repeat this again, left, right, left, right,

March to time and the constant tic toc

Of the internal clock.