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You can’t take it anymore


You can’t take it anymore

The wolf is scratching at the door

How hard it is being poor

You can’t take it anymore

It beats you down onto the ground

You wear a perpetual frown

You can’t take it anymore

We are heading for an emotional breakdown

And our anger and rage it is profound

You can’t take it anymore

So maybe it’s time to go to war

Let’s go and even up the score

You can’t take it anymore

Equality is want we demand no less no more.

Live the dream


Let’s get dressed up and hit the town

Go down to the Roxy and hear the new sounds,

Let’s rock along the sickest rifts

Because music to us is such a gift,

We can dance we can sing in our own way

Those guitar and drum rhythms soon have us slayed,

Let’s go out and paint the town red

We got to live right now because we’re a long time dead,

Not many get this chance but we are blessed,

So get on your glad rags and come out with me

And let’s on with living the dream.

RIP to the NHS heroes

RIP to the NHS heroes

Come walk with me

You are heroes I believe,

Who’s lights went out

Saving others lives,

I struggle and weep

At your sacrifice,

Doctors and nurses

And all the key workers

Who’ve died saving lives,

You’re heroes to me,

Walk with me through divinity

I hope you’re regaled in majesty,

For you are what we should all strive to be,

Caring without judgement,

Healing with dignity,

Regardless of colour, faith or belief

You saved others selflessly,

Now I hope and your lights will shine brightly,

For you are heroes of our age

You are legends to me,

Enacting epic deeds,

And I struggle and weep,

Knowing you gave your life in the fight to save lives,

You are heroes and legends to me,

You will always live on and be remembered in my memory,


A night to love


Carried of on starlight dew

Cosmic ether trails to distant moons,

We seek answers from universal truths

I offer this journey to you,

Taking you to a void of magical space

Where I’ll show you how our love can be traced,

Over millennia and eons of spacial time

Singing sweet songs of mixed spiritual rhyme,

Let me take you right there one night

On a frequency of pure delight,

On a jet stream of soft air we’ll fly

And in the aspects of beauty I see reflections of you,

In this mystical dreamlike graceful hue.

Take responsibility


We are delusional blaming everyone else

Without accepting the responsibility of our actions,

Or maybe for the lack of it,

Sleepwalking through life not ever questioning

Passively accepting the life we’ve been given,

Often wretched and damaged from that hard knock life

Living in debt ridden circumstances,

As if accepting the role in their toxic drama

Degrees of living and dying on others terms not yours,

Why do we not see we stick obediently to their laws

Fooling ourselves they’re just and right,

But are actually just a blight upon our rights,

And that all our privacies taken from us

Should mean we raise a hue and cry,

In frustration and we abide by those lies,

Yet we still accept no blame or responsibility

For all we’ve allowed them to exploit and do to you and me,

Because we had the chance to choose

And we chose to the path where we were bound to lose,

Deciding to follow them and not our own path

The responsibility we shirked was broad and vast,

So the others will always get the last laugh.



Spiritual doesn’t mean persecuted

It does not mean oppress me,

Spiritual dies not mean forgiving unconditionally,

To those who still seek to cause you hurt and pain,

Spiritual means living in an awakened state,

Enlightened and seeking to cause no harm

To those who mean none to you in return,

Spiritual means finding inner peace and calm

While remaining always alert to the storms,

Spiritual is being a free thinker and open minded

Courageous enough to question everything,

Spiritual is living consciously

Instilled with self love and self belief,

Caring for others, sharing with all

Embracing all forms of equality,

Spirituality is living life freely

Not bound in envy, hate or greed,

Spirituality is staying in touch with true reality.

Everyday life


We work for a few quid

Persperation runs from our foreheads,

Blood pumps through our veins and heart

Like a runaway train at full steam,

We are tired and exhausted

Body aches as if beaten with clubs,

Some mornings I can barely rise

To many pains, hard to open my eyes,

I reach to turn off the alarm

Another day, another slog,

Another day we’ll ain’t that the charm,

Working long, working hard

Does my mind and soul harm,

Mindless groundhog moments

Pointless life of existence,

To weary for putting up resistance

Servile we are our own worst enemy

Will slaves to the system, of course we pay,

For surrendering life without much fight

In that darkness there is no light,

Why not try to exercise your mind

And reject, refuse, rebel once in a while,

Give the establishment the middle finger

We must learn not to be such fucking whingers,

And become revolutionary anarchists

Subverting systems now that’s the ticket.