Monthly Archives: May 2020

My fault


I wish I could see you one last time

I wish I could hold you and all would be fine,

I wish we could be like everybody else

And I wonder just how they manage to do it,

How they can live with the lies

Live with the lack of love and trust,

I know that it was me who did it

And there are no words how I regret it,

But at least we were honest with ourselves

And we decided that we could not get through this,

And sober gone now own separate ways

And I have to live with this every day,

I wish I could see you one last time

I wish I could hold you and all would be fine,

But I know it’s beyond all reason to hope

So I wish you all the best as I watch you go.

Truth is never easy on us


If the truth makes you feel uncomfortable then that is good

Because it makes you question what you do as it should,

Look into yourself and ask is the way you act and things you say are right,

The truth is something that will always shine a light,

On all things wrong and are not right, so don’t ignore it,

Use it to view your inner self and explore this,

And use it to make a change so that you can grow and evolve,

Don’t being waiting for a time to be told,

If the truth makes you feel uncomfortable then that is good,

Because it makes you question what you do as it should.

Debasing women kind


Some men pay with money

To make women pay with their bodies,

They use the power of cash

The oppress and it is fucking tawdry,

Perverted men expressing their depraved kicks

Women get abused and suffer due to this,

Economic, social factors driving women to their knees

Men looking for their frustrations to be eased,

Women from abuse and forced to do these deeds

Should be given priority help to get away from this,

But in a male dominated world it’s perpetuated

By men with deep depraved mother issues,

On which other women they vent their hatred,

Men who often are just one step away from being rapists,

Justify their actiond by saying they are paying,

And helping these poor women out

Without seeing the fact that these women are suffering,

Through the act that their debasing them through sex.

The rich and the powerful


Some walk through life, like ke they don’t care

Unwilling and refusing to ever share,

They look down on the unfortunate and the poor

Like they get what they deserve and more,

They exploit every opportunity to increase their wealth

And they don’t care about anybody else’s health,

Money is the only thing that really matters

While many starve, their wallets get fatter,

They say get to work or we will label you parasites

As the cut back every aspects of workers rights,

Working to make the rich richer as their wages are worth less

As the bills increase we all get stressed,

But those who walk through a life of being privilege

They don’t really care as they are on a quest,

To build their wealth and gain more power at our expense,

Don’t believe they won’t go to any lengths

To get their way and win the day it’s what their bred to do

To stand tall on the bodies of me and you.

Minneapolis is burning


Minneapolis is burning because of racial hate

Built up by white supremacists,

In a Trump divided United States

He speaks and speed vitriolic racist shit,

And threatens protesters instead of finding peace

Is the intelligent approach way beyond his reach,

The fires that are burning are not fires of anarchy or revolution,

They are fires of anger and despair bulit out of frustration,

These actions though hard too condone stem from the racist institution,

That has grown out of greed and xenophobia

And a desire for a white nation,

But America was native and black

Before the white European man arrived,

And now only a fraction of Native Americans survive,

There has never been any restitution for the slave trade

Not even an apology for treating people that way,

Being black within Trump’s America is a dangerous thing to be,

When you see innocent black men murdered on your screens,

How much more must they endure?

And why should they suffer in silence?

I don’t believe in mindless act of unacceptable violence,

But Minneapolis is burning and it’s all on Trump’s watch,

As he allow white right wing extremists killing people

And excuses this by saying they lost the plot,

He vilifies terrorism but terrorism is Trump’s way

That’s why Minneapolis is burning

Because of Trump’s white supremacist state.

Paradise lost


Up at 5am in the morning

Day had already dawned,

And the sun streamed through the window

Another day to look forward to toiling in the heat,

Another day of dealing with people

Who are rooted in negativity,

The public, the great unwashed

Very opinionated about God knows what,

Always demanding, always certain they are right

Even if they don’t know what it is that they’re talking about,

Mostly out of arrogance and a great deal of ignorance

Fortunately along the way you find people having good days,

Smiling and wishing me well

Appreciating the effort I make,

To help ensure their environment is always clean and safe,

They are a pleasure to meet but though they were once the many,

Now it’s evened out, without a doubt,

You’re just as likely to get moaned at now

Than praised for all that you do.

Then it’s home and I collapse in a chair but only for a short while,

For I am in great demand and have to run here and there,

Then it’s a short interlude watching TV,

Before it’s time to go to bed,

To get up at 5am in the morning

And do the same shit over again.

Murdered for all to see


It’s abhorrent seeing someone die

Especially when it is homicide,

And it’s carried out by a policeman

In the front of a global audiences eyes,

And all right minded people are appalled at this

But brutal ignorant people miss this link,

And refuse to condemn this act

Simply because the man who died was black,

And the leader who should set the right example,

Issues threats to those who protest, because they’ve had to much of this,

The motivation that’s behind it,

Is that the fucker is a white supremacist.



What’s with it with those who criticise

The way you look, the clothes you wear, or even your hairstyle,

Why do they care and why should the care,

It’s not like it reflects badly on them

So why do they find a need to posit an opinion,

Or even raise their feelings about how others

Choose to display themselves for all to see,

Doing it happily and confidently

As you suppress all forms of authenticity,

Afraid to be judged when seen in reality

Much rather you continue in your repressed way,

Yet behind closed down I bet you’re depraved,

Yet I won’t judge you, that’s ok to do as you wish,

It’s just a shame you feel the need to hide away

Your creative being, rather than seizing the day,

And showing us all you can radiate the same.



I wonder if some people

Have to much time on their hands,

Because even when you do your best for them

They always find a way to be criticising,

Despite the hard work put in that they don’t see

The planning and ensuring everybody’s safety,

Yet to them, the uninitiated and inexperienced

Doing what they want done is easy, isn’t it?

No it’s not that easy, no plans are needed

Cate needs to be taken so lives are not put at risk needlessly,

Just to satisfy you and keep you pleased

So save your complaining for something bigger and more worthy,

Leave us to get on with work, as you sit with your frustrated pen

Dreaming of a new thing,

Of which you can start complaining

If that gives each day you live some kind of meaning,

Then fine but from here those actions just look trivial

And waste of good ink.