Truth is never easy on us

If the truth makes you feel uncomfortable then that is good Because it makes you question what you do as it should, Look into yourself and ask is the way you act and things you say are right, The truth is something that will always shine a light, On all things wrong and are notContinue reading “Truth is never easy on us”

Debasing women kind

Some men pay with money To make women pay with their bodies, They use the power of cash The oppress and it is fucking tawdry, Perverted men expressing their depraved kicks Women get abused and suffer due to this, Economic, social factors driving women to their knees Men looking for their frustrations to be eased,Continue reading “Debasing women kind”

The rich and the powerful

Some walk through life, like ke they don’t care Unwilling and refusing to ever share, They look down on the unfortunate and the poor Like they get what they deserve and more, They exploit every opportunity to increase their wealth And they don’t care about anybody else’s health, Money is the only thing that reallyContinue reading “The rich and the powerful”

Minneapolis is burning

Minneapolis is burning because of racial hate Built up by white supremacists, In a Trump divided United States He speaks and speed vitriolic racist shit, And threatens protesters instead of finding peace Is the intelligent approach way beyond his reach, The fires that are burning are not fires of anarchy or revolution, They are firesContinue reading “Minneapolis is burning”

Paradise lost

Up at 5am in the morning Day had already dawned, And the sun streamed through the window Another day to look forward to toiling in the heat, Another day of dealing with people Who are rooted in negativity, The public, the great unwashed Very opinionated about God knows what, Always demanding, always certain they areContinue reading “Paradise lost”

Murdered for all to see

It’s abhorrent seeing someone die Especially when it is homicide, And it’s carried out by a policeman In the front of a global audiences eyes, And all right minded people are appalled at this But brutal ignorant people miss this link, And refuse to condemn this act Simply because the man who died was black,Continue reading “Murdered for all to see”


What’s with it with those who criticise The way you look, the clothes you wear, or even your hairstyle, Why do they care and why should the care, It’s not like it reflects badly on them So why do they find a need to posit an opinion, Or even raise their feelings about how othersContinue reading “Critic”


I wonder if some people Have to much time on their hands, Because even when you do your best for them They always find a way to be criticising, Despite the hard work put in that they don’t see The planning and ensuring everybody’s safety, Yet to them, the uninitiated and inexperienced Doing what theyContinue reading “Complaints!”


Words matter.

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