Breakout and find yourself

Presets that are set within By conscientious parenting, Limit us to who we can be Stifle in us the creativity, We have to learn to break that mould We must learn to question everything, We must learn to find our voice and sing Until the heavenly chorus joins in, Then we must open out heartContinue reading “Breakout and find yourself”

The ghost of you

I saw your ghost I the reflection of a mirror, I felt your presence In the vibration of the air, I sensed your passion I the heat of the room, You shared my left But you left here to soon, And now I am so alone Left in this hollow home, And all I canContinue reading “The ghost of you”

One truth

In the end there is only one truth And that is you are born from love, To express yourself, to love unconditionally You are here to learn, to grow, To be the best that you can You are here to foster kindness, To promote tolerance and compassion To connect to each other as a partContinue reading “One truth”

Keep pushing on

Give this life everything Or you may as well give it nothing, No point in going half measures Nothing worse than being half hearted, Love with a sense of passion Be compassionate and shine your light, Live as if there’s no tomorrow Live in happiness without sorrow, We’re only here for a short time SoContinue reading “Keep pushing on”

Grey lands

Grey lands in the eyes of grey men They can’t see the beauty that states them in the face, They can’t see the light and rainbow colours They live sadly in a grey place, While we frolic in verdant prismic dreams They miss out on a landscape created of nature’s scene, I love nature’s creationContinue reading “Grey lands”

She said

She said I am just trying to get by She looked lonely yet somehow on a high, Despite her troubles and her strife, She always wore a smile, though life was tough for her And she said that nothing really hurt her, Because of all the pain she had suffered Had now made her quiteContinue reading “She said”

Frosty images

Crystal images created by the morning frost Nine of its beauty to me is ever lost, I see the finesse of the spun webs How could we live in this world and not feel blessed, Of nature it’s true I very much obsessed I see the white coat covering the green grass blades, Crisp andContinue reading “Frosty images”

Said it before I will say it again and again

Fuck all corrupt government Ripping this world and societies apart, These governments who serve wealth and power Create wars that make global citizens cower, They divide so they can control The wealth of Nations they stole and sold, They then tell us the world’s in crippling debt To who exactly the Illuminati sect? The monetaryContinue reading “Said it before I will say it again and again”

You are my pleasure

My absolute pleasure is you You leave me breathless, ain’t that the truth, Excuse me for being forward and risking seeming rude But I am in awe and amazed by every aspect of you, I want and thirst for all the things you do So don’t think I am attempting at being lewd, But IContinue reading “You are my pleasure”

Give it more

Always give people what they need By planting the best best seeds, Fertilised by truth, love and honesty When we write this must be our maxim and our decree, Leave them feeling weak at the knees With words and feelings that endeavour to please, Take them to the literary peak And when you leave themContinue reading “Give it more”


Words matter.

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