Meditative ecstasy

Sitting in a cross-legged meditative state

She thought about her happy place,

She imagined a kiss upon her lips

A soft hand caressing her skin,

Imagining the prickling of the hair on her neck begin,

She felt the warmth flowing through her

The images were so vivid and real,

Imagined the hands as they began to peel

The straps from her best top and her top then sliding down,

Naked, topless and feeling liberated yet without a sound

Feeling then a hand slide gently between her legs,

She felt the touch and the sensual eagerness,

She felt the rhythm as the hand moved

Felt the need to moan, as the lustful essence penetrated through,

She no longer felt in the room but in the arms of ecstacy

The pleasure built up and her imaginings she persued,

Felt the ache of want, for her erogenous zones to be abused

In a subtle, yet tender way

These were feeling she hid, that she craved,

And as her body shook and her head spin in a dizzy blood rush state,

She felt her love flush through her and escape,

And then heard the voice speak saying ok ‘ now come back into the room

And leave that happy safe place,’

That’s when she opened her eyes

And remembered and realised,

She was not alone but in her meditation class,

She was red cheeked and flushed

And she felt the sudden head rush,

The voice spoke again ‘ good session same again tomorrow’

The others stood up and left whispering and giggling,

Did the know or did they hear anything?

The teacher smiled, ‘you certainly found your happy, safe place’

He placed his palms together in prayer mode, bowed and then left,

She was to mortified to move

But got up, legs weak and shaking,

Body still showing her heightened arousal,

She slipped out and got into her car

That was to weird and yet hot by far,

She needed to get home, spend some time alone,

Pondering on what to do, reconnect with the flow?

Or forget the moment and return to the usual mundane zone,

She would decide as she drove home.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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