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The truth will not be known


First wave, second waves

The world’s infected,

How did this happen

How are we so effected,

And how did it take so long

For it to be detected,

Where did it come from

Only the few know,

Is this a seed that governments have sown

Or is it a repercussion of our need for greed,

To devour all and everything,

And a result of our unhealthy lifestyles,

And even if the truths discovered there is no way

It will see the light of day and be placed on display,

They’ll keep it as top secret as we dig the graves

Of the victims of a pandemic that came from nowhere, one day.

Roses and violets


Roses of deep red

Violets of deep blue,

Wonderful aspects of nature

That remind me of you,

Such is the beauty

Of the natural world,

That the fragile petals

Silken to the touch,

Remind me of your

Sweet tender love.



I am tripping on life

Skipping on stars,

Tripping the life fantastic

Let’s show who we are,

Let’s radiate our light

Let’s live larger than life,

We can be sunshine again

Our lights can guide the way,

This can be our epiphany

We call sail off to eternity,

On waves of laser beams

Drifting off on tranquil scenes.

Step outside


It’s our choice to live within a place of warmth that has no love

Or step outside and discover that it’s very cold but there enough,

Opportunity to find more but it is going to be really tough,

But in the end it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone,

You can still feel in a crowd like you are so alone,

And yet you my find friendship in others who help you feel at home,

No matter where you are, or if you’ve become a rolling stone,

In search of something new and real which is why you choose to roam,

The plains of self discovery and looking for your spiritual tone,

Which we achieved makes you realise you are seldom on your own.

Your life ain’t so bad


I know you’re having a tough time of it

And I am not going to lie,

Life is tough but I have found that in my life

If you focus on other things like,

Fighting for others human rights

It can do a whole lot to put your mind right,

There you are like me thinking life can be bad

Then you look at how others live it can make you mad,

Forced to live in poverty living in starvation and slums,

Then you realise that we truly have minor problems,

In comparison to those who struggle to survive each day

Live with oppression in a dystopian state,

Where freedom peace and liberty and justice

Are all taken away at, the same

Now tell me that your life is tough

For many others it is really rough,

Now tell me your self pity is good use of your energy,

And I will tell wallowing in selfishness

And self obsessed negativity,

Is and insult to life with what in respect is luxury,

When compared to others who have to beg and steal to eat it

That form them is their daily reality,

So focus your mind and fight for them

And it will do you some good,

Trying looking out further than just your neighborhood.

Self forgiveness and change


We can change if we wish

But sometimes we must forgive,

Ourselves for our past trespasses

And any wrong we may have done,

We all have erred at some point

And left the honourable path,

But there is no worth in beating on yourself

For those flaws you showed in the past,

As long as you accept your part

And accept that you went wrong,

As long as you learnt and changed

Then it’s ok then to move on,

And forgive yourself and lead a good, kind and compassionate life,

With the goal of learning to love

And a quest to live life right.

She didn’t want him but needed him


He whispered in her ear

And then kissed her shoulder and neck,

As she made him coffee she did not expect

His hands on her waist his lips on her skin,

She did not expect to be feeling,

Aroused and sensual for they always argued

They were not even a couple,

But right at this moment he was making her weak

Right at this moment she was trembling at the knees,

His hands move round the front and massaged her breasts

Opening her top all her resistance left,

Aching for his strong firm hands to manipulate and caress,

She wanted so much what she knew was coming next

As he undid her jeans and slid his hand right in,

She felt her exstacy flowing and rising,

Her hips writhed to the rythm of the way his fingers moved,

She ground back into him and felt his sizable manhood

Pushing against her and she wanted this more.

Down came her jeans and she felt her underwear removed

He then moved her back and the bent her over,

The worktop in her kitchen under dimly lit lights,

And as she felt him enter there were no words for her delight,

And he her her whisper in her ear as he grabbed her hair,

I’ve always wanted this, I’ve often imagined you bare,

I am going to do to you what your boyfriend won’t dare,

I am going to make you fully aware

That no one can make you feel like I can,

And no one else can make you ache

Make your body quiver and make your whole body shake,

And as she felt him increase his rythm and his pace,

She could see the pleasure on her face,

In the reflection of the window in front of her,

She could see the lustful look on his face, as he went harder and faster than ever before,

He was determined to own her completely

He was determined to posses her deeply,

And as as decided to grind back into him

She knew now this was an all time best feeling,

She would not want to be with him but she would need this

Long after tonight, she would need it repeating,

She felt him as he pulled her hair back and slapped her bum

He did this persistently on and on,

And after what seemed like and eternity,

She felt him exploding and she felt her give way at the knees,

Rougher he went her energy was spent

Her whole body was now completely rent

She knew he now owned her

She would be his to be used,

She wanted this now, yet she was confused

She still did not like him but she needed, what he could do

He lit her lustful, erotic fuse,

They were both now hot and sweating

Panting and heavy breathing,

As her mind spun and she was left reeling,

Her top up and her jeans round by her knees,

She felt was so appealing

The spontenous moment in which they were dealing,

Was to much to resist as she moaned loud wanting more,

He then took her on the table and on the floor,

Never now eating dinner here would be the same

Shed always picture him here doing her this way,

And she found out this much was true the next time her and her boyfriend dined,

She could not stop these memories, flooding through her mind,

And as they did she felt the ace inside her grow,

And she felt the pang of guilt because her boyfriend didn’t know,

How much his friend had owned her then and still did now,

But she would learn to live with this someway, somehow.

Don’t think me meek


I am not so meek

I am not as weak,

As you may think

Try me, test me,

See how that works out

Understand that my words,

Can be as sharp as my bite

Though I prefer to be kind,

And I prefer to be nice

I won’t be walked over,

I am prepared to fight

For what I believe is right,

And so you can choose to be my friend and respect me,

Or you can simply do one and take a long hike.

How am I meant to process this


So you telling me

Your life is worthless,

What am I meant to do with that

You say it ain’t worth living,

Well that’s just great yeah

What am I meant to do with that,

I am there for you but you won’t talk

I am there for you but you don’t listen,

You disregard all I say like I know nothing

But you should try walking in my shoes sometime,

But it ain’t a competition

Hard is seeing people you love die,

Which leaves you with pain and anger inside,

But I respect the fact that your problems are different than mine

But I believe honestly if I can survive,

Then you can do the same, I ain’t going to lie

And if you say you want to die,

What am I supposed to do with that,

I understand hurt and pain

But I don’t understand mental health strain,

I admit that but I am sure I suffer it too

I just react to it differently to you

I get determined and angry,

You get down and sink into depression

We both struggle with the darkness,

But I strive to find the light

You seem to embrace and wallow in the night,

And the pills, well they don’t appear to be working,

But then you only taking them when your feeling disturbed,

But you’re supposed to take them all of the time ain’t you heard,

I understand for some reason your mind is hurt

But you got to decide what you going to do with that,

If all you feel is suffering

Maybe you should try to find another way to react,

That don’t revolve around wanting to die

Or attempting suicide,

I mean what are your family meant to do with that,

If you succeed then they will also crack

And they’ll suffer and be left with that

For the rest of their fucking lives,

But I aint going to lie, you don’t worry about that

Because it’s not about the harm you inflict on others,

It’s just all about the harm you do to yourself,

Sorry if this seems angry

It’s only because I care for you,

And it leaves me thinking, well what am I supposed to do with that.