Curiosity comes with a cost

He walked along the dim neon lit street

Steam rising up from the grates below his feet,

Al he could hear was the neon hum

And the sound of cats fighting all night long,

Then he heard the sound of bottles being knocked over

Somewhere in the shadows under cover,

He moved down to the source of the noise

As he arrived there he heard whispers,

The sounds of giggling girls and boys

Saw a door slightly open,

In curiosity he pushed it and stepped within

There he saw a globe glowing,

Walked over to see what it was

It drew in his vision and totally absorbed his being,

He heard it echoing something muffled

He struggled to make out what it said,

Then clarity sprung into life and filled his ears

Shocked and rocked him into fear,

The globe said ‘ it wants your as soul

And right now it’s standing behind you,’

He felt the hand with long claw like nails on his shoulder,

Glancing back he got bolder,

A hideous skull like face with teeth gnawing

And before the young man had a chance to blink,

His heart was ripped out and crushed to nothing,

In the grip of the hideous ghoul

And left in the floor in a pool,

Then in a breathe it sucked out his energy based essence

And with it his soul flowed too,

And into the globe the ghoul did spew,

And there the young man was trapped, it was so cruel.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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