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spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

Wind it up

Wind up your body like a coiled spring

Open your eyes and mind and be ready to sing

Then explode just like a supernova star

Show everybody just who you are

You’re an imperial spiritual miracle

You’re brighter than a sun you’re a vehicle for love

So wind your body up like a coiled spring

Open your eyes and mind and ready to sing

Then explode like a supernova star

And show everybody just who you are

You’re the embodiment of love

A beautiful being crafted from creation above

Once your flavours tasted you can’t get enough

Of the sustenance you provide

You are the light sing bright and the beauty in my eye

You lift my days

You drive me crazy

You’re a spiritual cosmic spirit

And if they are any voids in my life

Then your presence fills it

So wind your body up like a coiled spring

Open your eyes and mind and sing

Then explode like a supernova star

And show everybody just who you are.


We are all human after all

We are all human

We make mistakes

That’s part of living

Don’t worry

Do not be afraid

I won’t judge you

And though the others may

They’re insignificant anyway

Don’t doubt or beat yourself up

After all there are others ready to do it for you.

We live and learn by trying

Some highlight mistakes and say your failing

But the only time you fail

Is when you do not try at all

So don’t worry what the others say

They’re no better anyway

The are flawed and make mistakes too

Everything is perfectly flawed in truth.

Self righteous

Self righteous

And judgemental

Spouting out words

Of incremental pain

Designed to make themselves

Seem better than everybody else

Narrow minded

Truth blinded

They look to be seen as perfect

Superior, opinionated people

Leaving so much hurt in their wake

With callous words of condemnation of others

Even when they don’t know all the facts

Why let that get in the way

They speak without thinking

They reiterate lies without blinking

They simply scramble to be

One of the moral majority.

Maybe you should look to yourself

Before judging and criticising everyone else

Nobody is perfect we all have flaws

Show a bit of decency and mind yours.

The duality of choice

We can love

We can hate

We share light

We share dark

It’s our choice

It’s life duality

We can be rich

Or be poor

Choose peace

Or choose war

It’s your choice

In the end

In our deep conscious mind

We choose how we are defined

So don’t try to blame anyone else

It’s your life

Its you’re head

It’s your choice.

So you must get up

And you must inspire

To be good

And not bad

To be happy

And not sad

It’s your choice so you need to shine

Don’t you run stand

Stand your ground

Let peace and love resound

Round this globe

Because we have had enough wars

Be the change

Be the difference

Be the one to join in unity with us

Share the Peace

Share the love

Because we can’t get enough

It’s time for us to achieve

A world living compassionately.

We are solar

We are solar

A shining star,

We are quantum

We are cosmic,

Travelling far

We are solar,

The aliens of the cosmos

The pilgrims of space,

Discovering new galaxies

And a new species or race,

Exploring new planets

In an infinite universe

Seeking out the truth

Of the whole multiverse

We are solar.

Created to hate, not born that way

Haters are created by society

By the media and those who lead

Often convinced to carry our awful acts

Convinced to do this by untrue facts

Made to hate those that are different

Twisted understanding and xenophobic

Lacking compassion and homophobic

Gullible and falling for the media and government tricks

Based on dividing through these forms of hate

Gives our leaders to put in place

A police state

Reduce our privacy

Saying its to protect us

But the only ones who we should fear

Are those governing us.

Invisible me, always unseen

Invisible is how I feel

never seen, never heard

and when I articulate my words

things just seem to get worse

and I wish I had not spoken

so I go back to being invisible.

it does not matter if something is wrong with me

it’s insignificant it seems

when your invisible, no one ever cares

when you’re invisible

they barely notice that you’re there

and the things you have to say don’t count

discussions happen but you’re left out

when you’re invisible

you go by unnoticed and unheard all the time

it can drive you crazy, you go out you’re mind

wishing you could be seen

but you remain invisible

day after day

and as time passes you don’t care

literally just remain a ghost there

living out you life

accepting that you have no value

except when they wish to take stuff out on you

that’s when, you wish you could remain invisible

but they see you when it suits them

and ignore you when they don’t need you again

I am just a ghostly apparition.

Via: Daily Prompt: Invisible

Chakra queen


She is the chakra queen

Flowing and glowing

She is rooted head to feet

In good vibes and feelings

She does her yoga with ease

And bends and twists her body

Like you could not believe

This beautiful chakra queen

She resonates light beams

She loves impeccably

She moves with such grace

She always wears a smile on her face

She lives in a mindful state

And understands universal ways

She’s tuned into creation

She is a sensation

This chakra queen

She simply amazes me

When she winds up her thing

And shows her beautiful being

Through her yoga and dance

She has a special way to enchant

And entrance anybody who see her flow

Watch how she glows

When she let’s herself go.


Image courtesy of pinterest

Beautiful life

Beautiful dazzling

Sparkling light

Beautiful beings

Living amazing lives

I am taking about you

I am talking about me

Life can be beautiful

When we break free

And let go

Of the things that hold us down

When we wear a smile

Instead of a frown

Beautiful people

Beautiful lives

Living in the beautiful

Dazzling and sparkling light

Letting go of anxiety and fear

Letting no toxicity near

Denying negativity

And allowing us to live free

Don’t sweat on the things you can’t control

Don’t let worry infect your heart and soul

Live life by being bold

Beautiful people

Beautiful lives

Living in the dazzling, sparkling light,

Our lives can be amazing

If we just let go

We could be feeling more free

Then we ever know

But we have to let go

And live in the dazzling and sparkling light

And live an amazing life.

I say…

Some people

Live life in the grey

Live life in the shadows

And are dismayed

By the pressure and stress

And expectation in life.

They cannot seem

To find the light

So I say don’t give up them

Reach out a hand

And hear what they say

I say help them each day

As an act of kindness

Reach out to them I say

Show them a lot of support

Showing them you care

Show the a lot of love

Show them that you’re there

Be a difference in life

Don’t ignore them

And think they’re not right

We all need help sometimes

Things don’t alway go to well for you

Guide lost souls to the light

Try give them hope

And a glimpse that it will be alright

I say reach out to those in need

You never know when it could be you and me

Create a more compassionate society

I say help set them free

From the cycle of depression and fear

From the belief that they should not be hear

I say help save a life

Help people who struggle

Believe there is light

And not just shadows

And not just darkness.