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Advice on a health and safety life

I work in health and safety

Though I use my common sense

Understanding life us risky

Which is an understatement

No one can cover all the basis

To live a totally safe secure life

And to try and do this would probably

Suck all the fun out of life

So just be careful

And be mindful

And think about all you do

But don’t let the fear of life rule everythiby you do.

Via:Daily Prompt: Risky


Frisky is risky

Being frisky

Is risky

So pass me another whiskey

And don’t let your ardour

Get the better of you

Contain your amorous feelings

And all you flirty dealing

Before someone sends you reeling

Because of you sensual needing

You must learn

The meaning of self control

Don’t go on an erotic overload

Because you may misread the signs

And then all of your designs

Will send you on a one way trip to hell

Hell in a cell.

So remember being frisky

Is risky

Don’t drink another whisky

It just effects your amorous zones

And can leave you in hot water

Doing just what you know you ought not do

So just stop acting rude.

Via: daily prompt: Risky

Positivity and reality

I am a believer in positivity

But I also live in a state of reality

Seeing issues that plague our society

And looking to address them

And change them for the good of you and me.

Being positive and ignoring the problems that abound

Is being rooted in illusion

And your on very shakey ground

For this a place of fragility

And life could all come crumbling down

Unless we fix the problems

And gain much firmer ground.

So positivity is good and should be our focused away

But combined with reality in each and every day

Fighting for whats right in life

And combating what is wrong will ensure our society

Grows healthy and grows strong.

We have lost our sense of community

Have we lost our sense of community

Have we lost the love

Have we sacrificed our ability to care

Do I care to much

Should I not give a f…

Should I no longer share

But its not my way

It’s not my nature

I could not in all conscience live my life that way

So when I hear of people dying

Or suffering needlessly

I shed real tears and my heartbreak

For the loss of our humanity

And for all those in the greatest need

And I could beg and I could plead

Down on my needed knees

But it won’t change the way people treat others

In a materialistic based society.

God help humanity

When Jesus walked into the temples

And he saw the money men there

And when he saw all of the riches

He threw them all out in the street without a care

He saw the poor as the priority

And seen as money had corrupted

Those who stated that they were acting

In the name of God.

I wonder what he would make of society today

So transfixed on the money

And trying hard to make life pay

I think he would be appalled and ashamed

How little life is worth or valued today

It’s all about the riches now and all about the fame

God help humanity to change

Or are we flawed by default

To always be this way

Where we are judged on status

And how much money you earn

Or on your fame

In a messed up society today.

Offended yet?

I am tired of treading carefully

And minding my p’s & q’s,

Just in case I might start offending you,

This life we see of suffering

Hate and xenophobia

Is a world that I detest,But you have never enquired

Am I offended yet?

Well yes I am offended when I see animals shot dead

By trophy hunters who have no compassion left

And yes I am offended by vivisectionists

Who carry out pointless experiments

Time and time again.

Yes I am offended by the way you pollute our earth

And rape as well as exploit it for everything it’s worth

And yes I am offended by the plastic in the sea

And the the fact that we are dumb enough to kill off all the bees.

I am offended by the dead children

Laying in the bombed out rubble that was their home,

Blown to bits by people who remotely killed them with a drone

And I am offended by extremists

Who want to blow us all to bits

But I am especially offended by people

Who don’t give a shit about any of this.

Open your eyes don’t bury your head

As the mushroom cloud is rising

Humanity is dying

You day you don’t want to hear this

But you do nothing to fix it

You say please no more ranting

No fear mongering or tantrums

But as a rebel with a cause

I’ve no need to hear applause

Whatever it takes to make you

Take notice of the issues

I simply must do

So as to get through to you

You bury your head in the sand

And you play your mobile phone games

That are designed to distract an nullify you

Into passivity subdued

You ignore all the issues

And you avoid the news

You don’t want to hear any views

That may upset or disturb you

So millions of people suffer

And earth and humanity dies

Simply Because you hold your breath

And close your fucking eyes

To what is real and perilous in our lives.

Give me power

Give me power

What I want is power

But not that dirty power

But clean renewable power

I don’t want to be showered

In their nuclear power

Or to face the doomsday hour

So give me Earths green power.

Give me power

Give me wind turbine power

Give me hydro power

Not your dirty coal power

And not your fracking power

Give me all the power

But good clean eco power

And let’s rejoice in our finest hour.

Classless society

Classless that’s how we should all be

Living equal within this society,

All getting and equal bite at the apple

All getting our fair share.

Classless no caste or any kind of system that divides,

Or keeps people apart,

Should ever be a part of a caring society,

Should never impinge on humanities

Right to equality,

In a world advanced technologically,

Or thriving in prosperity,

Where the top 1% feed their greed

From the blood, sweat and tears extracted from you and me.

Night time

Starlight flickers across the night ebony sky,

Moonlight shines through the rustling leaves

Of the primordial trees,

The breeze blows gentle and silently,

The night offers us a place of bliss and peace,

Solitude in the crisp night air

A shooting star crosses the blackness like a flare,

Feel the universe everywhere

Omniscient and tranquil

And forever there,

Eternal and infinate

Yet beckons you to dare,

Lose yourself within it

And cast away your cares.