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Facets of love

Love is many faceted thing

some people throw themselves headlong in,

others simply play games with others emotions

some find it hard connecting at all.

Some go for attachment and merge as into one

surrender their identity for the greater love,

some are like twin flames burning so bright

setting the standard of love so high,.

Others play games emotionally

say they’re committed without the belief,

others act out roles they think that they should play

but cold and unfeeling it’s just simply an act.

Others go into love to control and use

and ending up dishing out terrible abuse,

they have a twisted distorted view

on what love should be and that in their opinion is hurting you,

‘treat them mean keep them keen’, that is their outlook,

‘keep them barefoot and pregnant’, that is their way.

There are many aspects of love some are in for the money,

some are in the material advantages,

some are in it because it suits their lifestyle,

who knows what works and what people think is worth while,

persevering with and remaining attached too,

people have different ideas of what love is true,

me I think it’s about compassion and showing respect,

yet keeping you identity while giving it your all for love

and shining your light on others in every other aspect,

be prepared to give your heart and to give your soul,

or there is no point in loving at all,

I keep my heart open to everyone to walk in,

because I believe in unconditional and trans formative loving.


Reflections in the mirror

The reflections in the mirror show a man whose old

Yet that’s not what I feel in my soul

I feel a lot younger than I appear

When did the wrinkles start to appear

Reflections in the mirror can be so harsh

They reflect the hard times of the past

They show the stress and stain we’ve been through

But it does show inside of you.

It’s all external appearance

That’s the difference

How you feel and who you are

Is kept deep within your soul and heart

It’s hard to accept

That we are getting so much older

When we feel forever young

Within our inner being.

Don’t let the mirror image dictate to you

What you see even though it maybe true

Stay true to how you feel inside

Stay forever young

And shine your light.

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Where did those days go?

Breathless and exhausted

We work so hard

When we were kids at having fun

We played so many parts

Playing as if we were superheroes

And footballers in the park

We rode our bikes from the break of dawn

Until it was dark

Where did those days go?

When did that energy dissipate?

Where did the fun go?

Remember getting in trouble for staying out to late.

We played football most everyday

Jumpers for goalposts were the way

We dirtied our knees climbing trees

We got soaking wet exploring rivers and streams

We rode our bikes and skates all round town

We never far away if there was fun to be found

Where did those days go?

When did the energy dissipate?

Where did the fun go?

Remember getting in trouble for staying out late.

Safer times back then and safer days

That’s what we are told today

Maybe they’re right I am not sure

I just feel we made so much more of being young

So much more of our freedom

I feel sad for kids just stuck in their bedrooms

Living life in virtual reality

Living life through social media

That was not for me

I wanted always to be out

Burning off all my energy

And living life freely

Where did those days go?

When did the energy dissipate?

Where did the fun go?

Remember getting in trouble for staying out late.

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Time to tango

Let my hand travel to your heart

And caress it with such tenderness

Let my other hand touch you soul

Submit to me and let yourself go

Close your eyes and go to your secret places

Let me in so that I can taste it

Feel you essences start to flow

Sense the energy grow and grow

Move in rhythm to a Latin tune

And let’s tango

As I stimulate your being so.

Can you feel the vibe and frequency

As you release yourself

And surrender to me

Let me take you universally

On a cosmic ride of fantasy

And as the passion in you reaches peak

Let me engage you in true love’s speech

As I whisper tantric intimacies

And feel your flood of exhilaration explode over me

As we we connect as twin flames spiritually.

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Daddies love

She wore the shortest skirts

The highest dresses

To turn men’s heads

And liked them assessing

Her sculptured body

And her silky skin

Her beautiful looks

She wanted to be

Their everything

She new how to tease

She knew how to please

She knew how to be

Super hot and sexy

And I kind of made up

For a life of neglect

Have one man after the next

And she thought because her daddy abandoned her

She would prove he was the only one

And that made up For this

Proved he was to mad to walk on her and her mum

But the sad truth inside

She was emotionally numb

An abandoned soul

Cast adrift and looking for love

That only a father figure can give enough of.

Demonic feast

An intangible silence

Spreads through this house

And a chilling shudder

Runs right down my spine,

A primordial force

Haunts these rooms

I feel the cold air

And the errie mist,

Permeate my body and my bones.

As I sit in this house on my own

I hear screams,

A guteral noise

That sounds so obscene,

This is like a nightmarish dream

And hoping I wake up soon

And I plead

But sitting here I see myself bleed,

Unable to move

I feel it start cutting and ripping at me,

Then I realise I am the one doing the screaming

And as I feel the searing pain,

I know I am not dreaming,

As a face draws very close to me,

Demonic it is and drooling,

Slobbering out what it sees me as

And that’s it’s food

I realise the outcome don’t look good,

As I feel my life just ebb away

Then in comes my guardian angel to save the day

And whisks me away,

To a safer place

And I thank my lucky stars that I prayed,

For salvation

And my prayers were answered,

In the most divine way,

She denied the demon of its rightful prey

And I knelt down before her

And thank her for intervention,

She laughs and says it’s all an invention,

An illusion cruel and created by the demon,

As I see myself back seated

Ready for the demon,

To start feasting on me.

She is of dreams

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? They are there to strengthen each other and to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.~George Eliot  #georgeeliotquote #soulmates #soulmatequote


The tracery of filigree

set wild in the imaginary

of what angelic truly means

and how I view her in my dreams

of multiverse energy

gliding effortlessly

through galaxies of astral dreams

that mean so very much to me

and that enable her to visit me

from a far off different

spacial dimension

this celestial dream sent from heaven

in answers to a dream

of a life a little more serene

in a place where bliss and grace reside

she is the one I feel deep inside.


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She sleeps in peace

Loredana - Heart of Glass by


She sleeps peacefully

she’s lost in dreams

resting among the starlight

and the Quasar energies.

She lurches from solitude

into energetic vibrancy

but then she finds a way

back to her peace.

Resonating bliss

she is the grace

and the love

she is a part of creation

a gift from up above.

She is angelic

a celestial dream

she is what many call

a cosmic frequency.

She is every moon

as well as every planet

she is the sun the stars

and everything that emits from it.

She is the love

she gives warm embrace

her lips are the finest wine

you will ever taste.

Her eyes are like oceans

her skin like filigree

she is the luminescent

place within our dreams.

She is universal

infinite and eternal

she is the darkeness

but she also the light.

She is the beauty

she casts a spell

that bind all souls

into a bewitchment

that no one can tell.

She sleeps peacefully

she’s lost in dreams

resting among the starlight

and the Quasar energies.


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What we are and can be

We are one with everything,

we are the sun,

we are the rain,

we are the light,

and we are the dark.

We are the love

but we can also be the hate,

we are the peace

but we do not need to be the war.

We are consciousness,

yet we can be blind,

we can be the awakening,

yet we can still be asleep,

we are the voices shouting for change,

or we can be the mute silence defining this age.

We are nature, that’s evergreen,

we do not need to turn everything concrete,

we are the oceans as well as the skies,

we do not need to pollute both time after time,

we are the power

but we can can act weak,

we can do something to change things,

or we can nothing.

Prim and proper

She is seen around town

As being so very prim and proper,

Conservative style

She could be confused as rank and file,

In the women’s institute

But behind closed doors she would supprise you,

Silk lingerie and she likes to wear stockings

And be sordid and depraved,

She loves sex in every way

And she does what she can

She is willing to turn her hand,

To anything she discovers as new,

Who knew? most had her down as a prude.

It just shows how perceptions,

About people can be so wrong,

It just shows that we don’t know,

In other people’s lives whats going on

But don’t judge her,

Don’t condemn her,

She is living life her way and that’s fine,

Prim and proper her public face

But in private likes the opposite in every way.