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spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.



Hope, the universal trope

A mechanism to help us cope,

It enables us to dream

Manifesting belief systems,

Hope, that quintessential need

The most integral of creations seed,

Nurtured well it will grow

Left neglected it dies before it gets old,

Hope, that one thing that keeps us going

Hope, that’s what keeps life flowing.

What’s real? What’s not?


What’s real?

What’s not?

It’s difficult to tell

When everything you see

Is created and perceived

By your own mind

By your conscious reality

What you think and believe

Can be a lot different to me

We can both see the same colour

But about the hue we disagree

We both can view the same happening

Yet both have different views on what we’ve seen

So what’s real?

What’s not?

It’s difficult to know

Most thing may only exist

When they’re actually seen

But when they’re not

Do they then cease to be

It’s our unique mind

That forms the images we see

Like is there any sound in a forest

When there is the falling of a tree

Because sound is an audio thing created by our mind

Outside of this is the world quiet all the time

Is it just out brain adding sounds to our life

Like the soundtrack of a movie

You hear running behind

Take away the music

The movie is not so sublime

It adds to the tension

To the excitement and to the story

It can regale what we’re viewing

In sadness or glory

What’s real?

What’s not?

It’s difficult to know

Our lives are our own story

So let’s put on a show.

The power


There’s a power of the universe between me and you

A cosmic alignment that defines the love which is true,

We are created by stars and it defines who we are

When we open our minds,

And when we open our hearts

In this magical moment the transcendence starts,

And then explosions are manifested near and far

Then the power of the universe evolves and emboldens

And leaves our inner souls beautiful and golden,

And as we become shooting stars flashing across the night sky

I realise the power, that is upon us so high,

And that from the ebony vastness creation sparks

A tiny light is building within the dark,

And it grows and it spreads and becomes something real,

And this light is what becomes both you and me.

They control


They control

They lock us down

They distract

They stifle our sounds,

Sounds of freedom

And exposing corruption,

Lack of equality

Not everybody is sharing,

When we’re struggling

Those who lead are not caring,

They exploit us each day

Make us work so no time for play,

All for the dollar dollar bill

Which is minimum wage,

Freedom and love

Is all that I crave,

But this has never been

And never will be their way,

So we have to stand strong

And be authentic today.

How I escape the tough life


Living life hard but gazing at stars

Walking rough streets but knowing who you are,

Living in hardship but feeling no fear

Living life is so tough on this sphere,

But my spiritual thoughts are always near

I always hold kindness as something dear,

You can doubt me, you can judge me

But it means absolutely nothing to me,

Your perceptions are invisible you see

Because that’s not a true reflection believe,

So I gaze up at stars in the night time

I focus on the still spiritual mind,

This is how I escape from the tough, rough life.

Star gazing


Intergalactic sunrise

Cosmological suprise

Star and gaze as stars shine

Universally sublime

Deep dark void divine

Moon wanes at night

Seen the crystalline bright light

Supernova exploding

All of creation exposing

Leading to my mind imploding

All this wonder, so amazing

I love astrologically gazing

It brings me peace

It still my mind

Takes me off to spacial designs.

Love making


I touch your lips with my lips

I place my hand on your hips,

I look you deeply in the eyes

I search deep in your mind,

I kiss you then with a passion

Than feel our bodies clashing,

I look down at your heaving breasts

I image later how upon them my head will rest,

I slide my hands over your supple form

I feel you’re an angel that’s reborn,

I then use my hands to undress you

You smile and do the same to me,

I sink to my knees in homage to you

Then make you smile and moan as I taste you,

Then you come down band kiss me

Telling me this is what you needed,

I then lay you back and lay between your thighs

And as I find my rhythm I look you in the eyes,

I penetrate not just your body but your mind

Everything about you I see is going wild,

Your body grinds, squirms and writhes

Underneath mine that drives deep and harder each time,

Though firm and with respect I love you,

In passion I am determined to make you,

Explode with fit of true pleasure

My beauty you are a real treasure,

And in a moment we both come together

And we both collapse in a dizzy head spinning ether,

Heavily breathing upon your breasts my head rests

I hear your heart beating as we rest,

Before we decide to go again, and again

Making love with you is the best.

I drift away


I touch the stars with my mind

I connect with universe sublime,

I let my thoughts become stilled

I let my consciousness wander at will,

It searches through different dimensions

It discovers new realms of dreaming,

I find myself lost in the beauty

I find myself lost in the peace of this moment,

My heart and soul pays atonement

For the careless ways that I live some days,

Then I return to the stars and just drift away.

Money woes


So I work so hard to earn some money

Just enough to keep my head above water,

And to stop me drowning in deep waters

Then along comes the tax man and hits me with a bill,

That makes my hard graft worthless still,

The man who allows big multinational corporations

Sell their wares without paying tax,

Or like formula paying a one percent sweat heart deal

Is this system for fucking real?

Why do they get away with paying nothing

And if I tried the same I’d end up in prison,

This is what they call a fare and equal affair

Well that’s me fucked and the tax man don’t even care,

Because this is a society that simply doesn’t wealth share.

Lost back of beyond


Lost beyond life

In a dark forest of anguish,

Wandering in a vale of despair

There seems very little light anywhere,

It feels like nobody cares

But this is not a game of truth or dare,

This is not a nightmare that I would share,

Lost in the depths of preternatural darkness,

With a dark verdant colourations surrounding me,

Closing in a threatening

To swallow me up without a trace,

I feel as if I am vanishing

To be lost and forgotten for all time.