I sit here and meditate life I focus on the positive light, I maintain the presence of live within I site an I try to imagine, Green forested trees A dazzling blue shimmering lake, Bird songs chirping taking me away From this brutal, hurtful judgemental life I block out everything in my sight, Other thanContinue reading “Meditating”

Refraining to appease

Sad those who know no love And think that it can be found more online Then where it actually resides in the mind in real time There are those that write live story books But don’t let it be misunderstood They are not trying to seek people out It’s just something they are interested inContinue reading “Refraining to appease”

Prick me, do I not bleed?

I am me living out fantasies Of poetic imaginary, Pushing often boundaries, Then sometimes just writing Fun time fantasy stories, I am no master of philosophy Sometimes I just write, What I know people like to read Sometime though I don’t, But then maybe I am just a dope Dangling on some ropes, Dancing likeContinue reading “Prick me, do I not bleed?”

Questions, questions

Questions, questions But never any answers, Who can shed a light on why Life for some has to be do hard, In a world of plentiful Why do some have so much, Yet others have nothing Which is strange in a world where there’s enough. Is that some are greedy and hoard wealth Is itContinue reading “Questions, questions”

When we manifest love and light

Manifesting light and love Raises up our spirits, Transcends us to a higher realm And a purer frequency, Trying to be kinder with more compassion Increases our resonance in life, Transforms each day we live And creates a future so bright.

Love makes us brave

I stand here in front of destructions machines My aim is to stop and defy, Using love as a manifesting light I stand here defending rainforests, for I that is right, I stand here in the midst of a war Trying to bring it to an end, I stand here defending innocent people In theContinue reading “Love makes us brave”

Hold each other tight

If we hold each other tight Under a starry, moonlit night, Would we see our love increase And if we were to immerse ourselves in the water, Of the lake reflecting moonshine from it Would we, if we hold each other tight Feel the resonating vibes, of the increased frequency tonight, And if we manifestContinue reading “Hold each other tight”

Noisy night

The noise from the bed kept him awake The squeaking and rocking as love was made, He was in the next room he could hear it Loud mind and cries as they rise and fall, He could hear her as she begged for more He heard them both and it was raw, He heard herContinue reading “Noisy night”


We bleed and we suffer We die at the hands of torture, we scream and we cry out But nobody hears us, We are the victims of WAR! We lay buried under cold ground There is now a single sound, A preternatural fog drifting all around, Not even the birds can find songs to singContinue reading “WAR!”

Fantastic journey

Down through the rabbit hole Into a new paradigm, Winding through rainbow colours As if in the tales of the silmarillion, Through middle earth and out again From Heaven to Hades we fly end to end, Flashing stars, and supanova’s creating cosmic lightning, I hear crescendo’s and symphonies hitting out a beat I feel likeContinue reading “Fantastic journey”

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