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spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

My universal tribe

The chaotic miasma of a toxic place environment I don’t need, reciprocated for me within my reality and through perspicacious deeds, I take my leave, because I am of a different creed, see I release, love in everything and every being, I keep believing in immaculate and impeccable feelings, that I cultivate spiritually, in conscious cognitive dreams of universal akasic themes, that come cascading in crescendo down on me, lifting me up to higher frequencies, its all I need to fulfill and make me happy, a connection with like minded souls that are golden and ancient as well as old, part of a tribe of the spiritual mold, that shines through the universe like a supernova glow, that’s kind of supernatural.

Don’t give up

She was unhappy, because she had been let down, she was finding hard to find some solid ground, her world was shaken, like never before, she was feeling the pain, right down to her core, she now felt flawed and so overawed by emotion. She let life spin out of control believing love had gone and she could not be consoled, but it was not love that hurt her in anyway, it was not love that betrayed, her today. Spiraling down, she became a tortured soul, lost and unable to see that she was still blessed, to find a new love if she wanted it because love never left, she just chose to give up on it. This is the truth see everything we choose to do and be, is always created by us you see, so when your suffering and unhappy, that’s the place you choose to be, if you do not live consciously, if you let your emotions and ego dictate everything, it does not have to be this way, you can still be happy, you have just got to believe, that things happen for a reason and so your lucky, you wasted no more time on a person so cruel, that they would break your heart, for their own selfish reasons, commiting against you an act of foul treason but you will come and love again, you will rise Ans shine through the pain, then the sun will banish the rain.

The old wood mill

The old wood mill

Churning crystal waters

The creaking timbers

And the gentle splashes

This beautiful scene

Is a wonderous thing

Set along a river theme

Amongst hills of verdency

Of apple green dreams

Renewing my faith and belief

In nature which is inspiring me.

The chairoscuro sky is now blue

Cloudless serene and in truth

It adds to the tranquility and soothes

The thoughts of me and you.

I stroll along the waters edge

I feel the loamy lushness beneath my feet

I acknowledge others there I meet

Exchanging smiles, everyone is happy

Dweliing in this place of bliss

Free from the life of grind and grist

Seperating my soul from suffering

Like the corn in the grist mill

I let my heart be calm and still

Embracing and drinking in beauties fill

And I reciprocate this moment, through my ink quill.

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Appreciation of summer

Conscious as I am of my surrounding

I appreciate natures colours and its hues

I love the summer vibe resonating

From the morning dew to the sweltering afternoon

I relish the warmth and the goodness

That summer and nature brings to life

As I sit watching the sea from clise to where I live

I thank God for such a wonderous blessing

And as I take in all and everything

My love just grows and grows

I love everything about life at this moment

As the summer flows.

Don’t let apathy and ignorance define us

Truth is out there, there are climate, deniers and corporate liars and in truth too few study the facts and just react. A loss of forty percent of the ice on earth, over half of jungles observed suddenly dissappearing from our world, both factors allowing our home our earth to heat up year on year, this is not something to cheer, vital species now face extinction all because of man’s insistence on thinking it knows best protect farm animals and pets but fuck everything else as many species face extinction. However its funny that the loss of fruit bats and bees can bring about our end, or red algaes in the ocean, maybe it will be these seemingly small things that will define humanities extinction. Plastic enveloping the seas, pesticides contained in every breath we breathe, GM food poisoning, all this occurs in the name of greed and somehow to few realise and see the imminent threat and peril to you and me and future generations, our ignorance and apathy could be our greatest disease, that finally brings us to our knees, so be careful what you believe because climate change is real believe me and so is the danger to humanity but there is still a chance for the situation to be retrieved so let’s all grab it, let’s not blow, to future generations we owe it, hand them. Over a world that’s healthy, put nature before the wealthy and make this earth renewed again.

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When friends end love

I am sitting in my home

Reflecting on the days

Where everything went so wrong

Everyone was talking

Too few really knew

But the gossipers would have their way

But they didn’t know us

Yet still the somehow broke us

With their less than their impeccable words

And all that they said I knew they really hurt

But it didn’t mean a thing to me

They tried siting your past

And saying you were no good

But what they said to me fell on deaf ears

But you felt it all and despite my reassurance

You still walked out that door

And now I don’t blame

I blame everybody else

These people who claimed to be friends

But if they really were that why would they hurt us

And bring our love to and end

So now I am sitting in my home

Send I am alone

I’ve no time for those who caused this pain

No doubt I will heal

And no doubt I will love again

But at this moment I cant see it bring the same

But as I sit here in my home

Feeling all alone

I’ve decided that all I need is me

And learn to find some self loving

And some knew less hurtful and judgemental friend’s.

Mind strength

So many people are inspired from a base of adversity, from suffering abuse or hardship, yet they ruse up to higher things, the develop a focus and a will to achieve, they refuse to accept being denied and so they bleed total defiance, they will not be rejected, their determination to succeed often proves effective and meanwhile those who come from a place, that some may is safe and comfy, simply make excuses about why they have and did not make it and those excuse are often lame, when compared to they kind of mountains other have to climb, you have to keep the focus and that desire to achieve and succeed at the forefront of your mind.