A life of suffering

Over dramatical


In this balance

Is constantly lacking,

It seems that problems

Are always stacking,

Up against those

Who feel they’re cracking,

Under the pressure

Of their troublesome lives,

Only seeing darkness

Never the light,

Manifesting suffering

Which brings along pain,

They feel like their life is stained

By the problems of everyday life,

This is what causes their strife

Which is why the have flawed sight,

They cannot see beyond it all

They in fact actually believe,

That their is a life of endless suffering.

What we were given was paradise

We were given this Earth with its paradise like nature to nurture

Yet we’ve abused and destroyed it like environmental rapists

Our shame a guilt should weigh heavy

And we should all want to change

So thst future generations can be proud of us one day.

Don’t speak nobody cares

Don’t speak in case you’re wrong again

If you act you’re told it’s out of haste

You are not as bright as you think you are

You’re just one speck amongst an infinite sea of stars

You’re nothing special

There are millions out there just like you I am told

I get fed this all the time

In fact every single day

As if life’s not hard enough

Despite my best efforts

They’re appreciated by very few

Not even those close to me

Why am I so misunderstood

My kindness and my love I offer to all

No favour is ever to big or small

I will always be there for each and one of you

So why am I feeling so forsaken

Sometimes I think I am close to breaking

But nobody notices and no one really cares

I am barely even noticed,

It’s as if in someway I am spare

And only called upon when needed

And then easily forgotten

This is my life as it appears to me

And some may say its rotten

Yet I hold on to the love and the light

I still let my kindness do me right

Because no matter what assails me in life

At least I have the comfort of being alive

A blessing not reserved for everyone

See every life has something to be grateful for

Even if it only comes in crumbs.

I the witness

I am a witness to life

With all its love and its kindness

I am a witness to life

With its inspiration and light

But I’ve also seen the darkness

The hatred and the wars

I’ve seen so much jealousy and envy

As I’ve walked the water course

Of the river of life

That runs calm but then wild

I am a witness to life

That sees the innocence in a child

Yet I’ve seen children mistreated

Killed an often abused

And this is never something

That can ever be excused

I am a witness to life

And i can’t helped but by moved

But I am often confused

By some peoples attitudes

They cheer on men fighting wars

And mock those who seek peace

I am a witness to life

And all its dualities

And its cruelty to other species

As well as our own humanity

It’s disregard for nature

That ensures we exist

I am a witness to life

And it’s hard to understand it

With its lack of equality

And its double standards

Where some live in luxury

And others in poverty

Some live in big mansions

Some in boxes on the streets

I am a witness to life

But I still retain hope

I still retain the love and kindness

That some may never know

I am a witness to life

Both its wrongs and its rights

And I’ve learnt what’s important

Is to focus on what is inside

And be the best that you can be

And hope others one day see

And follow the same path

Towards love and doing good deeds

In this life that we witness

And all that we learn and we see.

Wrong again

My opinion still means shit

At least this is what you seem to think

I am always in the wrong

It seems I know nothing at all

I wonder why I even speak

These days I don’t and when I do I instantly regret it

For I am always then slapped down

For having an opinion because its wrong all the time

I am ignorant it would seem

And though I don’t believe this

I know that’s what you see

And so you’re endlessly critisizing me

I find it hard to breathe and my confidence it bleeds

Away on down the drain of self doubt and misery

Why do we keep holding on

If all I do and say is so wrong

Maybe you should be telling me

To walk away and leave

Because I am obviously of no use

At least to me that seems the truth

Well at least that’s how I feel

I know its not illusory

I know this is how you feel

I know all this is real .

Winds sweep through our mind

Great gusts of wind

Blow through our minds

Leaves elemental crystalline

And the tornado being of which we are defined

Is vortex like and somehow refined

In aspects of consciousness we’re left

Gasping desperately for our breath

But the wind that blows it cleanses us

Out with the stale and toxic rot and rust

And returns the purifies the spiritual truss

That is deeply rooted in our fabric and nature

And blows memories through our melancholy dreams

That create such amazing kaleidoscope scenes

That reverberate and manifest the themes

From which we somehow create a plethora of stories

That inspire so many wonderful things.