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spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

Open eyes and mind


Open your eyes and see the truth behind the lies,

Open your mind and start critically thinking,

Realise those feeding you the poison

Are the self made rulers, who are self appointed,

Those who convinced you to take a side

Those who are able to rule because they divide,

The last thing want is us all to unite

And all pull together to do what’s right,

That’s why they try to blind our sight

With hatred, greed and material things,

With xenophobic racist feelings,

Getting you to believe things that just aren’t real

The church and media and government deal,

Ensured that we the people will always feel

The suffering and pain as a result of their games.



It’s a virus spread by globalization

Spreading quickly through overpopulation,

Tampering with nature and exploiting it

Thinking it’s ok to eat everything until it’s extinct,

Until it comes back on us giving us a virus

That spreads unseen like a veracious disease,

That may one day end up seeing us going extinct.

Healthy eating


Why is it the healthier we try to eat

Like going vegan or organic,

The prices rise existentially

Taking the choice often away from you and me,

Why is it they want to exploit the healthy foods we want to eat

Is it simply just greed or is systematically,

They just don’t want us being healthy

The rich eat the finest products that they demand,

We eat processed shit out of boxes and cans,

Or that’s irradiated or stuff like chlorinated chicken

GM food will one day see us stricken,

Down with the chemicals and unnatural stuff of which it’s created

But it’s served up for us and plated,

But does anybody really know if it is safe yet,

But the healthier to option the higher the price

Corporations don’t give a shit about yours and my life,

Corporations are simply parasites,

Living and sucking off of you and me

Draining us dry in the name of getting wealthy,

I guess the best way is plant and grow your own

If you got the time which most of us don’t,

I wish I could plant and grow my own society,

Because if I could it would focus on what’s healthy,

Not for my pocket but for mine and everyone else’s body

Or we could as a united people protest and lobby,

For better food at reasonable prices

Where corporations don’t get the bigger slices,

Of the money being made from the sale of healthier food.

The crazy governments are in control


Crazy governments causing divides

Forcing us as people to choose sides,

Truth is which ever side you choose

It’s always the people that are going to lose,

It’s just their game of divide and rule

That makes it easier to control me and you,

They are all in it together as the scheme and use

The rest of mankind of which they have fooled,

Crazy governments are always safe

It’s only the people who end up in an early grave,

They oppress us, exploit us and send us to war

The work us to death, they’re the pimps we’re the whores,

Crazy governments do as they will

Have always and will do still,

Unless we come together in unity

And smash their systems and set ourselves free.

Unknown persons


An unknown person dies everyday

For standing up for people’s rights,

Or for stating what needs to be said,

An unknown person dies every day

For standing up for animal rights or deforestation,

Truth tellers feel the force of corporations,

And corrupt fucking governments eager to keep them quiet,

Another unknown person disappears at night

And all because they stand up for a basic human or environmental right,

These unknown persons are super heroes

Just without the capes,

But sadly are not invincible

And are killed by corrupt governmental states,

For daring to expose the lies by telling the truth

That reveals their desire for greed and their corrupting ways,

An unknown person dies often all alone and often very much afraid,

So show them your blessing and simply doing something easy like just pray,

To keep them safe.

Another bloody war


It’s just another bloody war

Another fucking horror show,

Another way for governments to keep the arms trade wealthy,

It’s just another way to oppress the people

And to use them as cannon fodder,

It’s just another bloody war

And just another fucking horror show.

Dead bodies piled up in mass graves

Young men going to their deaths in waves,

Meanwhile the orchestraters sit back and dip champagne

As poor obedient soldiers suffer and die in pain,

It’s just another bloody war

Another fucking horror show.

It’s all about money, power and resources

It’s all just a fucking game to them,

Sending young people to their deaths

In the name of God, Queen and Country,

They submit their lives to a pointless fucking death,

It’s just another, bloody war

Another fucking horror show,

Don’t you think it’s about time to object and refuse to go,

Don’t you think that it’s about time we finally said no war no more.


Driving ambition to push us through

Headstrong and fierce we must remain true,

To our authentic self to achieve our hopes and dreams

Relentless determination must be our theme,

So let’s ensure we create the most imaginative scheme.