Of course I can be coarse

Fuck governments Fuck wars, Fuck corporations Fuck laws, That allowd harm to all, Fuck man made religion I don’t care for your dogma, I stand up for human rights I am a lover, I am not a fighter, I don’t allow myself to take sides In a world of such corruption, I can only sayContinue reading “Of course I can be coarse”

Distraction, reaction

Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction, The tactic of those who hide the truth This is how they act towards me and you, A form of bullying that they choose It’s all fucking lies, it’s all a ruse, Designed to control and manipulate So that in the end they creat a toxic state, Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction,Continue reading “Distraction, reaction”

In this moment at this time

In this moment we can create change In this time of pandemic we can decide a new plan To combat climate change, injustice and destruction In this moment we can build a new world Each of us can demand a better future In this moment we must raise up out voices In this time weContinue reading “In this moment at this time”

A world without war

Could you imagine a world without war Where mass murder and deaths on the battlefields are no more Where armies are redundant and soldiers a thing of the past What a time that would be at last To think that mankind could ever become that advanced Could we ever evolve to make that stance AgainstContinue reading “A world without war”

Ecology over greed

When will we move beyond greed When is it we will see, That of more importance is our ecology, When are we going to understand The destruction being caused is caused by man, Polluting the air, sea and land The use of pesticides has got out of hand, Then man destroys forests cuts down treesContinue reading “Ecology over greed”

Breakdown, shakedown

Breakdown, shakedown Does anyone care, It’s just all about them Don’t even notice I am there, Breakdown, shakedown I close to the brink, They don’t even hear what I say or think, They just talk their shit I don’t care about it, Breakdown, shakedown They are narcissists, They’ll tell of their problems And how theyContinue reading “Breakdown, shakedown”

Be of the right attitude

Forgotten memories And hopes and dreams, There always there For you and for me, Sometimes though We need inspiring, To motivate our lives To do anything, But we should try And never stop pushing, Keep on breaking through Barriers in our way, We must not give up For it’s the only way we’ll fail, KeepContinue reading “Be of the right attitude”

Look into me and see my conscious reality

There are people I know who change constantly But I maintain my consistency, Being true to things that I believe Being existential suprisingly, Though it catches others off guard who don’t really know me, It never suprises me for you see I am internally pure anarchy, Rebellious, subversive and needing to be Uncontrolled and unequivocallyContinue reading “Look into me and see my conscious reality”

Within the jungle of me

I am in myself like a deep dark jungle, Large areas of me lay unexplored, I am not sure sometimes if I want to venture in deeper To places that I have never been before, I worry about things I may find Maybe I won’t like what I discover, Underneath the bracken and the denseContinue reading “Within the jungle of me”

I can be like marmite I know

Like my words or not that’s your choice But I’ve got a right to a voice, I will say it how I feel I sanitise it I’ll keep it raw, Popular or unpopular what you hear and see is what you get, I take very prisoners and suffer no regrets, Because I am reflecting meContinue reading “I can be like marmite I know”



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