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How I roll

How I roll

Just a writer, me

A lover of words and poetry

Spirituality is my belief

And discovering my conscious reality

Sharing light and sharing love

Promoting kindness, peace and caring

And stopping those from tearing our humanity and world apart

That’s how I roll.

Self harming

Self harming

We put ourselves at risk

With weapons of our own mass destruction

We over habitat and harm out earth with our concrete constructions

We pollute our air land, our land, our seas

Yet we claim we are a sentient species

While using war as a tool to harm and kill humanity

I fail to see how we can be seen as intelligent beings.

We owe a debt


The sky may fall in if we do not do something

Earth will be falling in upon us if we do not kick up a fuss

This world, our nature and environment

Is in peril of collapsing around our ears

Yet some still say we are spreading messages of fear

But that’s not our aim, this is not a game

We are looking to ensure brighter greener days for future generations

It’s about brining together every single nation

To strive to protect the most important and precious thing of all

All creatures that were created, the big and the small

It’s about rejecting exploitation and greed

By big corporations who make our earth bleed

So it’s not for pleasure of instilling fear

It’s about protecting this world and earth we hold dear

For this is a debt that we all owe her.

Don’t be a victim

Don’t be a victim

Don’t be a victim

Of a archaic society

Staring at your rotting corpse in a mortuary

Wondering why you wasted life doing very litte at all

Because the system told you it would look after you

As long as you followed blindly and did what you was told

Now you’re laying on a slab rather cold and looking old

Never did fulfill your dreams or your aspirations

Ended up all alone suffering depression and privation

They took your house to pay for your care then neglected you

Dribbling and waffling incoherently was all that you could do

But vaguely you remember back when you was young

You were full of energy, passion and inspiration

But you were taught to follow rules that those on top were breaking

You were sold so many lies it was so heartbreaking

Lay the game and don’t stand out and be an upright citizen

This was all a clever trick and a distraction

To keep you in your place among the rank and file

How does it feel knowing that your whole world was defiled

So don’t be a victim

To an archaic society

Staring at your rotting corpse in a mortuary

Wondering why you wasted your life playing the systems fool

Get out there and live your life and dreams right to the full.

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Greener ways


They say to be green we will have give up driving cars and travelling in planes

I hear this time and time again

But tell my does this have to be the case

We just have to source new energy but money and dirty fuel gets in the way

They could find new sources to power these things

Not just battery operating

Hydrogen fuels can do the rounds again

But those who crave wealth don’t see the profit in it

Well it’s time big businesses started to understand

The change is happening, its what people demand

They better get on the right side of history

Fracking, tar and oil, coal and nuclear energy

Are only going one way, they will be obsolete

So get your act together discover new green energies

This is the future, climate ain’t just a fad

If you think you can halt this change then you are mad

The people have woken, future generations have spoken

Are you going to race towards change or are you going to lag

Hoping good policies will fade and that we will go back to more of the same

Ell it’s not going to happen, the shift is here

You can help navigate change forward, we’ll even let you steer

To greener horizons, to environmental bliss

But understand this moment should not be missed.

Escaping that which oppresses you


Escape the origins of your creation

Don’t be defined or identified by nation

Why be just another person in the crowd

When you can live loudly uniquely loud and proud

Why fit into societies neat little boxes

Why bide time living by the hands on the clocks

That many are simply slaves too

Do you see and understand the difference between lies and truth

Do you know about yourself or everybody else

Spending so much time studying them

You forget to look and go within, to your own being

And without this your soul cannot be freed

And ends up absorbed in envy and greed

As fed to them by a twisted society

Rise up out of this life and take a deep breath and breathe

The fresh clean air of existentialist belief

Which does the heart good and stops the need to bleed

for a humanity that would not bleed for you

Because it’s far to self absorbed

And to obsessed with living life to the norm

Living in fear if an impending storm

Instilled within them by those elected to rule

As a way of maintaining the status quo

Keeping them in power and in control

So your apathy is the aesthetic of your own oppression

You end up another victim of material possessions

Seeking pleasure in these tactile things

Blind to the magnificence of what t makes us spiritual beings

Filled with love and light

And enjoying the simple pleasures of a good and kind life.

Empty words


Immigration and immigrants

Are man made words

In a world of man made borders

Man made anthems and flags

The truth is we are all free to live where we wish

Because nobody owns any part of this planet.

Ownership of land, air and sea

Is the biggest con trick

The biggest delusion and fantasy

Pushed by those who have power and wealth.

Free movement for all

One United humanity

Let’s put and end to flags, borders and anthems,

One earth for all, this was how it was intended

When man first made its presence felt.

These words are used to emasculate

And to cage and restrict us

Yet these words have no power if we reject the.