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What the hell!


Tell me what the hell is it all about

Despite the screams and all the shouts,

Despite the noise resonating so loud,

And the clear dissent and dissatisfaction

Nothing changes inspite of even direct action,

We are considered so meek and irrelevant

By those on power and by them that rule

They treat us all as fucking fools,

They don’t need to listen to what we say

What’s the point they ignore it anyway,

Lowered food safety standards

Increased fracking licenses across the country,

Did this under the backdrop of Covid 19

Their stealth tactics are so obscene,

Now they wish to track us with their data machines

Says it will help control the disease,

Early intervention would have been more effective

But they don’t support us being reflective ,

Because it maybe obvious to see the ineptness of which they dealt with things,

And despite the justified hue and cry

And the sky high figure of people who died,

They are still laughing at questions

Taking no responsibility for the accusations,

They wash their hands of all the guilt

Will blame the public to the hilt,

Will hit us with new austerity

That will inflict so much misery,

But causing misery is their business

Keeps us busy trying simply try to survive,

And they’ll carry on as always

Living their champagne lives,

While doling out insidious lies

And the background the poor will die,

But they won’t fucking care because they could care less

As they think we’ve got no right to life.

What’s going to happen next


I guess we never know what’s around the corner

What plans and ideas are being installed by the ruling order,

We simply have to find a way to cope with it

As the elite eat caviar the poor eat shit,

But what. Do you expect with a trickle down theory

Or free market, capitalist machinery,

Not that any other system seems to get it or have it air tight

The governments keep eroding all of our rights,

Stopping us from having a say or making a change

They’ve got themselves protected everyway,

We end up simply having to live in a world that is dystopian

That’s out lot and there is no reason to be hoping,

This is going to change any time soon

So governments will continue exploiting me and you,

Only if people become unified and choose

To reject, object and rebel against this abuse,

Will they ever take us seriously but as it stands they don’t,

As we head towards the precipice of mankind’s and earth’s tipping point,

And then when extinction hits it’ll all be to late,

To rise up and try to save the day,

Which is the reason they laugh at us day by day,

They’ll be no one left to analyse who is to blame,

It will simply be a testament to humanities shame,

That they were not capable of meaningful change.

We must strive for better


The cataclysmic fall fall in what is seen as decent today,

Is reflecting on people and the way we treat each other in different ways,

Showing a lack of dignity and of any respect

Backing charlatans and liars have we not sunk lower enough yet,

There was a time when people, when the were found of doing wrong fell on their own sword,

But now they stand in the limelight, miking the applause,

Moral and ethical integrity has been shown the door

As the rich powerful elitists shit on everyone much more,

And they’ve convinced so many of them that as intelligent women and men

That we should turn a blind eye to their wrong doings,

And follow, support and vote for them time and again,

This egregious trend of how to act is a sham on being a role model,

We need people of good character, of which we all can follow.

One rule for them


One rule for us and one for them

The elite believe they are above them

Rules and laws are for the poor

That’s what their system is for

Oppressing us all and holding us down

We’re told to know our place by these clowns

Being rich and powerful gives you certain rights

To ignore the laws and rules because they have the might

When will we as people wake up and realise

These people who are purveyors of lies shouldn’t represent us

And that we deserve better

And better is out there

There are people that really care

And want to build a system that shares

That want to build a society of equality and right

Of peace and freedom in which we can delight.

Days of sun


Tequila sunrise

And a Tapioca smile,

Living in the sunshine

Free and wild,

Running and jumping

Free from the burdens,

We divided ourselves
from the toxic world,

Eradicated all thoughts

Of negativity and stress,

Reaping a life now

That’s far greater blessed,

Living outside their reality

Which to us is illusory,

We are woke and living

In a state so consciously,

Aware and living happily,

Singing along to music

And dancing all night,

Whilst manifesting love

And a soulful foresight.

Daily grind (work, eat, sleep repeat)


We work hard each day

And it gives us a basic low wage,

And in return we get an abundance of pains and aches,

And when we get home we sit our arses down at the table

And see the fucking bills stacked like the Tower of Babel,

And we wonder how it is we’re supposed to keep our heads above the water,

You can barely afford to feed your wife son and daughter,

The bills that are stacked there are a testament to the fact they caught you,

In their capitalistic free market web

But there is nothing free about it,

Unless you’re a rich tax dodger living off the fat of the land,

But for us it’s nothing like this as we check out the utilities bills and their final demands,

Is it any wonder why we lose all hope and give up on our dreams,

Under the pressure of work, eat, sleep and repeat,

And we soon find our spirits broken and in full retreat,

Then your wife walks in with hollow black eyes, from a long night working in a care home,

Your kids make the best of it but at times the home turns into a war zone,

As the tension and the stress inevitably explodes

This kind of lifestyle most low paid and poor people know,

But the government do not care at all, funding their economy off our taxes,

While the rich move their money to offshore accounts and sits back in the sun and relaxes,

As they avoid paying their share and I ask you how that’s fair,

But in the end with the aches and pains we are too tired to care,

We’ve become immune to the inequality

And buy their lies that we are blessed,

They’ve convinced us it’s still great being second best,

And one I’d like to think and imagine a backlash taking place,

That sees us wiping their fucking smug grins

Right off their fucking faces,

And seizing back the power and taking our fair share,

Wake and join the program, I fucking dare,

And take back your lives and get out back more for what we put in,

Power to the people is a message that we need to be finally shouting.

Walking down Freedom Road


Let’s start a sojourn

It’s time to go,

Let’s take a walk down freedom road,

Let’s take a journey

To new discoveries,

Let’s march for equality,

By taking a walk down freedom road,

Let’s take a trip

To a world of no bigotry,

Holding hands with others

Of different ethnicities,

By taking a walk down freedom road,

Let’s hopscotch from star to star

Finding a way to our spiritual home,

Let’s go cosmic,

Let’s go quantum,

Let’s find our way down freedom road,

Freedom road,

Freedom road,

This is the road that leads to the soul.