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Stop the hurting

We need to stop the hurting

Stop the violence and the hate s

Stop the discrimination

Colour, sex and faith it does no matter to me

Why should it bother anyone

But a simplistic idiot fool

Who’s insecure, nobody is different from me

We are all one big family

We are all part one one race called humanity

Just stop the hurting

It’s obvious that waging wars is not working

Why would it anyway its stupid think this way

For those you kill are soon replaced

You cannot use a gun to change a faith

And shooting someone for the colour of their skin

Is an absurd way of thinking

So just stop with all the hurting

It’s plain to see this way of life’s not working

We need to change the way

Society thinks today

And learn to live life in a far more peaceful way

Learn to live life in a positive display of hope and love

And stop the hurting

Because living in unity and developing harmony

Could mean things may start working

And things will surely improve

Happier and fairer days for me and you

Equality will be defined in all we do

And there will be no need for any hurting

And when this becomes societies norm

We will know the world of love and peace is working.


Stations of thought

Strange fascinations

Unknown destinations

Left in a sea of consternation

We try to avoid any violations

Of environmental creation

I see glacial ablations

As the temperature is in migration

And the global variations

Brings home a climate realisation

Caused by corporate devastation

Spreading throughout the nations

They try to say it’s fake situation

But I have witness the resource degradation

And the result is increasing starvation

A real natural eradication

Of other species and through deforestation

We have set ourselves in isolation

From Gaia’s connected assimilation

Leading us all to humanities annihilation

And despite our screams of frustration

The world continues on forward with its constant determination

To deny this is real.

Contest! We don’t need no stinking contests

Contests! good for building ego’s up

great for knocking creativity down

as I pore over words and sounds

to make my poetry jump off the page

to come alive in others minds

in the most imaginative way.

Contests! we don’t need them

they drive us crazy every day

putting our best foot forward

and doing something that is brave

putting your art out there for judging

nurtured and created with much loving

only to be brutally dimissed

or even worse maybe even savaged

Contests! Huh, well this I find an interesting challenge

maybe I will just have a go at this

rise to the challenge and try to win it

not because I don’t think it still stinks

but because in my own way we become

ever so slightly addicted to it

looking for some kind of justification

for writing poetry and putting it out to the nations

or just because we have a competitive edge

contests! I’ve won a couple so see what’s next

see if I can be the best, I mean i wish everyone all the best

I just enter for a bit of fun, not to be just number one!

but being unplaced leaves me undone

but hey, let’s show a little grace keep a smile upon our faces

swallow this bitterest pill and compete until they lose the will

to misjudge my work again, I am the top contestant man!

enter contests or be dammed, stinking contests drive me mad

Argh!!!! is that even a word?


17/7/18 (In response to a contest challenge :))

Can’t side me

Black and white

left and right,

love and hate

dark and light,

everybody sides

pointless, fruitless

a waste of time,

you cannot side me

many different beliefs

but one humanity,

creation through divinity

evolution through the species,

I will take a open view

but you can not side me,

I have open eyes

and an open mind,

I am not a zealot

following blindly

I am existential,

recognizing no authority

but my own,

so I don’t need your sides

because I can decide for myself,

I don’t need a side

or anybodies lies,

the truth of everything

dwells with me inside.

Backbone of society

Salt of the earth

Worked the land

Blisters and corns on their hands

Used to a life of sweat and toil

Aching bones and tired muscles

Weary look and a grizzled demeanour

In the work ethic, they’re a believer

But never got rewarded above an average wage

So they’ve struggled for survival everyday

Living hand to mouth has always been their way

Bitter to the core and hard as nails

They’ve never achieved but they never failed

The lifestyle of a working class hero

That many others consider a zero

But they are the backbones an producers within society

There to realise the bosses and the money man’s dream.

When birds fly

When the birds fly south

We will know when summer ends

But when they fly away and are never seen again

Will that be out extinction

Will nature and creation take care of other species

And leave to face the eternal darkness all alone.

This is a warning

Maybe a foreboding

I know not what is prophesied

But I see through the lies of corporations

And governments

And nothing about what they do or says ever makes much sense

Because they’re all about greed

So when you see

The birds fly away never to be seen again

Maybe then you’ll buy into this self extinction

Brought about an arrogance

And an ignorance that convinced us not to change

Our dirty and destructive ways.

Gaia’s matrix

We are part of Gaia’s matrix

Created from the same seed,

Produced by the source

Resonating cosmically,

We are borne out of the spiritual

Created from a ritual,

Of love and light

And of creativity,

We shine so brightly

Like a lightening seed,

We grow to become one,

With our earth’s ecology

But somehow some get lost

And our planet pays the cost,

We cease to now be visionary

We are lost to greed

And living life carelessly

As if we believe there is some planet B,

Yet this is all there is for you and me

Until you evolve to a higher frequency,

So we need to nurture this earth

And understand enough is all we need.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Corrupting ways

I won’t abide by your ethics

Or by your corrupting ways,

I won’t live by your morals

Or your exploiting displays

Your society based on division

Is archaic and arcane

I won’t be controlled by you

Nor by your corrupting ways

I won’t be twisted or distorted

Neither beaten down or cowed

I won’t be forced to become greedy

Just to fit in with the crowd

For I believe in equality

And I know there’s more than enough to go round

I won’t allow myself to ever succumb

To your heinous corrupting ways.

Nature is restless

I get a feeling nature is restless

The Arctic meltdown is relentless

Volcanos blowing up in protest

Flooding giving our species no rest

Is this a sign of natures upset

That the damage that we’re doing

Will lead to our own decline and ruin

Do we not get the message

That we need to change the way we live

Stop exploiting and taking

Start to nurture and let’s give

Something back to our earth

Like love so it may forgive

Our trespasses against it

And our merciless depletion of its resources

As well as our careless pollution of course

We are a filthy species

Spreading our contagion like disease

We need to clean up our acts

As well as the land, sky and seas.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Indian heart

Indian heart

Native soul

Ancient primordial

And centuries old

Their land taken

It was stolen

Land of the bison

Land of the eagle

Heart beats wild

Their soul is free

But forced to live in misery

Proud people

Of a proud nation

No longer living

On reservations

Indian hearts

I shed tears for you

Indian soul

I mourn the truth

Life stolen

Along with their land

Ownership forfeit

By their fellow man

Land stolen by White Europeans

In the name of conquest and greed

Called and treated like savages

The only savage is the men of the pilgrimage

By men of European privilege

Indian hearts

I feel sorrowful

Indian soul

Can never be consoled.