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I keep going

Poor in wealth I maybe

And struggling to get by

But rich I am in imagination

And I have a futile creative mind

That eases all the hardship

And helps me to stay strong

On this journey through life

I just keep going on.

Knock me down

I will always get back up.


Did not choose this life

People live in tenements of misery

People live in projects of abject pain

People live the ghetto life

Its not a choice to live like this

Piss stenched buildings

Covered in graffiti art

Showing fallen people

Lives ended that barely had a chance to start

Broken windows reflect broken dreams

It’s even more hopeless than it seems for many

They didn’t choose to live like this

Living in a life of poverty

Surround by drugs and guns

And dangerous gangs

They do what can and need to survive

But the didn’t choose these lives

Would you.

Passively observing

Our ecology is in danger

You passively observe

Our humanity is is in danger

You passively observe

When all you do is passively observe

Bad things continue unchallenged and that’s absurd

Why is it you can only passively observe

Is it because of fear or have you just lost your nerve

As a result you merely passively observe

As the oceans fill with plastic and our air fills with pesticide

And animals going extinct

And you just simply hide

Unable and impotent to even fight

To distracted by those whole control your mind

So you passively watch as these unconscionable acts go by

And as humanity kills itself and edges closer to self extinction

You still just sit back and passively observe

What will take for you to stand up and demand change

No longer passively observing

But acting independently and when we all unite as one

We will be the ungovernable force

That change the way we live.

Something is wrong with society

When you see someone sleeping on the streets

So cold, so rough, so weak,

How can you not feel a need to weep

And wonder what’s going on with our society

How can you not be affected by this

Unless you are lacking any empathy

How is it you can stand there and judge

Is it simply because you are devoid of love

How can you not see something has gone wrong

We live in a system that punishes the weak

Rewards the strong

And some may say that’s how nature works

But I do not agree

We are different and pride ourselves on being sentient beings

And as such we can make choices

Live helping others up

When they stumble and they fall

This is what I call love

It’s also kindness

It’s so compassion

A sense of being

That now seems to have gone out of fashion.

Love in the blood

What am I what makes me tick?

What makes my life seem worth it?

And I say it’s the love running in my blood,

They say what makes me care so much?

What makes me focus on kindness?

And I say its the love running in blood,

They say why put out messages?

Why preach and aggravate

I say I simply advocate what’s right

Because I got love running in my blood,

They say I have got too much too say?

But I am going to keep saying anyway

Because I got love running in my blood,

I think they hope I’ll go away

But not until this peace and equality today,

Because I got love running in my blood,

Which means I will never give up

Saying what needs to be said in your view way too much

But the right things can never be said quite enough,

So let the love flow free and run through your blood.

Under privileged

Brushed under the mat

Treated differently,

Made to feel like we are less

By this who are in superiority,

Who believe that they are

Better than you or me,

Denying us often any opportunity

Simply because they like the power

Like to sit in judgement

Like to hold control

Love making the decisions

On how our life is going to go

They get all the big bucks

Off of our blood, sweat and tears,

Week after week,

year after year,

They like presiding over us

That much is very clear

And if you show an ounce of dissent

They can mess your life up,

Dump you out of your job

So you end up down on your luck

And these arrogant people

Just won’t give a fuck.

Guns vs human life

Are human lives worth more than guns

If they are put the guns away

Or are human lives expendable

Brought and paid for by the NRA

Who promote the selling of guns

That will ensure humanity is done

Buying off all the politicians

Using their wealth and their millions

Ask yourself what’s more precious

Human life or gun ownership

That leaves so many children and innocent dead

Charlton Heston once famously said

‘The only way the will take my gun away is to prize it out of my dead hand’

I wonder if he thought acceptable

To see dead school children scattered over schoolyards

Across America’s lands.

More or less

Why should some have more or less

Why are we judged on where we live

Why judge on colour of skin

Why condemn because of what we believe in

What’s sexuality got to do with it

Everybody has a right to equally live

Just because someone is uniquely distinctive

Makes them stand out from the crowd

Doesn’t mean they should be cowed

Made to feel second best

We’re all one race and equally blessed

So why should some have more or less

Why do some rule

While others are oppressed

We all come into life the same way

And we will all go out the same

Bringing nothing in taking nothing out

We are one race without any doubt.


Equal from birth

We are divided,

Into classes

That define us,

Rich or poor

Black and white,

Male and female

This is not right,

We are all people

Of one race

And should live

In an equal way,

No matter your

Belief or faith,

Believe in equality always.

Welcome to my circus

Welcome to my life circus

There is some much to see

Light, love, compassion,

Stories and poetry,

It’s a display of constant kindness

And helping where I can

And showing tolerance to my fellow man

I share the truth of conscious reality

I send out a message of spirituality

But I don’t force on anyone

It’s for those who choose to hear

I live in an existential light

Not not it dogmatic fear

I am authentic

I am choosing to be me

I choose to live with eyes wide open

I choose to question everything

I am aware

I am what I choose to be

Self created non illusory

But tuned into reality

And looking for ways to break free.