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Bleeding out

I bleed out the pain of this modern age that’s so unbalanced

So much inequality, greed and poverty that’s obvious

Yet not enough people seem to want to manifest change

So it just continues on and I hear the silent stifled rage

Of those who feel the hurt and those that feel the pain

So I have to bleed it out form them

This I see as my aim

To get a message out there that humanity should be shamed

That half the world has more than enough

And half the world starves and sleeps rough

Where is the balance and equality

People are to focused on greed and their own needs

And to know that people live hard lives of misery

Makes me bleed out a voice that is a plea

To help bring about a change in this we see

Where innocent people are no longer oppressed

Killed in wars with no great cause

Where abuse is happening behind close doors

Let’s bleed it out in a message love

Let’s get in touch with our compassion

And start doing the right thing as humanity

And make all lives matter in the end

And make everyone’s life worth living

Each day.


Landscape destruction

Landscapes of brutalised wilderness where trees stood,

No amount of greed should ever see such destruction of wood,

We have to resolve to live a life of nurture not simply of destruction.

Hypocrisy and forgiveness

This life so unbalanced

It makes you laugh

Hysterical feelings

Beyond the pail, beyond the fail

Where people you know

Who committed their fair share of sins

But any you make they’re never forgiving

And how poor downtrodden people

Who may have made mistakes with alcohol and crack

Are never given opportunities to come back

Yet those of wealth and those of power

Who fall down the same way

Are pardoned their mistakes and go on to be great

It would be really funny if it wasn’t so unfair

An unbalanced life where only a few care

And where those who’ve made similar mistakes to you

Spin it and talk as if they’ve always been true

And forget what they’ve done

And focus on others

A form of distractions to keep their past deeds undercover

Me I am flawed and yes I’ve made mistakes

I own my own sins and repent everyday

Without getting pious or holier than thou

I never judge anyone of that I’ve avowed

Except hypocrites and those who seek to put others down

I find it hard to take their two faces

Without being irked and showing a frown

Everybody that owns what they’ve done

Has the right to be forgiven

Especially if the are doing right by repenting

And accept the responsibility for all of their deeds

And accepted their punishment where there is a need

But what hope is there for humanity

If there is one rule for them and another for me

What chance for anyone is forgiveness is only ever given

To those of class and position

And denied to those who are lowly

And defined as hopelessly riven within a different position

Hypocrisy is the greatest of all sins

Do not fall into it and judge who gets forgiven.

Climate change

Climate change

Lack of knowledge

Insane policies of greed

Mindless thoughts of avarice

Against nature mankind works

The Earth feels the hurt

Evolution of mind is needed.

Climate change

Hasty race

Against life

No end in sight

Gaining momentum

Every step nearer the end of time.

Sign of the times

Scandalous governments

Inflicting misery,

Genocidal tendencies

Nuclear threat,

Our humanity next

For extinction,

This malicious legion

Harnessing hate and greed,

Extermination of other species,

Trespassers on nature

Insanity is their policy,

Murder and maiming vicariously,

End of days from climate change

Shows the ignorance of humanity.

Suburban life

Brick built box

In which you dwell

Suburbia dream

Or suburban hell

Sometimes hard to tell

You’ve a desire to scream

A need to yell

But you don’t

Instead you wash your car

You mow your lawn

Fitting in to societies norm

Domesticated like this

Since you were born

Numb in head

Dead within soul

Bought the life you were sold

Like the artwork on your wall

Knew nothing about it at all

Bought it because you were told

It’s what everybody craves

Then one sad, cold, lonely day

When sitting in you little brick prison

You suddenly realise something is missing

You bought the package deal life

A waste of living

A self inflicted crime

Never sought to find what’s inside

An individual spirit

That cannot be denied

A potential there for your light to shine

That you decided

That you should hide

To live the perfect acceptable life

As deemed by society

As it defined

Sold your life and sold your mind

For the pre packaged material lifestyle.

Never too far from the ground

Round and round,

Always going up,

Yet somehow

Never leaving the ground,

Pushing up, pushing on

The repetition,

The moving upward

Without any progress,

What if we were to stop?

If we were to look round?

See we’ve barely even left the ground,

Would it be so bad

Just take a look around,

See everyone’s doing the same thing

And getting nowhere.

So if we were to stop

And decide to break free,

If we decided this is not for me,

If we were to snap out

Of the nightmarish scene,

Would it cause life to start crumbling down

And if it did,

Because we no longer go around,

There would be little damage

For as always,

We are too close to the ground,

For much damaged to be wreaked

By this simple deed,

Of breaking out,

Of breaking free,

And gaining release.

Have too pay for your art

Worst thing about being poor to day

Is if you want your book edited

Then you have to pay

If you want it reviewed

Then the story is the same

I am sorry my friend but you have to pay

Need any help sure

But can you pay?

It’s not easy being a poor writer making your way

Maybe that’s why the shelves in bookshops are paved

With celebrity ramblings

Because the can pay

Sorry if this sounds bitter in many ways

But I can see why it is so hard to break through as an author today

Publishers only want certainties

And that’s what you get I guess with books by celebrities

To few breakthrough authors like JK Rowlings

Who some one took a chance on now she’s every publishers darling

Good to see it can be achieved

But I wonder if she paid to get things moving.

Breaking down division

We live in a world of so many ethnic divides

The future is in trying to unite

Healing the damage trying to make things right,

The colour of your skin or your belief

Makes you in no way different from me,

It’s nothing we see when we are kids

It’s something our parents and peer group taught,

To fear anything you don’t understand

But I for one think if we all join hands,

We can connect in every land

And work on a new manifesting plan,

Where as ordinary people we cast away the hate

Sing with one voice and cast discrimination away,

Build societies in better stronger displays,

Where all lives matter and we are all colour blind

It’s not that any longer that defines,

Just the kindness and compassion

That flows through your heart,

Is it not about time we give love, peace and unity a chance

And rediscover the humanity in you,

People are all unique and individual

And that the honest truth,

So we are all different in our own little ways

But let’s not make this be a cause for discriminatory hate.