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Inside you is unlimited knowledge

Deep soul connection

And mindful meditation

Answers many questions

And shows we’ve no limitations

We are only restricted by ourselves

But the more we go within

And thd deeper we delve

We open the doors to consciouness

The we disvover self love

And realise we are blessed

Then we find the knowledge

That we always seek

Find our strength and our own feet

We then stand strong

And reside in our new found wisdom

We learn to stop chatting

Because we have learnt how to listen

Fools talk too much

About what think they know

Wise men keep their knowledge

Always on the low

Because those who are not awakened

Will not and cannot understand

Still to lost in domestication

So a deep soul connection

And mindful meditation

Answers many questions

And shows we’ve no limitations

We are only restricted by ourselves

Don’t be afraid to seek within

Don’t be afraid to delve.

Tribal factions

Tribal factions

Follow others rule

Tribal factions

Used as tools

Fight others corners

While being controlled

Victims of corrupted souls

Tribal factions

Built around hate

Society created

Sponsored by the state

Divisions make it easy to rule

Fanatic extremists

Blind ignorant fools

Tribal factions

Follow like sheep

Tribal factions

Are for the weak

Tribal factions

Don’t think their own thoughts

Tribal factions

Repeat what others talk

So devoid of original thought

Tribal factions

Have been bought

By promises that are derived from lies

Tribal factions

Choose your side

This side, that side

You’ll never side me

I base my thoughts

On unique consciousness things

Derived from authentic originality

Borne from my existential driven

Self governed authority

That’s why tribal factions are not f or me

For I am an individual and I am free.

Shadow figures

Men in shadows are in place

Standing behind the heads of states

Men of money we don’t see

They’re invisible you see

They exist in society

But in places blind to you and me

They control everything

For the determine the flow of money

Money being more powerful than God

In this world where everything is odd

Division and intolerance and hatred

Promoted more throughout the global states

You think leaders have the power

Do you believe they’re in control

They are just front women and men, they are puppets

To the shadowy mystery men

Who weild power through financials

Through using money to threaten and blackmail

They decide if wars are fought

And what environmental answers should be sought

They still believe in nuclear and dirty fuel

They are not interested in renewables

Wars are waged for the arms trade

The biggest corporation today

That’s why there will never be an America gun free

The men are monsters they live in the dark

You’ll never see them on the streets or in the park

They are outside this worlds illusory

And are in fact the brutal reality

Hiding in their ivory towers

Covering and embracing all their powers

They sit laughing at us all

Because they deign us as ll as fools

But when you start awakening

The the illusions they start breaking

Then you’ll see the truth too

That these shadowy men are the ones making the rules

And nobody elected them.

I care

I care

Maybe to much sometimes

I leave myself open

To be used once in a while

But my empathic nature

And my kind heart

Will not allow me to start

Building up walls and defences

That will leave me cold and dark

Would leave me setting myself apart

From my fellow human beings

From other spiritual souls

Before I know it I’d feel so bitter, lonely and old

Instead I take my chances of keeping an open soul

A welcoming warm heart that consoles

I’d rather be compassionate and offering love

I prefer to offer help from those who in which my life touch

No distance is too far and nothing is to much

For a friendly kind person who is living life for love.

Is depression a poison we are being fed

I wonder today in a world where depression is so prevelant

Ig our food and drinks are being poisoned by governments

And good producers hungry for profit

I’ve never known an age quite like it.

When I was you over 40 years ago

Depression was relatively unknown

Among young kids who spent all their time a play

We had so very little then unlike today.

Maybe they’re being poisoned by social media

Infecting young minds making them feel inferior

When adolescent kids have body image issues

Then you know there’s something very wrong

Whe kids in pubity dream of transgending

At a time of life when their bodies and hormones are changing

Society should not be promising this way

It should be telling them there’s time so jyst wait

But minds of kids want everything now

And this greedy materialistic society smiles rather than frowns

It makes you wonder if those who supposedly rule

Are treating us all as a bunch of fools

Poisoning our foods

Poisoning our minds

Infecting us all the time

With fear and self doubt

With low esteem and no self love

Maybe we give kids way to much

And maybe as adults we expect and demand to much.

The cycle of revenge

The cycle of revenge

Doesn’t lend itself to healing

It offers no one any comfort

And doesn’t take away painful feelings

Revenge is not a drink anyone should taste at all

It only leads to a monument fall

And leaves you in a dark cold place

That is wretched and abysmal

So save your soul and humanity

And don’t respond to its call

Be of greater, stronger stuff

And rise high above it all.


Energy is derived from motivation

Positive and negative triumphs and tribulations

The secret is to promote positivity where you can

And keep negstivuty on thd low, you understand?

Because negativity is a drain on you being

And stops us from feeling the most amazing of things

Where as positivity will raise us up

Open us to the most wonderful euphoria and love

And will make us feel energised and not lacklustre

As negative emotions and feelings do, so don’t trust them

Positivity brings happiness to life

And brings about an existence of eternal light

That resonates within abd grows power, strength and might

That enables us to withstand sll of our troubles and strife

On what at times feels like a roller-coaster ride.

Rising tides

Seas are rising

Icebergs melting,

I ain’t lying

Temperatures are swealtering,

Climate change

In full flow

Only the ignorant don’t know.

We are reaping a harvest

That we have sown,

Over many years

Of industrialisation,

Paying the price now

For greedy exploitation,

One by one

The extinction of

Low lying nations,

Will follow through

Because of global warming,

Ice cap melting,

Rising seas this correlation

Can only be missed by those

Who remain to blind to see,

To locked and wrapped up

In their material greed.

But what you gonna do

When you’re lands start flooding

And you are left with nothing,

Will climate denial still be volalised

Or will truth and reality become realised.

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Let’s celebrate saviours day

So wrapped in our self importance

Man forgets it’s own existence

Is not something it can sustain alone

We require natures balance

We require other species

You can throw at life your material greed

You can throw you advanced technologies

And if you think that will be enough

You will expose your ignorance and arrogance for all to see

If you doubt what nature and other species

Bring to the table, then you are too blind to see

And you show to the whole world your gross stupidity

Intelligent awakened souls understand the stories of old

That we are not owners but caretakers

Of this earth, is that your mind blown

Did yo really believe you could own this planet

Devoure it’s resources like greedy gannets

Gourging our way to self extinction

Is committing suicide the only destinction

Aan ignorant and flawed affliction

But many of us our now rising

Rebellion against extinction has started prizing

The power and the control from your grip

And will not stop until you face up to it

Nuture nature and change your extinction ways

And build a brighter future and greener more renewable ways

Because we can still celebrate saviours day

The day humanity changed its dirty, exploiting, greedy ways.

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Looking at stars

Do you like me

Ever gaze silently

Up at this stars

Into eternity

In search of peace

As the mad world

Spins around and by us

Lights flash and screams cry out

But in my mind all is silent

In me, everything is still

And the chaotic discord of life

Races on and on in a tumult of confusion

Where ever body rushes round

But no one seems to get anywhere

And lost in their delusion

They seem to think they’re achieving something big

Yet it’s really all just meaningless

They’re just like hamsters on a wheel

And I’ve decided to step off of the wheel

To step off of the ride and t a Jr a stock of my life

And as I gaze up at the stars into eternity

Imaging cosmic universal dreams

As well as consciousness based themes

That help show me reality.