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Touch and go

We agreed on touch and go

We decided we would sow

A seed of love that night we met

And never meet again

But it was never going to be that easy

Your beauty teased my memory

That night that we both shared

Showed me that you were raised in flair

That moment that we shared

Was a blissful love of pure affection

We both embraced this love injection

And when we kussed goobye

I know for both of us it was touch and go

How are we meant to ignore the seed we sowed

But somehow we’ve managed to let it all flow

And it the memories I harbor I felt the warmest golden glow

Neither of us may ever truly know

It could have been so different

Rather than this hesitating touch and go.


I know you

You’re boasy

To hide your fears

You are boasy

It’s a cover up

It’s just a front

You act boasy

To be the man

You’re more than that

Better in fact

You don’t need to be boasy

Be authentic

Be true to you

Don’t let boasy define your ttuth.

I want to watch

I want to sse you kissed

Watch as your touched

I want to see you making love

I want to see your squirm

See you writhe

Hear your moans

Listen to your sighs

And look into your eyes

As you peark hard

So many times

I want to see you owned

Watch your body come alive

She you being seduced

And then in pleasure used

Don’t get confused

It’s not because I dont love you

It’s because I do

That I long to see you

In all your glory

Acting out a true lust story

Just based on the physical

Doing all that is so pleasurable

Letting yourself go

Breaking out the mundane routine

That’s often why we’re miserable

I want to inject excitement

Back into our love life

And to watch you heavy breathe

As he picks up the speed

And lifts you up

To an or gas smic relief

Is music and bliss to me

Watching you wild and free

In your passion and your lust

I see you enjoying

Everything he does to you

His touch his kiss

I wanto to see you submit

After trying to resist

Then embracing and loving it

Is this something you could do

And let me see in your wildest dreams

Watch you as you show me

Just how amazing you can be

When your body is set free.

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Abortion is not mens buisness

Should men have a say on abortion?

Of course they fucking shouldnt

It’s not their bodies so they don’t have the right

So they don’t have the right to decide

And if a woman is raped or been abused

They must have the rich ht to choose

If they find they’re pregnant

Whether to abort or have it

Don’t get me wrong I am not keen on abortion

But I won’t interfere with a woman’s right

I won’t be the one who forces them

To go through a terrible ordeal again

Of having a baby as a victim of rape or abuse

Men don’t have a say and thats the truth

It’s men that are the rapists and the abusers

Why not absorb and do

Something about men’s predatory ways

Instead of threatening to lock doctors and women away

For ninety years of suffering each day

In a jail so they won’t see the light of day again

Meanwhile the predators enjoy power, wealth and fame

You see them in the media getting away

With crimes against the female race

So don’t try judging women in any way

And keep abortions allowable and legal today

For the right to make their choices their way.


Extraterrestrials far off in space

Waiting for humanity to evolve as a race

Or simply to just wait for us to go extinct

Occupy this planet earth with all its riches

They would harness and nurture it

They would not seek to destroy or try exploiting things

Uliike us who give no thought for the damage we do

So they sit bide their time behind the dark sides of the moons.

Free mind

Chains manacle

Ropes they bind

Walk through life

With closed eyes

Walk in darkness

And in shadow

Walk alone on a futile path

Walk a tightrope

Be headed like sheep

Question nothing

Be told what to believe

Be what others create in you

Not authentic able to choose

Ignore synchronicity

And consciousness

Mock awakening and being blessed

Let inspiration die in your head

Let every thought die of loneliness

Just settle for second best

That’s not for me

For love, peace and liberty I breathe

No for me the life of a sheep

Not for me your chains that manacle me

Not for me those ropes that bind me

I write, live and decide my on own dreams

That’s because I set my mind free

And stand outside this broken society

I question everything

And decided the light is where I wish to be

Sharing it with furtile company

And growing in spiritual enlightening.

Woman of desire

She gorgeous in the way she walks

Intelligent in everyway she talks

Her dress fits perfectly to her form

Her body surpassed regular norm

Her lips are so wonderfully ruby red

Mens passions and desires are set

In a way that the they want her and become obssessed

In her heels you see her long legs are the best

She flirts and she has a lot of fun with men

Sometimes there is kissing and some touching

They love her class and her total strength

She calls thd shots whenever she is deciding

Who to share her self and her fun time with

She is grateful of the life she lives

Free and happy to do anything

She’s married but her husband let’s her live this way

Likes to see her desired and wanted this way

For that she loves him more because he allows her to play

I wonder if you would and could live the same way?

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Lights down, love is up

Lights out

Let’s cuddle up

The night is quiet

It’s all about love

Sharing kisses

And a warm embrace

Just one and me here now

In our own little space.

Quiet time in this moment of love

Lights are down and love is up.

We talk a little

But not to much

We watch feel good film

And enjoy each others touch.

Quiet time in this moment of love

Lights are down and love is up.

It’s important to find

Moments like these

Helps the love grow

Just taking it slow and easy

Nothings forced

No pressure on

Just sharing embraces and kisses

The whole night long.

Quiet time in this moment of love

Lights are down and love is up.

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I am a necromancer

I am a necromancer

Spellbinding you

Using alchemy to lure you

Into my world of mystical love

I am here to show you

The wonders of the universe

The cosmic realms

But most of all the authentic you

My aim is to make all your dreams come true

By showing you things that you never knew

But that are important to develop the spiritual in you

So that all that you wish to see and do

Will manifest in all its glory very soon

Like the beauty of a full super moon

That reminds me of the nature I see in you

And induces so much spellbound love

For I am the necromancer

I am the alchemist

And I cast a love spell

And offered you a love potion

So that you could not resist

The love I have for you.

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