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Through it all, I held on to your love


Through the hurt and pain

I weathered the storms

And through the dark nights

Alone in which my heart would bleed

I kept you and your love close to me

Though life assailed me constantly

Though the light faded into grey

And even when I had suffered life’s slings and arrows

Trod the path of loss and outrageous misfortune

Tasted the bitter taste of grief and sadness

I kept you and your love close to me

For I knew one day the light would shine on me again

Knew that one day I would heal from the pain

That I would smile along my way

For the path has its ups and downs and cannot be blamed

For on this journey we learn so much

About our friends, about ourselves as well as about life

Learning nothing is ever perfect

Understanding everything is flawed

And as we encounter new doors

To new experiences I realise

I Love life and people more and more

So I keep you and your love close

For you’re the best soul I’ve ever known

My safe, place, my home from home

A spirit from which true live flows.

United states of being

United states of being

Growth in life stems from love

Growth in being is rooted in soul

Life is harsh but we can transcend

We can develop and then manifest

Into empathic spirits of light

We can raise our frequency on high

We can evolve into united states

Living in peace, harmony and grace.

Growing flowers


The flowers in the garden withered

In the places that are dark, dank and cold

The flowers that had so much potential

Died young and never got to grow old

Like the thoughts and the innocence within us

Like somehow we feel ourselves unjust

As if somehow we’re not good enough

That’s similar to our hopes and dreams

The flowers wilt before showing their colours

Just like both you as well as me

If we give up on our dreams

And then on we cannot hope to see a day

That we love and grow in because its sunny.

I am the empty shell discarded


It matters not if you think I fell

So I was left behind like a discarded shell

I kept going on my own way

From my path I did stray

And though I got dark, cold and lonely

I know that I am the one and only

Person I can truly rely and depend upon

To get me through, to achieve my mission

To do the best and be the best I can in life

Doing what I know or feel to be right

I never asked for any attention

So no judgement please I don’t need that tension

All that I do I do willingly

Trying to find a way to break free

The the chains and the shackles binding me

So I choose to be my own authority

You may not like what I believe

But they are my thoughts you see

I keep my own counsel I never forced on you

I support what I believe to be true

If you think differently that is fine by me

It’s good to have such diversity

It stops stagnation within society

And I won’t hate for this so don’t hate me

We all have different convictions

We all have different perceptions

But as long as we are tolerant and respect others liberty

And the right to act and speak freely

Where it does not hurt anyone

Then that’s what is most important

And if we can share love, kindness and peace

Then just maybe we will release

The true spiritual being within ourselves

There’s alway hope and if you check that discarded shell

You will find me still trying my best

To perseve and pass life’s test.

Just so you know


I speak in calmness

I speak no hate

I speak of love

And it’s not fake

I show compassion

I’ve no jealousy

I have my own unique belief

I have no ego, at least I hope

Prejudice to me is unknown

I am not perfect

I know I am flawed

I fight war, I don’t fight wars

I want peace, so much more

I seek unity, for humanity

and I care not, for how you judge me

For I seek equality and the right to be free

and no matter how you perceive me

this is how I choose to live and breathe

your approval I don’t need

Just so you know.

Brain full


Too many things on my mind

Confused often I find

I make mistakes and get carried away

What can I say I am human that way

My mind gets oveoaded

With too much information

And as I am getting older

I noticed that things don’t improve

I slip in and out of the groove

But everything I ever do

I do the best that I can

I just hope others may understand

I just hope that people are patient

See that I put my heart into everything

And if that’s not enough then I am sorry

Like I say I do the best that I can

I am flawed just like other humans

For no one is perfect and those who say they are

Are fools or are lying which is nothing to he proud about.