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Never give up on love

Because money comes and goes

And material possessions they lose their shine and get old,

Both of these things we can navigate and do without

But to live without love is so sad without a doubt,

To live without love will always cast a shadow

And leave you living life with a vision so narrow,

That you can’t and will not see the light,

And do will not witness the beauty,

Love is everything we need

So I cry out so desperately,

Don’t you go giving up on love,

Because we all need love in our so much.

We hideaway


We hideaway within ourselves

We hideaway within our minds

We hideaway as someone else

We are the masters of hiding away

We hideaway our emotions

We hideaway our feelings

We hideaway our love

We hideaway afraid of being hurt

We are the masters of hiding away

We hideaway for no reason

Maybe it’s because it was within our teachings

Maybe we are scared people will see we’re flawed

Maybe we are scared we’re not so perfect at all

And so we hideaway who we are from life

And play out a roll, as somebody else

We lose the authentic us in this rigmeroll

Don’t hideaway you light

Don’t hideaway your beauty

Don’t hideaway your uniqueness

Show yourself and be blessed

And learn to never hideaway again.

Unknown persons


An unknown person dies everyday

For standing up for people’s rights,

Or for stating what needs to be said,

An unknown person dies every day

For standing up for animal rights or deforestation,

Truth tellers feel the force of corporations,

And corrupt fucking governments eager to keep them quiet,

Another unknown person disappears at night

And all because they stand up for a basic human or environmental right,

These unknown persons are super heroes

Just without the capes,

But sadly are not invincible

And are killed by corrupt governmental states,

For daring to expose the lies by telling the truth

That reveals their desire for greed and their corrupting ways,

An unknown person dies often all alone and often very much afraid,

So show them your blessing and simply doing something easy like just pray,

To keep them safe.

Concessions please


Please make a concession for me

I am a flawed soul,

I’d love to be perfect but I know I am not,

In a life of so many distractions and allurements

Life can be just one big torment,

Though I meditate to the universe and love

And I sit in stillness contemplating the light,

I seek inner peace by cutting out the clutter in my mind,

I try not to stray from the path of what’s right,

But please understand I am just human after all

I never seek to be superior, for I know one day I’ll fall,

Others tie me in knots and complexities

But I just want to live a life that is free,

I just want and try me best to be the authentic me,

Flawed and imperfect though that may be.

The reason for loving you


I see the physical of you

As I see the consciousness of you,

I feel the warmth of you

As I feel the spiritual of you,

I am in awe of the scent of you

I can define the truth of you,

And the truth is you are beautiful

And all of this is the reason for me loving you.

This is my life, my dream, my illusion


Yes it’s me

And I am living the dream

Better than my reality,

Lost in illusion

Carried off in delusion,

If you live my life then you wouldn’t blame me

For I live in a hard knock totality,

Where life is shorter statistically

Where hard living effects me drastically

And some say emphatically,

That there are many worse off than me,

True, but there are many that are doing better you see,

Should I look up, or should I look down?

Aspire to better, then help others up from the ground,

This is my mantra, this is my cause

I refuse to be taken for a fool,

This my life, this is my way

I won’t let anyone else control or dictate,

The way I live, the things I say

It’s time to live the dream

So you can’t take it away,

This my choice, this is my voice,

As I strive to survive day by day.

Good day friend (and smile)


I walk the streets of London Town, smiling as I go, being what some may find weird, nodding and saying hello, regardless of colour faith or creed, I allow my smiles and greetings flow freely, I have done this too in other countries, it feels good to be kind and show that you pay no mind, to the difference that some may highlight between us. I see no race, I see no gender, colour or faith divide, I just see each person as individual, each of is unique and we should display that with pride. Who wants to be a clone, or just another one in the crowd, shine as bright as you like and I will meet you, greet you and smile, for the longest time, or just a short while. If you’re not happy and you’re feeling down, my smile will turn your frown upside down, I will lift your heart, and put light back in your day, with a courteous gift that I will display and a warmth and sincerity so rarely felt and in return all that I ask of you, is to pay it back by doing the same thing too, which may make this world a better place, with no discrimination about colour, race gender or faith, be you transgender, gay or straight, just everybody wishing each other a good day.