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Inspiring, always fighting

Never giving up, don’t keep whining,

If you want the things you desire in life

You’ve got to dedicate your life to the fight,

It’s all about kicking down closed doors

It’s all about demanding more,

Not from everybody else but you

Hear my words for they are the truth,

Never give up, keep on going

Keep planting hope with the seeds you’re sowing,

Motivate yourself to achieve more

Work harder than you’ve ever done before.

Don’t lie to yourself


You can lie to everybody else

But you can’t lie to you,

Can you look yourself in the eye

When in the mirror telling untruths,

If you can do this then you have a problem

That’s all I can say to you,

Because when you can lie to yourself

You lose something within you,

So stay true and be careful in all the things you do

Or the faith that people have in they will lose,

So always be honest and true to you.

To love Harley Quinn


Can you imagine

Being in love

With Harley Quinn?

Where would you begin?

She is so very pretty

Yet thoroughly mad

She is kind of sexy

Yet a whole lot of bad,

She has voices

Talking in her head

I imagine she is wild

Especially in bed,

So how can you not wonder

How great or bad it would be

Falling in love with Harley,

For reasons I don’t know

She appeals in see to me,

Yet I know she’d drive me crazy

But I like a little mad

And a whole lot of bad,

One minute she’s happy

Next minute sad,

I could be her joker

If that’s what it takes

A love that you cannot forsake,

How would it be

Falling in love with Harley Quinn,

This could be heavenly

Or the greatest sin.

Forward thinking


Look forward not back

Because the past cannot be changed

The future is not certain so we are best living in the present,

Look to shine your love in a light that is incandescent,

Live each day in each moment

Live it second by second,

Don’t await others approval because we both know

That ain’t never coming

Be you,  be free and authentically

Live a life of love and fulfilled dreams

And in I say you must believe.

Being true to self


They say be more assertive

If not then you don’t deserve it,

They say take more responsibility show your ability,

They say be more independent

But what I want to know is what they really mean,

Because I am me and what they tell me to be

I may already be in my own way and in my own reality,

All they see it what they perceive ,

That ain’t real it’s illusory and stems from their own mind

And have they even spent the time,

Even trying to get to know about the true me

Maybe they need to show more faith and belief,

In all I try and do and maybe

They will see how I am, which is happy, being authentically me.

In darkness


In darkness it is said there is no light

And I must agree and concur that you are right

Except when the human spirit

Decides to burn bright

Then it shines vividly

And can light up even the most darkest of nights.



Spiritual doesn’t mean persecuted

It does not mean oppress me,

Spiritual dies not mean forgiving unconditionally,

To those who still seek to cause you hurt and pain,

Spiritual means living in an awakened state,

Enlightened and seeking to cause no harm

To those who mean none to you in return,

Spiritual means finding inner peace and calm

While remaining always alert to the storms,

Spiritual is being a free thinker and open minded

Courageous enough to question everything,

Spiritual is living consciously

Instilled with self love and self belief,

Caring for others, sharing with all

Embracing all forms of equality,

Spirituality is living life freely

Not bound in envy, hate or greed,

Spirituality is staying in touch with true reality.

My terms of living


Consciously driven

And seeing what is hidden,

In focus my life on the art of living

Here in the present not the future or the past,

Those dreams or nightmares never last or often are surpassed

I fix my sight on reality,

And not like many on the illusory

That’s fed to them by those who seek control,

But I value my freedom

As I value my soul,

There is absolutely no reason

To ever be told,

Just how you should live life

And now i am to old to be taught new tricks,

Or to step back in that fold

I enjoy just being me,

Doing just as I please

Always making sure I am not hurting anybody,

Ok remain always kind

I am existential by design,

Not fitting in to boxes

Or wearing any labels,

For I am individually defined,

By my own actions created by my own conscious mind.


Never give up on love

Because money comes and goes

And material possessions they lose their shine and get old,

Both of these things we can navigate and do without

But to live without love is so sad without a doubt,

To live without love will always cast a shadow

And leave you living life with a vision so narrow,

That you can’t and will not see the light,

And do will not witness the beauty,

Love is everything we need

So I cry out so desperately,

Don’t you go giving up on love,

Because we all need love in our so much.