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Resetting our parameters

When we open our hearts

And when we open our eyes

We see nothing but truth

W we understand who lies

When we set aside our corrupted thoughts

That from birth were installed

To control us in every way

They were the voices that we obeyed

They were the disease, our plague

But we can heal and cure ourselves

And restore our being and our self love.

Take me to the mountain

Take me to the mountain

And show me the world

Show me the greedy

And show how their actions hurt

Take me to the mountain

And show me the beauty

Then show me how it’s now plagued

And being destroyed by mindless greed

Take me to the mountain

Becasuse it’s like my church

And from the mountain

I can for the end of these hurts

And redemption and healing for this home, our earth

So take me to the mountain

And take me to church

Show me humanity

At all its worse

And I will prayer for forgiveness

In all that we do

And we will repair the damage

And stop the few

From their exploiting

And ignorant ways

We will do new seeds

Of compassion and love each day

And change humanities way

Take me to the mountain

Take me to my church.


You thought that you betrayed me

When you gave your body to a stranger

Testing my love by tempting the lustful danger

To see how I would respond and react

But your a free soul

And I don’t own and I will not cage you

But know that i have no interest in revenge

I will not repay you by betraying you

Your free to do, all the things that feel good to you

And if it makes you happy then good luck to you

But I will never walk away unless you tell me to go

And then I will without ill feeling walk away

And it’s not because I am weak

I am certainly not meek

I just know that you have the right to satisfy your needs

And I know you, better tha n you do yourself

And you don’t have yo go around acting in stealth

Just tell me, for I will understand believe me

Don’t think therefore you are betraying me

With you fine body

For I know you have insatiable needs

Which I’ll let you explore freely

Without the need for any jealousy

For my live for you resonates at a higher frequency.

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Love and respect

Love and respect

Is a state of grace,

The ability to refute hate,

A positive life

Is life well lived,

Not being afraid

To share and give

And nor succumbing

To fear and poisonous gossip,

That let’s us all down

When we’re distracted,

We need to be mindful

Of our actions and words,

Both have the power

To heal, yet cause much hurt,

We need to practice kindness

In the every day,

Spread love, peace and harmony

In every single way.

Respect to single mum’s

Single mum doing it alone

Raising kids and maintaining a home,

The strength needed cannot be underestimated

Yet many do it in a way that is understated,

To me they are amazing and wonderfully strong

There is something kind of special about many single mum’s,

If they decide to give you their love

Ensure that you’re worthy enough,

Because they don’t need games and hollow shit

Because they have no time for this,

To busy running a home and supporting their kids,

Because you see many single mum’s are special like this.

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An act of wrong

Curdled blood mixed with gentle petals

On floor of polished mahogany

A shimmering reflection from Dappled sunlight

Radiating down for all to see

I reminisced of your heartbeat

It infatuated and amazed me

Like the rhythmic messmeric dance of sunbeams

You have a beauty that charms and are dazzling

Like a crystal or diamond reflecting pure incandescent light

So sparkling and evervescently filled with life

Yet in jealousy I ended you with my knife

And kneel here crying tears so trite

An act of hateful jealous rage

As ended our loved affair today

And in self pity and cowerdice I seek to find a way to end it

I slice my wrists and watch the crimson blood red burn

Onto the floor in an attempt to even the score

But my flowing gushing pulsating blood

Will never be enough

To eradicate the pain and loss my action created

In a sea of tempestuous extasy

I feel remorse and filled with pain so guilty

With my last breath I swore a love fealty

Into a vision of your sweet innocent beauty

That remains with you even in death

Then darkness came and like you I took my final breath

And faded away into oblivion and darkness.

Angry people

We see the snarling faces

And hear the voices of hatred

Where passion begun

But then anger and ignorance kicked in

The mind just goes blind

To the vicious abuse

And then just seemingly takes over you

Whereas I try yo keep myself centred

I keep myself control

The ough passion I rage

But my anger I know and own

And I keep it in check

Preferring to use intelligence

To get my point over

To make my opinion clear

I don’t use violence

And I don’t use fear

Even against those who think they can smear

Myself, my life or even my name

I just means that I have created a few waves

If telling the truth is provocative

Then just bring it on

Because I am fine with this

And the thuggish aspect of society

Will never get the better of me you see

Because they’re frightened by calmness

Truth and self belief

They have no response to anything

That is unique and well thought out

It’s just other people’s rhetoric that spews forth from their mouths

And they have not a clue

No single idea

Of how to think for themselves

This much is clear

So they are like snarling and b arking vicious dogs on a leash

Who should all be muzzled to allow the rest of us some peace.


So people suggest that those who back,

Climate change theories are alarmist,

Do they also deny animal species extintion

Which is happening everyday

Ans this extinction of the fruit bats

Would devestate rainforests

A nd the extinction of bees could see an end to humankind

For earth and nature are a complex balance

Way beyond our ignorant arrogant knowledge

We think we know so much about nature

But myxomatosis proved we dont

We interfere with nature at our own peril

You see human extinction will follow if we ignore the risks

Of listening to climate deniers who call us alarmists

Actually we are just extinction realists.