Look into me and see my conscious reality

There are people I know who change constantly But I maintain my consistency, Being true to things that I believe Being existential suprisingly, Though it catches others off guard who don’t really know me, It never suprises me for you see I am internally pure anarchy, Rebellious, subversive and needing to be Uncontrolled and unequivocallyContinue reading “Look into me and see my conscious reality”

Within the jungle of me

I am in myself like a deep dark jungle, Large areas of me lay unexplored, I am not sure sometimes if I want to venture in deeper To places that I have never been before, I worry about things I may find Maybe I won’t like what I discover, Underneath the bracken and the denseContinue reading “Within the jungle of me”

Make a mark

What we are is all that there is So we better make the most of it, Make sure you’re creating big Experiences defining how you live, Shoot for the stars and be amazing This is the kind of life we need to be aiming for, Living it large, being who we are Shining our lightContinue reading “Make a mark”

Reflections on life

Reflections on life And as I look back on mine I am happy with it Most of the time, Regrets yes of course Who’s had them, And yes I am flawed I am not perfection, But for the most part My life’s been good, And mostly I did the things That I knew I should,Continue reading “Reflections on life”


Uncertainty is never a good place to be It plagues the mind and allows our fear to feed Uncertainty is a state that causes antipathy Towards any thing different And eats away like a disease Whereas being self-assured puts our mind at ease So go about your day in restraint of uncertainty And keep yourContinue reading “Uncertain”

Not listening

You say you’re struggling With coping with life, So I give you my time And some of my advice, Take it or leave it Yeah that’s just fine, But I can tell that you’re not listening So why am I wasting my time? So I’ll just go Because you clearly don’t want to know, WhatContinue reading “Not listening”


You search love but you can’t find it Is it because you are to lost in yourself? Your narcissistic tendencies Are a turn off and are so ugly, So focus on yourself and make a change So that when you reappear again, You’ll be different in your ways, More caring and sharing Towards others youContinue reading “Narcissist”


You’re stuck in my mind Wedged between nightmare and sublime, You tease me, torment me but ultimately exalt me You are the paradox of my life. You are one day like fire, but the next day ice cold One day your heart is warm Then the next it’s like you have no heart at all,Continue reading “Paradox”

Where there’s no love, it’s cold

Why do we deny ourselves love And why do we choose suffering over happiness, How do we create such a mess By trying to be something that we really are not, We can be so fickle and can far to easily Follow the ways which others tell us we should be, That we end upContinue reading “Where there’s no love, it’s cold”

I can choose

Scraping and scrimping through life as I do It doesn’t stop me from inspiring truth, Putting out positive messages of love and light Sending out opinions of what’s wrong and right, Standing up for my environment Making a stand for peace, fighting war not wars, And though my life maybe hard It doesn’t mean IContinue reading “I can choose”

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