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Be raw, be open


Tip toeing through fields of our emotion minefields

Seeing just what triggers make us feel

What provokes or even evokes the good and bad in us

The beautiful and the ugly, the kindness and hateful

We need to experience every bit of this

Just to confirm that we truly exist

To feel so raw, to feel it all

For it to resonate at the root and our very core

It feels so strange, it feels so weird

But the truth is we have nothing to fear

So feel it all, both big and small

Accept that feeling is the most important thing we can do

So be open to it all.

Create it


Different plains on consciousness

And different altered states

Coalesce with paradigm shifts

Within our mindfulness

And in our awakened states of living

Seeing reality through illusion is a given

Open eyes and open minds are conduits for change

This manifests opportunities for evolving to take place

In different plains on consciousness

And different altered states

Everything is possible so go out there and create it.

Dead man walking


Like a dead man walking in a crowd

Soon to be covered by a shroud

I walk these ethereal plains so dark

These plains where pain leaves its mark

This deathly hollow in which I exist

Death is not the only twist

Suffering is induced bit by bit

I must always walk these plains I cannot sit

And meditate my escape from this place

Tainted by so much aversive and self hate

In this realm my souls annihilated

My spirit is incinerated by self deception

By so much fear that I have learnt always appears

In the quietest and the darkest moments of existence

You soon discover there is a lack of resistance

As you succumb to darkness and walk like a dead man in the crowd

And you seek the undertaker preparing your shroud

You feel enticed and induced into the death realms

You ride with the ferryman at the helm

And disappear into the foggy ether river

Down the river Styx feeling that cold shiver

As the last remnants that keep you normal

Disappear for ever in a deathly realm that is eternal.

A love being


I live quintessentially

In existential love

My heart beats in time

With the wings of the peace dove

Bringing inner calam

To my everyday mood

Yet beating to a rhythm

Of the universal groove

I feel the love flow through my blood

I see the stars shine brightly above

I understand the connection they share

That make my mind consciously aware

As it triggers a synchronised flair

The universe and I share an intense affair

That’s the reason I am kind and I care

Which is why for those close to me I am always there

My being is love and it resonates peace

My mind is aware and my eyes always

How to act and behave in a way that is kind, so believe

This now what preoccupies my mind presently.

Time to own it


It’s the to own it

Take responsibility for it

Be your own authority

Live life existentially

Seize every moment

See the synchronicities

Take the opportunities

Act out your life inspiringly

Never be afraid to share your love

Don’t hold back from saying what you think

Always stand up and fight war not wars

Create an environmental planet that our children can be proud of

Clean air, clean sea and clean earth for furtilizing seeds

And speak out for peace and equality

Own all these things and you can be happy

Know that you made a difference

And that you inspired change

You may only be s tiny light

But you burn like a white hot flame

So never be afraid to own your authenticity

Own that shit it’s yours as manifests uniquely

Be the one to blaze a trail of consciousness awakening

Among your friends and family for we are all just one

One race, one humanity, created from love

Own this moment

Own this life

Own everything that you will do
And everything you’ve done.

Breathing mantra


Breathing right

Still the mind

Exhale love

And inhale peace

Think compassion

Act tolerant

Speak impeccable

Be of spiritual thought

Deep long breaths in

Long exhalations out

Live in self confidence

Not in self doubt.

Summer time blues


I miss the summer blooms

As I stand here in the rain,

I miss the warmth of the sun

As I shiver in the grey cold day,

I miss the greenery despite the oranges and browns

Less smiles now more frowns,

When all is said and done

I am a summer time loving man.