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Is it true or false?

Is it false or true?

That you will find the answers deep in you

To your life and all it’s meaning

Is it false or true?

That we create and achieve more

When we act upon our dreams

Is it true or false?

That no matter how much you’ve been hurt

Love is always there it won’t desert, you

Is it true or false?

There is as much to be found in darkness as in light

Duality means we need both sides so as to grow in life

Is it true or false?

That sharing love creates a world of harmony and bliss

That without love there would be no point to actually exist

Is it true or false?

That when seeing others we need to go more than skin deep

We need to become are far more compassionate society

Is it true or false?

We need to wake up and see our true conscious reality

We reside in the fake illusory we live a life of fantasy

Is it true or false?

We can be anything we want to be achieve all aspirations and dreams

Is it true or false?

Our environment and nature is everything

And defines every aspect of our existence

Is it true or false?

We should nurture our earth and it’s ecology and protect every species

For truth in life is we need the balance

Or we are doomed to a life of self destruction and death

Is it true or false?

Our spirit is created from energy and of light

Our spirit will guide us down the path that’s right

That we attract all that we believe

So believe passionately in yourself

And attract good things into your life to live a life that’s healthy and happy

Is it true or false?

It’s not for me to decide that’s up to you.


I can be whatever I choose to be

I am a fragment of a verse

A prose that is absurd,

I am a sentence in a book

That is easy to overlook,

Yet I paraphrase history

I am an echo in a soliloquy,

I am a note that creates a symphony

That beat that brings out the harmonies

I am whatever I choose to be

Maybe I am a eulogy

Or a part of a dream like fantasy

I can be the words that bleed

The emotions in a sad love song

Or the ink that drips out a tender heartbroken poem

I can be whatever I choose to be.

Stop the hurting

We need to stop the hurting

Stop the violence and the hate s

Stop the discrimination

Colour, sex and faith it does no matter to me

Why should it bother anyone

But a simplistic idiot fool

Who’s insecure, nobody is different from me

We are all one big family

We are all part one one race called humanity

Just stop the hurting

It’s obvious that waging wars is not working

Why would it anyway its stupid think this way

For those you kill are soon replaced

You cannot use a gun to change a faith

And shooting someone for the colour of their skin

Is an absurd way of thinking

So just stop with all the hurting

It’s plain to see this way of life’s not working

We need to change the way

Society thinks today

And learn to live life in a far more peaceful way

Learn to live life in a positive display of hope and love

And stop the hurting

Because living in unity and developing harmony

Could mean things may start working

And things will surely improve

Happier and fairer days for me and you

Equality will be defined in all we do

And there will be no need for any hurting

And when this becomes societies norm

We will know the world of love and peace is working.

Stations of thought

Strange fascinations

Unknown destinations

Left in a sea of consternation

We try to avoid any violations

Of environmental creation

I see glacial ablations

As the temperature is in migration

And the global variations

Brings home a climate realisation

Caused by corporate devastation

Spreading throughout the nations

They try to say it’s fake situation

But I have witness the resource degradation

And the result is increasing starvation

A real natural eradication

Of other species and through deforestation

We have set ourselves in isolation

From Gaia’s connected assimilation

Leading us all to humanities annihilation

And despite our screams of frustration

The world continues on forward with its constant determination

To deny this is real.

Eyes of a child

Sat on a bus

And just in front of me

Two children who astounded me

Everything that they see

From the window as amazing

Wonderful and filled with curiosity

Their eyes were alive

Their expression full of joy

It made ask the obvious question

When did we lose those eyes

The eyes of the child

That sees everything vibrant

Time after time

How did we let

Ourselves get so blind?

Excited by everything

Amazed by the miracle of life

These are the eyes of a child

An excitable mind

That can’t be defined

How did we end up so blind

And when did we close our mind.

Self survival

Like a mammal out of water we gasp

Like I thirsty man struggling to open his flask

We crave to imbibe as we strive to survive

While frantically struggling with life

Flapping around and panicking

Scared we are running out of time

Hoping someone may save us

But the only one who can save our lives

Is the person you know better than anyone else

The only saviour of your life is you, yourself.

Various shades of skin

Are your sex

Or are you your spirit

Does it even matter

How other people perceive you

Surely being authentic

In a world that’s so fake

Is more important

In this day and age.

Why justify your being

Your very existence

Are you seeking attention?

Is this what this is?

Who cares about your sex

Your colour, your class

Who care what others think

We are all unique works of art

It’s more important how you are inside

Then how you externally appear

We have to work on the self

And discover our true nature

We have find who we truly are

And what we want to be

And discover within our own potentiality

The external is just a front

It’s just various shades of skin

Why be so obsessed by how it’s defining you

You are a spirit of energy and light

Hone what’s within and you become a spirit

Of immense power and might.

I will just hold you until the pain fades away

You need healing

You’re in need

I don’t mind if you turn to me

I will soothe you the best I can

Hold you tight and try to understand

A way to help you through

And if all else fails, I’ll just hold you

I will say nothing at all

If it helps I will just listen and promise to hear you

This may just help to heal you

I will let you cry it all out

Help you through the grieving pain of a broken heart

I know how that feels, I’ve been there myself

And nothing I can say that will help

So I’ll just hold you and give you all the love that I can

Share my warmth with you as a friend

And if that helps you through

I will be there for you

For through it all, you are beautiful

And the light and love I see in you

It’s worth fighting for

And one day I hope your smile

I can help to restore

Along with your faith in other people

Though at this moment you’re far to raw

To the pain that somebody wrought on you

But if it helps I will hold and care for you

Until you are healed and restored

And your spirit is shining again, as it did before

Because believe me when I say

You are beautiful

And as such you deserve, so much more.

Old drunken fop

A sad tale of an old drunken fop

Turned to booze when his life flopped

And he lost his way, trying to numb the pain

A spirit soaked soul with no future at all

Oh! how life can be so cruel

Does anyone deserve to end up like this?

Living rough on the street as if he does not exist

He had a house a family he had it all

But somehow he’s ended up with nothing, what a fall

From grace it has been for him

Nobody knows why nobody questions

They just say it must all be down solely to him

And he no longer feels or cries

For he no longer feels human

Everybody judges him and too few care

But there for the grace of God it could be us there

A broken man, with shaking hands

They found him one day in his home, a cardboard box

This old drunken spirit soaked fop

Laying passed away, tragically one day

No one attended his funeral

And he was cremated and his ashes scattered

As if he had be thrown away

Now nobody, knows or cares where he lays

And it such a sad waste

Of what was once a beautiful life

When he was first born

I am sure he was loved and adored

And that once beautiful light

Has now flicked and gone

And no. Matter what happened

I cannot see that, that is right

It’s such a tragic waste of life.

Let love in

Love is something

I offer to you

Along with warmth

Feelings and truth

I will never make you feel invisible

I will try to heal your wounds

And put you back together again

Because I really care for and love you

So won’t you let me in

For I won’t ever try and hurt you

I will always be there in truth

Devoted and loyal to you

So won’t you let me in

And let the loving begin.