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Opportunities knocking


Opportunities come along

Are they right or are they wrong

For us, we can never tell

We must use our intuition and then go with out gut

We just have to put our hope in universal trust

And it may just work out for the best

As long as we endeavour to make the best of it

Yes, we can choose not to take the risk

But it could be the greatest opportunity

And we allowed ourselves to miss it

And that seems to me to be mad and twisted

So just trust the universe and just do this.

From the core


Have a pen

Will write

Have a keyboard

Will type

Creative juices

Will flow

Inspired from

The unknown

Writers see

So very much

Feelings deep

Hurt, pain and love

Always living

So very raw

Resonating from the core.

Afterlife after thought


So many memories lost in time

As I lose my way and lose my mind

Through the haze of age and weariness

I still feel somehow I am blessed

With having the chance to exist

I wonder if I will be remembered after this

Light and life I’ve lived has passed

I hope somehow my words will last

And be read by those who come next

When I am finally at rest.

This is why I do it


I never knew how far I reached

Or how far my voice preached

Though I am not to be a preacher

I also don’t claim to be a teacher

I am just an ordinary guy with some views

Someone with an opinion who

Hopes to open hearts and eyes

To help those to see who once were blind

I see people in sixty nine countries find

The time to read and find out what’s on my mind

And to me this is so sublime

This has built up over a long time

But I thank all of those and I give appreciation

I am steeped in gratitude

And I want to say thanks to all of you.

Deep loss of self


Deep loss of self

Setting deep within

Sitting in a room

All alone again

Hard to grasp who I am

And where I am going now

I am just sitting in darkness

I am lost and alone

Dreaming of a place called home

That place of warmth and light

Where did that safe place go

Instead I sit here in the dark

My head is in my hands

Sitting here in deep self loss

This wasn’t what I planned

To be alone and lost

To lose what I cherished most

This pain cuts deep

I sit here in the dark, lonely and weep

Nothing else to do

And that’s the sad and sorry tale

Of a man who lost everything

Including himself.

Burning secrets



Secrets leave your mind turning


Why is it we are never learning


Secrets cost us many things

Cost us trust and guilty feelings

They leave those who keep them in despair


These secrets leave your mind turning


Why is it we are never learning


Secrets cost us many things

The cost those who keep them relationships

They can cause people to lose everything

Secrets cause people to lose their minds

To much to hide, to much of the time


This what and how secrets leave you


In the flames of guilt and deciet

Secrets cost us many things like love.

Out of present mind thinking


My mind it wanders

Through forests of intrigue,

I disappear down wormholes

At ever accelerating speeds,

And I ask hard questions

Like what is the authentic me,

And do I strive hard enough

To be living the extentialism dream,

Yet through all this, I never lose focus

I am always so conscious,

Because it’s important to me

To know why I am here,

And the purpose that I serve

And if I really belong here,

And if I am worthy and being the true me

So as I spinning and as I am tumbling

I see the lights of creation so dazzling

I hear the sounds of the universal chorus singing

I feel the frequencies of cosmic energy tantalising

And I realise my life is about conscious awakening

Which is the journey I should continue to follow

Not just for today but for tomorrow

Take that trip out of your present mindset

And take a trip into conscious reality.