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Cold winds

The cold wind blows in

The chill touches our bones

The cold wind forces

Us to bend in the face

Of its full freezing force

The chill is an icy one

Straight from the pole

Makes us wish for warmer days.

The snow clouds drift in

As the trees leaves are dropping

Leaving a bed of rustic browns and greens

Laying thick on the ground

And the cold wind whips them up

And gets them swirling around

Like dervishes going maniacle

Dancing and prancing with life

The cold wind can be a harsh mistress

That brings discontent and strife.

The pain

Deep pain, it bites

Burrows deep into your mind

Makes you tired, makes you stressed

You feel the pain in hour nerves

And it never seems to get less

As the pain bites sharper till it burns

Shooting throughout all of your nerves

It makes you wince, it makes you cringe

Give me anaesthesia or give me morphine

Give me anything to numb the pain

I just want the pain to go away

Before this pain finally sends me insane.

Perceive for yourself

Do you judge others

On the perceptions you see

Or do you gauge it by what others think

Are your opinions your own?

Our are they shaped by what others words

Don’t be an extension of others thoughts

Be your own thinker and person.

Autumnal life

Autumnal feel in the park today

A chill in the air as the light fades

The half moon makes an appearance bright

It won’t be long until firework night.

Golden crisp leaves cover the ground

As I witness to squirrels running around

Up and down the chestnut trees

This is a wonderful time to see

Nature in all its beauty

And all it stunning colours are amazing

Twighlight is fast coming

Under a chairoscuro sky the cars are humming

As the lights begin to come on

The ight will soon be here and the day will be done.

The bizarre Tale of Alikazar the Arab

The bizzar tale

Of Alikazar

A brave Arab adventurer

Who adventures to far

Went discovering in tombs

And crypts in the desert

To seek out his fortune

And to create his name

But sown in a crypt

Deep within a tomb

He discover much wealth

But as he removed the jewels

Osiris and Isis came to him

And in their ghostly vision

They both screamed at him

In a terrifying and spine chilling screech

That ripped his tongue from his head

Gouged his eyes from their socket

Seared his flesh from his bones

Which ended his quest

This is how Alikazar the Arab ended up dead

Buired with the treasure

That we worship so much

Now his spirit is trapped in the tomb

And wanders the crypt

In search of an exit that now no longer exists.

We cause our own stress

The stress in our lives

Is often self imposed

Brought about by our own standards

And by our own expectations

We make within our own minds problems bigger than they are

We cause ourselves our own issues

Which were small when they first start

But we build them up until they become

Much bigger than they are.

Trick or treating

Seventeen and trick or treating

This was not her plan for halloween

A party down the road was more her scene

But her little brother needed showing round

With mum and dad as well to protect him against killer clowns

Which to her was ridiculous

Because those sort of clowns don’t really exist

But now they had disappeared in a crowd of dressed up ghouls

And she was on her own know not what to do

Dressed as a zombie cheerleader

Full face paint, and bloodstained cheerleader outfit

She had put a lot of effort into it

With her pair of ponytails dipped in red dye

To offset the ebony black of her hair

And her white face with bleeding painted scars

She looked around and saw a house

With Ann avenue of pumpkins

And at the end a witch beckoning all comes in

She shrugged her shoulders and skipped playfully up the path

As she reached the door it opened

And inside she saw a huge hallway

With stairs rising up in front of her

She stepped in stood still chewing gum

Twiddling one of her ponytails

The out of the darkness came forth from the shadows

A creepy disfigured wretched figure

Hunched over, gnarly crippled legs

Black long hair hanging down over its face

But as it came closer she could see its snake like venomous eyes

Red and seething like lava

And sharp pointy yellowy teeth

Wearing a licivious grimace from ear to ear

It stopped in front of her

She saw his varicose veins under its grey skin

Throbbing as the blood pulsed through its body

It reached out towards her and touched her breast through her top

And giggled maniacally as it did

She barely altered her demenour

And watched as it kneeded her supple breast

Then with its other hand reached its hand on to her thigh

Up under her skirt and gripped her buttock

Now drooling and breathing heavily

Still she just stood chewing her gum

Unconcerned this creature was squeezing her bum

It spoke saying that he craved and long to feast on young flesh

It’s breath stunk of rank death

She smiled and replied that she was afraid feasting on her tonight was out of the question

As the creature snarled in disdain at her and gripped at her body tighter

Her eyes lit up in a red radiance

And she suddenly grabbed the creatures head in her hands

And moved her face into his

And started to bite and rip

Tearing skin from the creatures face

It screamed and painfully wailed

As she set about it and assailed the creature

Pushing it on its back and sitting on top

Her fingernails now talons stripped it’s flesh

Causing veins to spurt

As the creature writhed dying and full of hurt

The roles now well and truly reversed

And when finished stood above the poor beast

It’s eyes flickering it’s last moments of life

She lifted her skirt asking if it liked what it could see

All her clothes now soaked in its blood and dripping

Smiling she returned to her innocent teen demenour

Turned and skipped out of the house singing

‘Trick or treat give your candy to me

And I will give you a thrill you will never believe’

As the door shut behind her the creatures life expired

And she went to meet her brother mother and father

To see if they too had feasted on demons

The same as she had this halloween.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

No love

She could of loved him

She thought she would live him

But fate intervened

And it seemed it was not meant to be

For she could not trust him

Because of what others said

But others words were filled with envy

And so much of her life had become so absurd

Simply because she allowed others

Play a part in influencing her

In truth he was a good man capable of trust

And as a result there was between them no love.


Decadence is the cause of a loss of life

The autopsy will discern just why

Because of the lunatics in the asylum

Feeding off greed and feeding us lies

Causing wars, hatred and poverty

From their twisted minds disease

Being allowed to get away with just what they please

But nows the time to awaken

And be existential and free

And to learn the very important lesson you’re your own authority

We need no others imposing on us their will

From the minds created by all societies ills.

The uprising

We are seen as the underworld and the underclass

Equality is not seen to be for us

By those up in the upper-classes

Who prefer to keep us under them

So what is left except rebellion

I don’t want violence or revolution

That encompasses force like that they use

I prefer to use intelligence and I choose

To use ink and words to get my message through

Prefer to use my thoughts and wisdom

To tell and show people the truth

And expose to them the breaking news

That change can and must happen

And it will benefit both me and you

Level the playing field and give all an equal chance

And opportunities denied to us in truth

The corruption and greed has to end

And so this is the message I send

Change the game and change the rules

Or we will step up and userp you

Overthrow your rotten crumbling system

Smash the Pillars and bring down your walls

Kick you out of your ivory towers

No more being manipulated and used as your tools

Refuse to change and see what happens

We will despose each and every one of you

Who uses this system to make all these unfair rules.

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