Seduced by the temptress

Stress dwells In a life that’s harsh Fucked financially By credit cards No light on yonder horizon Debt causes deprivation Use them simply Just to exist The subtle temptress Lures you in With a promise To help make ends meet But you are only Plunging more deep Into a place hard to escape Their smilesContinue reading “Seduced by the temptress”


A creak of floorboards through the house All the lights are now out Just candles now light the way In a house of night That sees no light of day An out of tune piano plays In a melodic and twisted way Faint cries, moans and wails To my ears these noises assail I lookContinue reading “Darkness”

The bizarre Tale of Alikazar the Arab

The bizzar tale Of Alikazar A brave Arab adventurer Who adventures to far Went discovering in tombs And crypts in the desert To seek out his fortune And to create his name But sown in a crypt Deep within a tomb He discover much wealth But as he removed the jewels Osiris and Isis cameContinue reading “The bizarre Tale of Alikazar the Arab”

Why bother?

Do this Do that Everything you do is crap All decision that I make are wrong In every aspect of my life I get it wrong As seen through your eyes Hard to know why I even try But when I don’t I am idle and lazy So I set myself up time and timeContinue reading “Why bother?”

Surreal is the journey that we’re on

Sinewy, spindley Veins and wires Tangle me Wrap me in a spider web Of silken filigree Tie me up And tie me down Bind me in wires so fine Coursing vessels throbbing Super string theories Through the matrix Of my eyes and mind Unlimited by the test Of ever passing time It makes no senseContinue reading “Surreal is the journey that we’re on”

So into you

I am so deep into you With your dusky skin And your husky voice You would be my soulmate If it was my choice I’d treat you like a Goddess and Queen Bow down to you And never treat you mean Pay homage ever chance I get to your body Soak up your wisdom andContinue reading “So into you”

Future forboding

Chairoscuro skies above my head Rainbow arching a river wide Shimmering waters ripple in tiny waves A breeze whistles along the banks The reeds and long grass rustles Solitude resonates here Only punctuated by the occasional bird call Then a few birds break cover and soar effortlessly into the sky It has come to thatContinue reading “Future forboding”

We need a shift

Escalating frequencies Of dualistic realities Raising up my energies To coalesce in conscious dreams That open mind and open eyes To realise not is always as it seems And a paradigm shift in this place we be Is now long overdue and needed We require our spirits freeing To break the ever rotating cycle OfContinue reading “We need a shift”

Dirty deeds

There is a seedy underbelly of life Another twisted, perverted dark side Where corrupted minds dwell in the shadows In and out of cars driven by people desperate to the marrow To get their kicks and enact their sordid fantasies And milling in among them the drug dealers weave Selling their poison to addicts inContinue reading “Dirty deeds”

Perception of me

I find my strength in solace And wisdom in my own thoughts I find weariness in acceptance I am in no need of others approval I find fatigue in playing the game I wish I could just walk away I don’t need to be center stage But I’d like people to read the words ThatContinue reading “Perception of me”

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